Is Judge Sherry Stephens Confused?

In a long ruling issued 14th January 2015, Judge Sherry Stephens writes at the bottom of page 8:

Defendant argues that failure to provide the June 11, 2008 mirror image could have affected the jury’s verdict in the guilt phase trial because the State argued during closing argument that there was no corroboration for the defendant’s claim that she saw the victim viewing child pornography on his laptop computer.

However, trial watchers know that Jodi testified that the child pornography was on paper, NOT on a computer. Although, Alyce LaViolette also said she had assumed it was on a computer in notes when Jodi first related the incident to her.

Michael Kiefer writing for the Arizona Republic summarised the complaint thus:

During Arias’ 2013 guilt-or-innocence trial, and during the present sentencing retrial, Mesa police officers testified under oath that the computer was free of pornography and computer viruses. Prosecutor Juan Martinez used that testimony to refute Arias’ assertions that Alexander was sexually attracted to young boys and he branded her a liar for saying the porn and viruses were there.

and a defense motion says

Thus, when guilt phase proceedings began on January 2, 2013, Ms. Arias. despite her best efforts had no evidence that any pornography was on Mr. Alexander’s Compaq Computer. Thus, when Ms. Arias took the stand and testified that on or about January 21, 2008, she caught Mr. Alexander masturbating to an image of a child, she had no objective support for the reality that Mr. Alexander viewed child pornography. Thus, at various stages of the proceedings the State claimed that Ms. Arias was lying about this incident, that she was making this incident up to disparage Mr. Alexander and that Ms. Arias was a “liar” whose testimony should not be believed.

This attack on Ms. Arias’ credibility also expanded to include attacks upon Ms. Arias’ expert witnesses. In particular, the State went on to attack the professionalism of Domestic Violence Expert Ms. Alyce Laviolette and psychologist Dr. Richard Samuels because they based their diagnosis on the words of a “liar,” Jodi Arias.

Is judge Sherry Stephens confused or what?


2 thoughts on “Is Judge Sherry Stephens Confused?”

  1. It is my opinion that Judge Sherry Stephens is far from confused, she’s biased, this became apparent at the start of the trial and continued to permeate right through it. I was shocked at how blatant it was.

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