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Recent news:


Adam Lane wrote:

“Hard science (touch DNA) and a church full of eyewitnesses vs. junk science (BPA) and prison snitches. The David Camm case in a nutshell.”

Closing arguments

Please see Good closing arguments for my collection of defense arguments.

More nonsense

The prosecution case is senseless. It has David Camm inviting Boney to witness him executing his family, and then hoping that Charles Boney will accept the death penalty and keep quiet about what he witnessed. That makes no sense at all.


Chatting to a reporter about phones in court:


Did Charles Boney know Kim Camm?


To be investigated:
“Didn’t Charles live less than a block from Kim from the time he was 10 or so? The name Darnell is reserved for only Charles Boney’s closest of friends, according to him, and then Frank calls him Darnell, how convenient”

*He lived off Gary Drive near Kim they rode the school bus together growing up.”

from http://www.injusticeanywhereforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=151&t=2224&p=110707#p110701

Charles Boney and domestic violence

I don’t believe in “monsters”, every human has a history that accounts for behaviour, almost every human has the capacity for redemption.
But on September 28 2000, Charles Boney, at that moment in time, was a monster.
He abused his own partner1, he abused many women2, he abused and murdered David Camm’s family.

1 “Boney beat her, threatened her life, and used a stun gun on her” Wikipedia
2 Boney violently attacked five young women, stealing shoes. He took young women hostage on three occasions, in two cases, he used a gun.

http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20130731/NEWS02/307310174 1 Aug 2013
Richard Eikelenboom, who owns Independent Forensic Services, said that Boney’s DNA was found near the cuff of Kimberly Camm’s shirt, on the stomach area of 5-year-old Jill Camm, Kimberly and David Camm’s daughter, and on two places on Kim Camm’s underwear.


Ask yourself this. Even supposing David Camm had some motive to kill his family (incredibly unlikely – no evidence of depression – and in marriage break-up murder cases, there is always a long escalation of stalking). Would he risk involving a known criminal, such as Charles Boney and come up with such a hare-brained, risky scheme of trying to sneak out of a gym session, and hope not to be observed? This makes absolutely no sense, it’s nonsense. The case is simple: Charles Boney murdered David Camm’s family, the police botched the investigation.

Other views

“Enough is enough in my view, and it is time to move on.” Attorney Patrick Renn represented Camm’s co-defendant Charles Boney, so his take on what should happen might surprise you: “My personal hope is that the prosecutor, Mr. Henderson, will not re-try the case, will go ahead and dismiss the charges and that David Camm then would be released.”


http://www.whas11.com/video?id=220294341&sec=1676321&ref=rcvidmod Posted August 19.
Interview with Frank, Janice Remm. I’m so sad they have been taken in by prosecutors. I hope they will come to see the truth in this trial.
The consequences of prosecutorial misconduct, incompetent investigations are so awful.


Observing events from a distance, I see a very familiar pattern. Investigators making mistakes, use of evidence that has no objective value, “professional” expert witnesses over-stating the strength of evidence with no scientific basis.


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