Women on Death Row in The United States

I have previously looked closely at the list of women executed in the United States,I thought it would be interesting to look at the list of women currently on death row.

The list is dominated by California, with 20 cases. California’s death penalty system is demonstrably broken, with no recent executions.

Texas has 6 cases, one of whom is certainly innocent, Darlie Routier, and I suspect Linda Carty as well. Texas has undoubtedly executed many innocents, including a woman, Frances Newton.

Florida has 5 cases. Notably Casey Anthony was found not guilty by a jury some years ago after the State sought the death penalty, to the surprise of many. Another disputed case is Ana Maria Cardona, which I have not studied in detail.

Arizona has an especially catastrophic record : Debra Milke was recently exonerated more than 25 years after her son was murdered, I suspect Shawna Forde is also innocent, and but for a single juror, Jodi Arias, also innocent, might be on Arizona death row. That leaves just Wendi Adriano.

Mississipi has one case, another Michelle Byrom who is innocent, was awarded a last minute retrial in March 2014.

Generally speaking, there are several cases when the woman allegedly acted with her boyfriend or husband, some cases of extreme child neglect, and some with mental disorders.

My general conclusions:

(1) The execution of women in the United States is serving no useful purpose.
(2) There are a significant number of wrongful convictions.

[ Article may be updated over time ]

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