The story of Donna Kopp Ennis posted recently on Facebook :

Many sleepless, haunting nights this week, but I have finally mustered the courage to talk about it. Charles Boney is an evil monster and there is no doubt in my mind that he killed the Camm family, and David Camm is innocent. I have a personal experience with Charles Boney that has haunted me for the last 20 years.

In October 1992, I was a college student at Indiana University in Bloomington and lived in the Varsity Villas apartment complex. One Thursday evening I was on my couch studying with my roommate and someone entered our apartment through the unlocked front door. At first, I didn’t even look up because one of our roommates had literally just left and I thought it was her coming back in to get something that she may have forgot. After a few moments, I felt like someone was staring at me and I turned around to see a black man who I did not know standing there with a duffle bag on his shoulder. I looked at him and said “Can I help you?” He pulled out a gun and said, “this is a robbery.” My roommate is saying nothing she is just staring in disbelief. At first, I thought this was a mean joke that our friends were playing on us. Then my roommate says to me, “Donna I can see the bullets in the gun.” He heard our other roommate on the phone upstairs so he ordered us to go upstairs at gun point. He was behind me as I was going up the stairs and I was so nervous I slipped and he poked the gun into my top of my neck/bottom of my head and started cussing. Reality set in at that moment.

Throughout the whole ordeal (which lasted I would say about 20 minutes), he called us “rich, white, honky b—–s” and told us he was going to kill us if we did anything stupid. I believed him. During this whole ordeal, our phone was ringing off the hook. Our neighbor in the apartment behind us had walked out on to his balcony and saw what was going on in our apartment and he called 911.

He took us out of our apartment to my roommate’s car and loaded us in the car as we were pulling out of the lot, the car was surrounded by police with guns drawn. I threw the door open and ran out of the car into the arms of a police officer. I owe my life to my neighbor who made that 911 call and the BPD who rescued us.

The one thing that has haunted me the most is the visit that we received from his parole officer sometime before his sentencing. At that meeting his Parole Officer told us, “Charles Boney is a career criminal. The only life he has ever known is prison and he will do whatever it takes to get back there,including murder.”

When I was notified that he had applied for a sentence modification in the spring of 2000, I flipped. He had only served 7 years of a 20 year sentence and we were told at the time of crime, that since he had violated his parole only 5 days after leaving prison that he would have to serve the rest of that sentence as well. I wrote a statement to Monroe County stating that I was adamantly against him being released and I wanted him to serve his full sentence. That statement also included the statement that his parole officer made to us back in 1992, and they still let him out!

I carry a tremendous guilt, feeling that I didn’t do enough to keep him in prison.

I am so sorry to the Camm and Renn families for everything that they have been through because of this monster. I wish people would take the time to really look at all of the evidence, and they will see that David Camm did not do this.

See also Charles Boney a Psychopath?


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