Jodi Arias and the Scientific Method

Someone said:

“George, that is, well, not how we come to verdicts here in the US… that common in the UK, where people just throw out all the evidence and go on their feelings? ”

My answer: No! I am not “throwing out” ANY evidence. I am NOT going on “feelings”. I am applying the SCIENTIFIC METHOD.

This works because using “feelings” sometimes does NOT work. I haven’t ranted about this for a while, but this is the whole problem. What is essential to first establish what the two competing hypotheses are and then to decide which can be true.

So : what is the prosecution case? We don’t discuss it enough, perhaps because everyone recognises it isn’t true. The prosecution case is that Jodi stole her grandpa’s gun and used gas cans to keep her trip to Mesa secret. Then when she gets there, she doesn’t shoot Travis, instead they take nude photos of each other, and then she attacks Travis with a knife she also has brought with her, besides the gun. She also has the camera strapped around her neck with a mysterious strap (which is a big problem with the State’s case). Then after being attacked with the knife in the shower, Travis goes and stands at the sink, turning his back on Jodi, letting her stab him repeatedly in the back, but her finger hurts so the cuts are shallow (this is wrong, because the cuts are wide and shallow). And WHY does she want to murder Travis? Well, your guess is as good as mine. Finally Jodi shoots Travis after he is dead.

Besides being nonsense, this prosecution case is incompatible with the evidence. It’s simply NOT true. So it didn’t happen. We can definitely reject it and laugh at how stupid it is. Except Jodi is locked up.

Arias in court Monday


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