Scott Peterson – Edward W. Edwards – IKLP Code Cracked

Summary: Edward Wayne Edwards, who later confessed to being a serial killer, constructed both the Zodiac code and the IKLP code.

The IKLP ( “I Killed Laci Peterson” ) Short Code is


Source :, Page 4 (Copy:The_IKLP_Investigation) See also IKLP posts updated 09-25-08
which is linked from

When will the games end?

Many of you may have been following the discussion on OPORD Analytical’s forum, based on the claims by its owner, Mr. Chris Farmer, to have cracked the IKLP code. For those of you who haven’t been, this is a brief background.

IKLP Code & Rhymes

From March 22, 2005 through August 6, 2006, a poster using the handle “I Killed Laci Peterson” posted 544 messages on the Fratpack forum. As is often the case, the handle was shortened to the acronym IKLP when addressed by other members. The 544 messages mostly consisted of rhymes about the Laci Peterson case, presented as “clues” to the identity of the murderer, and taunts and jabs directed at specific members of Fratpack.

IKLP outrightly claimed to be Laci’s abductor and murderer, not only by the handle but in the content of many of the rhymes.

So, take 28527-8240-791-94-7 and drop the 0 and every other digit ( the same as for the decoding of the Zodiac Short Code , which decodes to “I’M EDWARD E” ) and you have :

8 2 8 4 9 9 7

Take the letters of EDWARD E, remove duplicates : EDWAR

Assign the used digits from the short code, descending order
9 – E ( “e” is similar to mirror image of “9” )
8 – D ( “8” can be made with two D’s – see Zodiac code )
7 – W ( W can be made from two 7s )
4 – A ( “A” when tilted to the right becomes “4” )
2 – R ( “R” is slightly similar to “2” )

Apply cipher to string 8 2 8 4 9 9 7 => D R D A E E W

Unscramble ( Anagram ) D R D A E E W => E D W A R D  E.

Going the other way

To look at it the other way, suppose Edwards wants to sign himself “Edward E” using numbers, in a memorable way.

He needs digits for these letters “EDWAR”.
He thinks 987654321 – how shall I assign, to be memorable?
E = e reversed is 9.
D = 8 ( he used this before)
W = 7 7 ( if you rotate the sevens )
A = 4 ( if you tip the A over )
R = 2 ( not that similar, but slightly )

So he takes these codes and gets 9874289
Now change the order 8284997
Finally, mix in arbitrary alternate digits (2,5,7,2,7,1,4) and a “0” ( the same Steganography as used in the Zodiac short code  ) and you get ( note : this is the even digits, then zero, then the odd digits ).

28527-8240-791-94-7 : that is the code he used.


You might quite reasonably ask : how arbitrary is this decoding?

It might seem reasonable to be sceptical, until you realise Edwards used a similar scheme in his Zodiac short code. To some extent the coding is “mnenomic”, associations that could be remembered, mirroring, putting two symbols together, etc.

The conclusion: IKLP was Edward Wayne Edwards, and likely he was involved in Laci’s abduction and murder.

See also Notes on Edward Wayne Edwards and Killer of Laci Peterson identified?

Also published as a Facebook Note at Scott Peterson is Innocent

7 thoughts on “Scott Peterson – Edward W. Edwards – IKLP Code Cracked”

  1. A note to say how I actually worked this out.

    I knew that in the Zodiac code, the first step was to drop alternate symbols.

    I guessed the plain text might be Edward E or something similar.

    In dropping the alternate symbols, somehow I simply overlooked the zero altogether ( a lucky chance ), and got the right string of digits.

    I could then see there were the right number of duplicates to match “Edward E”, and the right number of characters.

    I then started looking at possible encodings. I could see that

    E = 9
    D = 8
    W = 7
    A = 4
    R = 2

    would work. I didn’t know why 6,5 and 3 were not used.

    Up to here, it didn’t take long at all. Maybe 10 minutes of playing around.

    Then I noticed e = 9 mirror image, and A is similar to 4.
    Then I worked out the D = 8 ( which is common to the Zodiac code ), and W.

    Finally I realised the zero, and the ordering into even and odd numbers, with the zero as seperator.

    So a bit chaotic, and not entirely logical, and some lucky mistakes I didn’t notice until the second pass, and understanding further Edwards’ choice of symbols.

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