Top Wrongful Convictions – #2 Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito

XX_OG40A001S WEB.pdfThis is the second is a series of short posts, my personal “top” wrongful convictions.

The purpose is to explain that “you may be wrong”.

Remember that in every wrongful conviction, a jury is fooled into believing the accused person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Every wrongful conviction has a cause, sometimes there are multiple causes.

I have chosen the case of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito as #2. If you have never heard of this case, then I think you cannot read the newspapers much! This was the case that got me interested in the whole subject of wrongful convictions.

Amanda and Raffaele were (thankfully!) exonerated on March 27th, 2015.

My view of the causes:

  • Prosecutors often focus on a person or persons who discover the body or who are first at the scene. They can easily be a target for suspicion. Amanda especially, who was living with Meredith Kercher, was quite reasonably a suspect.
  • A coerced confession. In fact Amanda didn’t confess to a crime, but she was persuaded to sign a statement stating that she had been present at the cottage that evening, when in truth she was not. Her “confession” implicated an innocent man, Patrick Lumumba, a clear indication that it was coerced.
  • The police then fabricated DNA forensic evidence to confirm Amanda and Raffaele’s involvement, even though it was far more plausible that the murder was the work of Rudy Guede alone. Understanding why this DNA evidence is invalid is one of the most interesting aspects of the case.
  • The police also concocted a demonstrably false theory that Amanda and Raffaele had staged a break-in, by throwing a rock through a window from the inside. In reality, a careful study of the evidence conclusively shows that the rock was thrown from the outside, forcing the window shutter.

That’s a brief summary of the case. Another reliable consideration is that Amanda and Raffaele did not have the criminal background or motive to carry out such a brutal killing. Where there is no plausible motive, or evidence of past criminal activities, I find almost invariably there is a wrongful conviction. People should in fact be more sceptical, and consider that police may have twisted and fabricated evidence to make a case for guilt.

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