Top Wrongful Convictions – #1 Debra Milke

Debra YoungThis is a new series of short posts, my personal “top” wrongful convictions.

The purpose is to explain that “you may be wrong”.

Remember that in every wrongful conviction, a jury is fooled into believing the accused person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Every wrongful conviction has a cause, sometimes there are multiple causes.

I will start with a very recent exoneration, Debra Milke.

My view of the causes:

(1) Debra was implicated by hearsay. Statements by the true perpetrators of the crime.

(2) A crooked detective decided to “claim the glory” by claiming Debra confessed.

(3) The long record of misconduct by the detective was suppressed.

(4) The prosecution succeeded in turning Debra’s close relatives against her.

(5) The motive of the real killer was hard to comprehend.

For details on the case, see here or Entry at The National Registry of Exonerations.


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