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Ruth Maclean @ruthmaclean 6 secs6 seconds ago
#Dewani is free. “There is no evidence to convince a court.. to convict the accused.” – Traverso #DewaniTrial
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Aislinn Laing @Simmoa 6 secs7 seconds ago
Judge also refuses to grant Monde Mbolombo immunity from prosecution, since he was untruthful, providing cue for his arrest.

Aislinn Laing @Simmoa 40 secs40 seconds ago
Judge says she feels for the Hindochas but grants the discharge. “There is no evidence on which a court acting reasonable could convict.”

Alex Crawford @AlexCrawfordSky 24 secs24 seconds ago
#DewaniTrial Judge says she aware of plight of Hindocha family but no evidence to convict accused

Ruth Maclean @ruthmaclean 25 secs26 seconds ago
Traverso on Mbolombo: “I refuse to grant him indemnity” #DewaniTrial

Aislinn Laing @Simmoa 17 secs18 seconds ago
Judge: I cannot permit public opinion to influence my application of the law.

Leigh-Anne Jansen @LA_JANSEN 7 secs8 seconds ago
#DewaniTrial Traverso” There are stark contradictions in the evidence of Mr. Tongo, Mr. Mbolombo and Mr. Qwabe on material aspects.”

Ruth Maclean @ruthmaclean 16 secs16 seconds ago
Mbolombo is another “self-confessed liar”, Traverso says – “blatantly lying about material aspects” of his evidence. #DewaniTrial

Leigh-Anne Jansen @LA_JANSEN 8 secs8 seconds ago
#DewaniTrial Traverso “Mr. Mbolombo is a self-confessed liar”

Aislinn Laing @Simmoa 7 mins7 minutes ago
Judge turns to evidence of “middle man” Monde Mbolombo, who turned out to play a much bigger role in what happened. Says he admitted lying.

Aislinn Laing @Simmoa 47 secs47 seconds ago
Judge turns to evidence of “middle man” Monde Mbolombo, who turned out to play a much bigger role in what happened. Says he admitted lying.

Alex Crawford @AlexCrawfordSky 1 min1 minute ago
#DewaniTrial Its clear the Judge doesnt think much of the evidence of the two other witnesses either

Andrew Plant @BeebJournalist 3 secs4 seconds ago
Judge says Qwabe’s evidence, “disintegrated into a garbled mess”. #Dewani

Leigh-Anne Jansen @LA_JANSEN 1 min1 minute ago
#DewaniTrial These marks undoubtedly indicate some sort of struggle. Primer residue was found on the web area of the glove worn by Mr. Qwabe

Ruth Maclean @ruthmaclean 3 mins3 minutes ago
Qwabe said Mbolombo was just a link. Traverso: “With this attitude he persisted even when confronted with audio recordings” #DewaniTrial

Aislinn Laing @Simmoa 6 mins6 minutes ago
Judge on the evidence of the hitman, Qwabe:”During cross-examination it became clear that Mr Qwabe was a self-confessed liar.” #DewaniTrial

Ruth Maclean @ruthmaclean 5 mins5 minutes ago
Hitman Qwabe was a “self-confessed liar”, Judge Traverso says, preparing to rip State’s second most important witness apart. #DewaniTrial

Ruth Maclean @ruthmaclean 57 secs58 seconds ago
“One doesn’t know where the lies end and truth begins” with Tongo’s “suspect” evidence -Traverso. #Dewani looks more relaxed #DewaniTrial

Alex Crawford @AlexCrawfordSky 1 min1 minute ago
#DewaniTrial Judge: Mr Tongo’s evidence is of very poor quality. But that is not the test….’

Aislinn Laing @Simmoa now
Judge Traverso says she simply cannot accept that without any indication of his criminality, Mr Dewani would co-opt Tongo to kill so quickly

George Barwood @GeorgeBarwood 3 secs4 seconds ago
Tongo’s explanations are laughable. #DewaniTrial

Aislinn Laing @Simmoa 10 secs11 seconds ago
Traverso: “Apart from the contradictions, the entire story as told by Mr Tongo is highly improbable.” #dewanitrial live

AfricanTourismMarket @Afrotourism 6 mins6 minutes ago
#Dewani – judge has used the phrase “attempt to frame the accused” this is another fatal blow to the prosecution case.

Aislinn Laing @Simmoa 6 mins6 minutes ago
Judge refers scathingly to taxi driver Tongo’s claim that “the record is wrong” if it didn’t tally with what he said. #DewaniTrial
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Aislinn Laing @Simmoa 3 mins3 minutes ago
Judge looks at Tongo’s claim Dewani remonstrated angrily with him outside a restaurant for failing to get “the job” done: shown to be a lie.

Ruth Maclean @ruthmaclean 2 mins2 minutes ago
Tongo locking both child locks, preventing #Dewani from getting out,is an important point against claim that he ordered the murder -Traverso

AfricanTourismMarket @Afrotourism 2 mins2 minutes ago
#dewani – Judge continues her onslaught of the state’s case, affidavit under attack, again Tongo’s evidence being torn apart.

Alex Crawford @AlexCrawfordSky now
#DewaniTrial Judge still pointing out a ‘further untruth told by Tongo in an attempt to further incriminate the accused’

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Judge to rule on Dewani trial future
Shrien Dewani, who is accused of arranging the murder of his wife Anni, will learn later if the case against him…
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George Barwood @GeorgeBarwood 7 mins7 minutes ago
@DivyaTalwar1 @ChandsManani There is ample evidence to show that Tongo decided to falsely implicate #Dewani.

Ruth Maclean @ruthmaclean 1 min1 minute ago
Prosecutor said Tongo’s lie was “not a deliberate falsehood” but understandable in circs. “I do not agree” Traverso says firmly #DewaniTrial

Alex Crawford @AlexCrawfordSky 47 secs48 seconds ago
#DewaniTrial Judge points out cctv contradicted Tongo’s claim the two discussed the ‘hit’ in hotel carpark after changing money

Ruth Maclean @ruthmaclean 14 secs15 seconds ago
The judge is making all the points that #Dewani’s lawyer, Francois Van Zyl, has made over the past months #DewaniTrial

Steve Scott @stevescott_itv 4 mins4 minutes ago
Dewani judge picking out piece after piece of inconsistent, contradictory evidence from State’s key witness – Tongo the taxi driver

Ruth Maclean @ruthmaclean 49 secs49 seconds ago
Qwabe and Mbolombo “contradict Mr Tongo on just about every aspect of their interaction”, Traverso says #DewaniTrial

Ruth Maclean @ruthmaclean 1 min1 minute ago
Tongo was prepared to lie & “create an atmosphere of suspicion around the accused”, Traverso says #DewaniTrial

Aislinn Laing @Simmoa 1 min1 minute ago
Judge says the evidence of taxi driver Zola Tongo was “riddled with contradictions”.Dewani’s barrister,his eyes still closed,nods fervently

Ruth Maclean @ruthmaclean 2 mins2 minutes ago
Tongo’s evidence was “riddled with contradictions” and his version of events “highly improbable” Traverso says #DewaniTrial

Aislinn Laing @Simmoa 2 mins2 minutes ago
Gloomy-looking prosecutor Adrian Mopp’s eyebrows form a perfect “V” on his forehead as he takes notes on the judge’s decision. #DewaniTrial

Leigh-Anne Jansen @LA_JANSEN 7 minutes ago
#DewaniTrial Traverso is summarising Tongo’s evidence

It’s nearly all over. Easy to see where this is heading. Judge summarising evidence.

Aislinn Laing @Simmoa 42 secs42 seconds ago
Judge says the CCTV shows nothing in itself, it’s only Tongo’s claim about what’s happening that’s incriminating. #DewaniTrial

George Barwood @GeorgeBarwood 52 secs52 seconds ago
Only the version of Tongo corroborates. I predict #Dewani will soon be on a plane back to the Uk.

Stefan Simanowitz @StefSimanowitz 41 secs42 seconds ago
#DewaniTrial about to be thrown out of court! Judge: “The only witness who coud implicate accused was Tongo who was an accomplice witness”

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