David Camm Index

  1. Home
  2. Excluded evidence and Judge Dartt
  3. Charles Boney a Psychopath?
  4. DKE – The story of Donna Kopp Ennis.
  5. Boney Autobiography
  6. Charles Boney Interview with Gary Dunn
  7. Problems with the investigation
  8. Further Observations
  9. Good Closing Arguments – compiled around the time the prosecution closed it’s case.
  10. More Closing Arguments – compiled just before the end of the trial.
  11. Information Section – several pages from the original site concatenated

Note: an archive of the entire original wikispaces site is available here. It is likely that some internal links will break in the porting process. In such cases, please use this index to locate a page. I am trying to choose the best pages to port first from the original site http://david-camm.wikispaces.com/.

Also note, I am just getting used to wordpress, so I made some of these pages as wordpress blog posts rather than wordpress pages which would have been more appropriate. I might fix this at some point. Please bear with me!

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