Jen Wood’s husband has filed for divorce

According to this report, Jen Wood’s husband has now filed for divorce. See Could Juan Martinez fail to pass Go?


17 thoughts on “Jen Wood’s husband has filed for divorce”

  1. You know, it’s kinda sad to see a family break up. I feel for the kids and others who are hurt by it. But Juan wanted to win, and he used Jen to pad his efforts by sleeping with her and assuring himself of a biased tweeter/reporter. He got it, though Jen clearly made a few mistakes and made him look…well, bad. And then, of course, I caught wind….and I allowed Juan and Jen to drag their own names through the Maricopa mud…..through my blog. I’m helpful like that.

    1. Yes, it’s sad and wrong. It’s strange how Juan has ended up mirroring Travis by his adultery and cheating.

      But it’s worse when the woman is married with children.

      It’s a parable for the entire trial. I do wonder if Juan’s rather subdued performance at the retrial, and in the interview afterwards, is related to his adultery.

      Thanks to you and “anonymous” for passing the information on Sandra.

      1. Your hollow words about how sad it is when a family breaks up, poor kids, blah, blah. Both of you have been nothing short of gleeful about the Jen and Juan saga. Don’t hide behind an idiotic false facade. Oh. Wait. That’s what you do. Ha! GB has mentioned how bad things have happened to people that don’t support Jodi…bad things happen to everyone. Just remember that when your life becomes unbearable due to a death (kike Det. Flores’ son) adultery, a relative murdered. There will be people waiting in line for that day to call you out. Waiting to say something heinous like you both have. Not me, but as you know, there are many others.

      2. Both parties are guilty of adultery, provided that one of them is married. Read the linked article, which has a link to the Arizona law.

      3. George might be right. I try not to argue with him….much…..anymore….:)

        On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 3:09 PM, Trial by Media wrote:

        > JA commented: “Both parties are guilty of adultery, provided that one > of them is married. Read the linked article, which has a link to the > Arizona law.”

  2. * pardon my typo. (*like Det. Flores’ son). I know you don’t believe in karma, George, but how can you justify the “bad thing” that happened to Det. Flores during this trial? It’s because he interrogated Jodi Arias? You have an evil inside you that is growing every day. You and Simon Johansson should band together. You’re of the same ilk. Let’s talk when the time comes that you lose a child, k? Toodles!

    1. Flores lied on the stand, that’s stupid and evil in a capital case.

      Juan committed adultery, that’s stupid and harms children. I hope he has to pay compensation. That would be justice.

      Bad things happen when people make stupid and.or evil decisions.

      I do believe in that.

      I don’t know why Flores’ son died, I heard it was a zip line accident. That sounds stupid, but I don’t have all the facts.

      1. Checking:

        PHOENIX (CBS5) –
        A 15-year-old member of a Queen Creek Boy Scout troop died on Saturday after going down a zip line.

        Tony Flores was among a group staying at a private cabin in the Forest Lakes community about 60 miles northeast of Payson.

        Larry Abbott, the CEO of the Grand Canyon Council of the Boy Scouts of America, told CBS 5 News that two adult leaders were preparing a zip line when the accident happened. Abbott says the adults told four boys to wait while they went inside a cabin to get helmets and bungee cords which are used for the braking system.

        Abbott said the boys decided to hop on the line with Flores going first. He struck a tree and sustained head trauma.

        “They had procedures all in place,” said Abbott. “It was one of those tragic things where kids are trying to be kids.”

        Abbott says two boys ran to help Flores while one rushed into the cabin to get the adults who performed CPR and called 911. Flores was pronounced dead at the Payson Medical Center.

        Read more:

  3. Why are you posting this? We all know what happened. We can read for ourselves. Why are you deflecting like this? Did you find out you were wrong? You trusted Sandy for your due diligence? Guess what, I saw where your wife, Marilyn, has filed for divorce. Yep. It’s true.

    1. Better question as I see it would be, Veronika, is why are you reading George’s blog? You find no value in it, but to feed your constant negative state of mind. Your comments have zero negative affects or effects, I can never remember, on George, from what I can tell.

  4. If Jodi’s intent was premeditated murder meaning that she planned to killed Travis then why did she Jodi leave the camera at the scene of the crime and not dispose of it like she had the knife and gun? That is if she actually killed Travis. Jodi was also suspected of hacking into Travis’ email accounts and Facebook page although never proven true it leads to the next subject matter. Hackers know electronic devices inside and out that’s why they hack they want to know where all of those little nooks of information are stored in that no one else has a clue exists. Seeing as how Jodi was also a photographer and that she had been labeled as a hacker wouldn’t you think that Jodi would have known how to recover the deleted photos from the camera not to mention where they would stored at? With such knowledge Jodi in her premeditation would have been stupid to leave the camera at the scene of the crime knowing that computer forensics would have found the deleted photos. So if Jodi had planned the murder of Travis before hand why didn’t she dispose of the camera along with the knife and gun

  5. I deplore any suggestion that bad things happened to the Prosecution team as a result of their prosecuting Jodi Arias. This is just ridiculous. Quite a few equally bad things have happened to the Jodi Arias supporters, (but these were not high profile, as was the tragic accident of the 15 year old son of a detective engaged in the case.)

    So, if we take the view that the prosecution brought these tragedies upon themselves, are we to then say certain people in the opposing camp deserve those tragedies heaped upon them as well, for supporting Jodi Arias?

    Nobody on this earth knows what the Divine Laws are, or even whether they exist in the first place. For all we know, very special people might be called upon to suffer, and to my mind, that is a far more likely scenario. It is cruel and wrong to say that people cause their own miseries, because, in the vast majority of cases, this can be clearly demonstrated to be, in truth, definitely not true.

    Sure, if someone is having an extra-marital affair, then what ensues is very distressing indeed for the family. Actions have consequences, no doubt about that, but it is not for us to judge whether the relationship between the couple who are divorcing should have held or not held. We actually are not privy to what takes place behind closed doors between any couple, so we have no way of knowing what was said between them, what they agreed to or did not agree to. What they dissented about or did not dissent about. The only thing that should concern us is how they conduct themselves in the courtroom and by extension, the ethics and principles they live by in pursuing justice in the case.

    Dishonesty in a marriage, if it existed at all, and we do not know that it did, because none of us are privy to that information, does not logically entail dishonesty in the courtroom. Honesty in the marriage does not logically entail honesty in the courtroom either.

    I believe to conflate the two issues is a gross mistake. It does nothing but harm Jodi Arias and any attempts to assist her in her forthcoming appeal. Any suggestion that the tragic loss of a child is something any parent on this earth deserved to suffer, shows such a disgusting lack of compassion, inhumanity to one’s fellow sufferer, and complete absence of empathic understanding that I am absolutely appalled by it.

    Furthermore, it can only bring any person so espousing that cruel and twisted philosophy into disrepute. If anything can harm the universe, it is the human propensity to display inhumanity to one another. And this inherently bad philosophy will do nothing but undermine and slow spiritual growth in this universe. Worse, it will put it retrograde. Unfortunately, by extension, there are those who might also attribute this grossly inhumane attitude to Jodi Arias.

    1. Pamela, you misunderstand me. I don’t believe that bad things were directly caused by prosecuting Jodi. It’s more an observation that bad outcomes result from stupid or wrong acts, and such events are circumstantial evidence of character.

      The death of Flores’ son is very remotely connected, if at all. But perhaps he didn’t teach his son to follow instructions of teachers well, it hints at some possible parenting failure.

      We also know about the stupidity of Dave Hall, who with others took part in a stupid act of vandalism, and even more stupidly had a video of this stupid act posted on the internet. It’s hubris, and evidence of exceptional stupidity.

      However the article is about the character of Juan Martinez, adultery is morally wrong in my book, and it suggests he is not an honorable person.

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