Shrien Dewani Aftermath

I cannot resist reporting on the the aftermath of the Shrien Dewani trial. The prosecution case turned out to be a sham, with Dewani falsely implicated by the true perpetrators, much to the surprise of a large vociferous online campaign “Justice4Anni”.

Justice4Anni and the “Higher Education Transformation Network” accused the judge of bias.

On April 25, 2015 a judicial Conduct Committee said the complaints were  “frivolous” and lacking in substance.

They also addressed the racist nature of the complaints:

The racial attacks on the person of Madam Justice Traverso by the HETN, which suggest that she was influenced by her background as a South African who is Afrikaans-speaking, are unwarranted. The allegations are not substantiated by any facts and offend the spirit and purports of the bill of rights. The further complaints based on race undermine the integrity and oath of office taken by Madam Justice Traverso.

I fully agree with the Committee. Judge Traverso was excellent.

Update May 3 : HETN to appeal Dewani judge decision !


One thought on “Shrien Dewani Aftermath”

  1. It’s a long shot, but it would be nice to throw some attention at the schemer behind the four years of (what could only be) misery for SD: Willem Da Grass. Recently, a leading politician said that the South African tourism industry can only blame itself for a serious drop in business (who’s to blame for the postal standstill of more than a year, the complete lack of any TV worth watching, the closure of thousands of small businesses, electricity black outs . . . ?) MugTaxi stands in opposition to such ‘politicians’, policemen and otherwise.

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