The Agony Of Being Right

I guess this struck a chord with me,

Lawyers on Strike

What makes judging so hard?  It’s not the intellectual challenge, of which there is very little anyway.  As we have often said, the law is an intellectually pedestrian subject for the most part, and should be: if it requires high intelligence and a Ph.D to be law abiding, something is seriously wrong.

No, the real challenge is moral.  You need to be able to make people unhappy if doing the right thing requires that.  And then accept that they might be mad at you.  Maybe for a long time.  Maybe irremediably.

One judge who showed great moral courage in the Amanda Knox affair doesn’t feel so much vindicated as sad:

Q: How come you left the judiciary right after that verdict?
Hellmann: I was practically forced to. Our decision was received with reactions of contempt. I can still remember the whistling and the shouting by a claque that had…

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