Killer of Laci Peterson identified?

There is a very interesting development in the Scott Peterson case, a credible person ( retired cold case detective John A. Cameron) believes he has identified the killer.

Briefly, Cameron claims Laci Peterson was murdered by Edward Wayne Edwards (June 14, 1933 – April 7, 2011) , a known serial killer.

The claim is that Edwards was a psychopath killer, who not only killed, but planted bodies and used letters to confuse and taunt the police. Part of the claim is that Edwards was the “Zodiac Killer“.

Cameron has written a book and website about Edwards.

A link to Scott Peterson is a mysterious document sent to the judge and defense in May 2004, which references the Zodiac Killer. [Edit: 24 March, 2015] This document is actually not very relevant, more relevant are BB posts by “IKLP”, including a Short and Long code, typical of Edwards. See here and here. See Scott Peterson – Edward W. Edwards – IKLP Code Cracked ? ! [End Edit]

Cameron says Edwards also killed Chandra Levy.

It’s early days, but I find Cameron’s claims to be credible.

See here for discussion.

Other unsolved cases attributed to Edwards:

See also Notes on Edward Wayne Edwards

Discussion on unscrambling the short code.



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