Linda Carty Texas Death Row Inmate Gets Rare New Hearing After Prosecutorial Misconduct Allegations


Dare to Think

Linda Carty, a death row inmate in Texas, has been granted a rare new hearing by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Carty, 56, has been on death row for nearly 14 years.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has agreed to assess claims that key witnesses in her trial lied on the witness stand because of prosecutorial pressure. Human rights charity Reprieve has been investigating Carty’s case and unearthed evidence that witnesses were threatened by the prosecutor into testifying that Carty was the mastermind in the murder of her neighbor. Carty was convicted of killing a young mother and plotting to steal her small child with three men.  She has always maintained her innocence.

Among the witnesses who are now recanting their testimony is Christopher Robinson, who claimed that he saw Linda Carty put a bag over Joanna Rodriguez’s head before closing the trunk.  Rodriguez later suffocated to death. …

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