A collection of Bullshit calls

Hmm.. my very early tentative impression is that the HVBS stuff is a load of bullshit.
Sure, spatter from a gunshot will have some characteristics, but how can you say a stain on clothing must be a HVBS?
I would agree that you might be able to point to some blood spot and say categorically it is NOT a HVBS, but the reverse strikes me as extraordinarily dubious.
2. Jodi Arias ( or here )

The prosecution attacked Jodi’s credibility as a witness, claiming:

  1. Jodi had blonde hair on the trip when she hired the car.
  2. Jodi shot Travis after he was dead.
  3. Amanda Webb knows what she is talking about.
  4. Jodi faking an orgasm during phone sex means her testimony should not be believed.
  5. Travis kneeling while masturbating is impossible.
  6. The items on the shelves must have fallen off when Jodi jumped up to get the gun.
  7. There was no porn on the laptop.
  8. Deanna would never lie about having sex with the Travis.
  9. Bishop Parker knows his dates, so witness #1 must be lying about the child porn.
  10. Jodi had Travis’ camera on a strap around her neck ( but it was found still in it’s wrapping ).
  11. Jodi kept the trip secret.
  12. Jodi didn’t write about Travis choking her so it didn’t happen.
  13. Jodi didn’t write about Travis kicking her so it didn’t happen.
  14. Snow White lived in a Shack.
  15. The room-mates didn’t know Travis had a gun, so he didn’t.
  16. Travis was a virgin … (oh, ok, he probably didn’t say that).

The chick is right!

Note: I use the apparently crude word “bullshit”, because I don’t believe there is another word which accurately conveys the same meaning.

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