My response to Vinnie Politan

Hi Vinnie, the trouble is this system you have is broken, and you Sir are not smart enough to see it. Instead of starting from a presumption of innocence, HLN took one side, ignored exculpatory evidence, and in addition presented prejudicial material excluded from the trial, as if it were fact. That is, the evidence that wasn’t conveniently hidden by the prosecution in this case.

You failed to give due prominence to the defense’s request for mistrial due to the perjury of the lead detective.

And so HLN, it’s presenters and the masses, in league with a lying lead detective, and various unqualified experts, conspired to create an entirely unfair trial, in which witnesses and counsel were intimidated, and an incorrect verdict was reached.

I find it quite amusing that it still has not dawned on you that there is something seriously wrong with this trial. Even when we have headlines such as “Jodi Arias: Prosecutors have pattern of misconduct“.

Happy Christmas Vinnie!

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My further comment:

Grieta Hoga Did I say what HLN did was illegal? No – but maybe it should be. Broadcasting prejudicial untrue stories kept from the jury for good legal reasons is highly irresponsible, especially with an unsequestered jury. This trial was an online lynch mob, incited by Time Warner companies. Oddly, they seem to have abandoned this line of entertainment soon after Jodi’s trial. Perhaps the reputational risk of Time Warner executing an innocent woman has become too great.

Postscript: Following this little Facebook battle, on Thursday 18 December 2014, Vinnie Politan’s account was disabled, not at my instigation, I might add. Five days later, on 23 December, it is still out of action : A copy of Politan’s post was posted here :

Given this circumstance, here is a copy of the original post, for reference:

Time for me to respond to Sir George… Sir. I noticed you blamed HLN… wow – that is incredibly misplaced, inaccurate and utterly ridiculous.

First of all in MY COUNTRY we have open public trials AND freedom of speech… In MY COUNTRY when a trial is taking place the government can not gag the people. It’s in our Constitution… remember that great document MY FOREFATHERS drafted after breaking away from that little country from across the pond. You see FREEDOM of expression is something we treasure here. Our right to express our viewpoint without being censored by the government is one of the cornerstones of our nation.

I know in some OTHER countries the media and public can’t talk about trials or the the lawyers wearing silly wigs, but here – we can. And miraculously at the same time we can also give defendants a fair trial via an impartial jury of their peers… which is another product of that incredible document drafted after we broke away from our oppressors. We have no King or Queen ruling over us, we are a government by the people and for the people… and our system of justice is one of those branches of OUR government which will remain the property of the public.

You see, Sir, the only one in this case to cause any problems is the one who planned and plotted the brutal murder of a young man, and was so vain she thought she could charm a jury into believing she was innocent… but that jury of her peers heard the lies… saw the truth and convicted her beyond any and all REASONABLE doubt…


6 thoughts on “My response to Vinnie Politan”

  1. It is outrageous that in the middle of a jury trial on penalty, Investigation Discovery (ID) repeats an episode that highlights the Jodi Arias trial. The Hughes take the viewers through the days leading to the murder and suppositions are interjected as though they are proven facts.

    Also ironic to me that on one hand Americans are protesting the cops being arrogant and power hungry and on the other hand Americans believe that an arrest equates with a conviction. No wonder Americans resist arrest to the point of dying. 😦

    Let’s stop trying cases in the media.

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