Letter to Jodi

Dear Jodi,

I haven’t written in a while. I was prompted to write by the publication of Michael Morton’s book “Getting Life: An Innocent Man’s 25-year Journey From Prison To Peace”. He was exonerated in October 2011. Morton’s book, “Getting Life” recounts the prosecutorial injustices committed against him, and also reflects on the strength and courage it took to sustain him in prison all those years.

Short quote:

There wasn’t a prison in Texas I couldn’t escape.

After close to two decades in maximum security, I knew all the tricks. Just minutes after I entered my cell, I’d vanish. Without a sound, without suspicion, without a sign that gave away my plan – I would be on the other side of the world before anyone noticed I was gone.

I disappeared into different countries and centuries, other lives and faraway places. By keeping my nose in a book or a magazine or an unfinished novel of my own, I read my way out of prison every day. It did more than keep me amused. It kept me sane – and safe.
It was the only freedom I had.

I was an insatiable reader, always seeking writers and stories that expanded and explained my claustrophobic world.

End Quote

If you ever want to read a particular book, please tell me somehow, and I will be happy to buy a copy and have it sent to you.

I was also glad to hear this morning Maria has sent a “cease and desist” letter to Christine Beswick, who defamed her in the “Examiner”.

There has been some good news. Hannah Overton has been freed on bail. Debra Milke’s case was dismissed by the AZ Court of Appeals (the State has appealed that). Marissa Alexander is free.

The wrongly convicted group I started (2,374 members) now has 50 featured cases, and 7 adopted cases. I also have a much longer case list. There are many, many wrongful convictions. I have recent information that Shawna Forde, on AZ death row, is innocent.

The main page I made for you www.facebook.com/FreeJodi is just short of 500 “Likes”, we have a team of admins/editors who watch it, and post new articles daily.

I particularly liked that Kirk Nurmi called DeMarte a “part-time Dr Death”.

I cannot express my feelings for that woman, but they are not good!

Keep reading, and keep your spirits up. I will keep doing my utmost to help you.

George Barwood

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