Notes on Edward Wayne Edwards

October 1972 

Prison interviews, Part 1: 

Part 2 : 

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John Cameron talks about Edwards July 2014:

Some notes I made while listening to

A Zodiac cryptogram decodes to Edward Edwards name. “I’M EDWARD E”

In most cases, someone else was convicted of Edwards’ crime.

He was FBI informant from 1950, on his own murders.

His family moved, he would make friends with the police, using an assumed identity. He used “Wayne” as his first name when assuming an alias.

He used police uniforms, and sent setup letters.

Some setups executed, some still serving.

Jon Benet Ramsey is tied in by signature on letter. Victory SBTC.

The MO is kill on Christian holidays. Letters suggested look for a satanist.

In 2000s he was blogger. On murder sites.

1st killing 1946, Chicago. Young girl, lured to basement, dismembered. Taunted press. 13 years old. Started aged 11.

He put up websites on early killings. Black Dahlia. Put up 2002.

John Anthony Cameron has been working on it for 5 years.

Ideas from Satanism, carried out.

Deb Laveson The number of cases he didn’t put into the book, George, is an amazing number, not because Edwards didn’t do them, but because they never got the sensational news stories like Laci did and so researching them was much more difficult. It took him awhile to figure out how to get the media attention, but once he did, he did it EVERY TIME.

John had no idea where it was going to go, magnitude.

Died aged 77, natural causes, in 2011.

Sent him Candy in prison ( diabetic, may have contributed to death? )

Count in 1996 – 500 people murdered.

Deb Laveson “Highly unlikely. Edwards probably used the candy for favors in the prison hospital.”

Psychology is contempt for “system”.

After Edwards died, John thought he would just write a book.

Big years 1946 – 1996. Announced 500 people murdered.

BlackDahlia website has details of codes ( confirmed earlier racking ).

Started to make timeline of killings. Took 3 years. Still finding more murders.

Zodiac killer was always false leads, haha, smarter than you.

Edwards sent John Walsh letters, revealed in 2006.

Edwards would go to towns and create terror.

“Scorpion” letters.

Zodiac sign written in lipstick. bathtub murder, 2010. Last setup. False confession, setup plead guilty, due to death penalty.

Commonality – biggest, tied to book, “Metamorphis of a killer”, published 1972. Establishes where he was.

He was in every major city in the US.

He was informing FBI.

Sent letters to press or victim’s family.

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