A light-hearted comparison of the cases of Amanda and Jodi

Both are completely innocent : Jodi by self-defense, Amanda by not being present.

No credible motive is put forward by prosecution.

Both are good, gentle, artistic, thoughtful, introspective, kind people, non-violent women, both kept diaries ( Jodi’s diary , Amanda’s Prison Diary ).
The state confiscated and leaked their prison diaries to the press : Amanda’s shortly after she was detained, Jodi’s mid-trial .

Both felt shame for what they had done when put in an impossible position ( Amanda for implicating Patrick, Jodi for killing Travis when he attacked her ).
Jodi’s sense of shame was so strong that for two years she kept what really happened hidden, and planned to commit suicide to end everyone’s suffering.

Media trial – character assassination ( Italian and UK media / Daily Mail vs HLN / ABC news / Network Turner / Time Warner / Daily Mail etc. )
Witchhunt, Femme Fatale. Neither has any criminal record or had ever been violent ( with of course the exception of Jodi on the day she was attacked, and one or two episodes as a child, not repeated ).

Police visit the scene after it has been released ( 46 days for Amanda, nearly 5 years for Jodi ), used as evidence despite disturbance.

A shopkeeper comes forward long after the event with false evidence to testify against the defendant – Quintavalle for Amanda (1 year), Amanda Webb for Jodi (5 years,mid-trial).

The knife wounds were misrepresented. In Amanda’s case, 47 knife wounds were claimed, but there were only four.
In Jodi’s case, 27 stab wounds were claimed, but there were only three.

Amanda was alleged to have carried an enormous knife in her handbag/purse.
Jodi was alleged to have carried an enormous knife AND a GUN in her handbag/purse.

Both were accused of staging a burglary, with no evidence to link them to the burglary.

Both were accused of “cleaning” a blood pattern at the bedroom end of a hallway.

Amnesia due to acute stress : suggested to Amanda by Anna Donnino, actually occurred for Jodi due to extreme terror when Travis attacked her.
( Actually, Amanda did have a form of amnesia during the interrogation )

Both were attacked for their sex life – partners for Amanda, everything imaginable for Jodi.
Amanda had 7 lifetime partners. She experimented with casual sex and found it unsatisfying.
Jodi had 4 lifetime partners, all of them long term relationships. She never had casual sex.

Both were described as “Foxy”. For Jodi see The Madness of Crowds.

Both turned off their mobile phones, and this was used as evidence against them.

Amanda was accused of turning a mobile phone on, Jodi did turn her mobile phone on, breaking her so called “alibi” – but it didn’t help.

Amanda allegedly did a cart-wheel, Jodi stood on her head.

Meredith’s friends testified for the prosecution, Alexander’s friends testified and appeared on HLN to bolster the prosecution case.

Prosecution witnesses lie or misrepresent evidence.

The defendant lied at one point – no legal counsel ( Amanda’s interrogation – no video vs Jodi’s interview – video available ). Therefore everything she says in court is a lie.

Both were bullied in jail, but learned to stand up for themselves.

Both were convicted on the basis of some invalid physical evidence they were unable to fully explain at trial, which made little(Amanda) or no (Jodi) sense.
For Amanda, the DNA on the knife blade, for Jodi the Walmart Return.

Suppression / destruction of evidence ( DNA electronic files, hard drives for Amanda. Texts,emails,letters for Jodi. )

Intimidation of defence witnesses ( Conti-Vechiotti for Amanda, Alyce, Samuels, Mr X and many others for Jodi )

Intimidation of Counsel ( Anne Bremner vs Jennifer Willmott for Jodi )

Judge friendly with prosecutor – cosy relationship.

No sequestration of jury whatsoever.

Jurors observed crying after rendering guilty verdict. Crowds rejoicing wildly after the guilty verdict, in Jodi’s case a carnival atmosphere, chanting “USA,USA,USA”.

Prosecution keep changing their theory ( Time of death for Amanda vs. order of wounds for Jodi )

Both contemplated suicide, but Amanda only while in prison, Jodi before the Travis was killed, in jail and immediately after sentencing ( by suggesting death was preferable to life without parole ).

Comparison of HLN with TJMK/PMF. Suppression of dissenting views.

Jimmy Wales got involved in wikipedia article re-write in both cases…

Nancy Grace slandered both of them.

Blog posters theorised that the motive was money from writing a book ( re Amanda it was me trying to be funny, re Jodi it was some bloke on a male-supremacy blog…apparently serious )

Both made an allocution – Amanda asked for her life back, Jodi asked to spend the rest of her life in prison.

At the end of the trial, both packed their bags. Amanda hoped to fly home the next day, but stayed in prison, Jodi hoped to go to prison sentenced to life without parole, but stayed in jail.

Both cut their hair – Amanda as a form of protest after she was convicted, Jodi three times before she was convicted, donated to Locks of Love ( see Allocution ).

In both cases, counsel received death threats. In Jodi’s case witnesses, supporters, journalists and jurors also received death threats.

Both Amanda and Jodi were the subject of a “lifetime” movie and other movies.

Both trials were Witch-hunts mediated through Trial by Media.

And finally … both were born on July 9th! ( no, I don’t think this has any great significance, although children born in late summer may be young starting school, hence slightly more likely to be bullied, but the other items are quite striking ).

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2 thoughts on “A light-hearted comparison of the cases of Amanda and Jodi”

  1. Reblogged this on Trial by Media and commented:

    Another coincidence.. For Amanda, they said Rudy Guede couldn’t climb up to the window without bending a nail, for Jodi they say Jodi could’t climb up to get the gun without disturbing something on the shelf. All nonsense!!

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