The dog that didn’t bark in the night

Reading some comments recently, the phrase “The dog that didn’t bark” came into my mind.

We are led to believe that Travis Alexander’s laptop and other computers had absolutely no pornographic material on them whatsoever. This has to be suspicious. There is something fishy about this.

Day 13 1 hour 10 minutes in – Dworkin is asked if any pornography on computer

Update 22 Nov 2014 : See Testimony of Bryan Neumeister


2 thoughts on “The dog that didn’t bark in the night”

  1. On Day 13 of Jodi’s trial, Lonnie Dworkin (computer forensic examiner) is testifying @ 1:11:28. Martinez asks him about any photos he found on Travis’s computer. He answers: “I recall there was some pornography on the computer. I don’t recall if there was specifically just women’s breasts or if it was more pornography than this or a different nature of pornography.” Martinez reminds him that he said there was no pornography in an interview 2 years earlier. Dworkin says something like he would go with the report of 2 years earlier. If there was porn there, why wouldn’t it still be there?

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