Ranting at Montgomery

Mostly nowadays I try to retain my cool. But for a laugh, here I am totally losing it during a press conference County Attorney Bill Montgomery gave where he defended the State’s only witness against Debra Milke, who was sent to death row for more than 20 years as a result of Armando Saldate’s perjury:


I am happy to report that Debra Milke was finally exonerated on 17th March 15, 2015 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ranting at Montgomery”

  1. I do not want to send you off on another rant, but I would like to suggest another Montgomery-related “mystery” that merits your attention. Question: Why did he try to get the court to “depublish” its findings? This can only mean that he did not want to have PPD and the MCCA’s office bound by the Milke court decisions as precedents. This causes me to think that he has already convicted others with the same obscene sort of miscarriage of justice — or that he has other cases underway where he is committing the same sort of Brady-violations and egregious prosecutorial miscarriages of justice. Suggest that you look into it.
    Oh, by the way, I am sending this from North Carolina. We have had the same sort of fools and crooks such as Montgomery and Levy. The most recent was the Duke University lacrosse team persecution (right word!) by the disgraced prosecutor, Mike Nifong.
    Remember! “Depublish!” Why?

    1. Montgomery should have dropped charges soon after the 9th circuit made it’s ruling. Judge Broomfield might want to consider his position as well. Who was in on the conspiracy to suppress the truth about Saldate? Who sneaked a tape reording before the jury without the defense being aware? This was not just a crooked detective, others suppressed Saldate’s record. I look forward to what comes out in the civil case.

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