An Open Letter to Judge Kent Cattani on his remarks about Jodi Arias

My attention has been drawn to an article published at “The National Judicial College” titled “Jody Arias and the Cost of Seeking the Death Penalty” by Hon. Kent Cattani and Hon. Paul J. McMurdie.

The article states “Judge Kent Cattani was appointed to the Arizona Court of Appeals on February 9, 2013”.

The article starts:

Recently, Arizona was in the national spotlight for the sensational trial of Jodi Arias, who killed her former boyfriend. She was headline news locally, and the topic of national debate for Nancy Grace and other court watchers.

Arias’ guilt was never in doubt. The only question in the case was whether she should spend the rest of her life in prison or be executed for her horrific crime. Two juries could not resolve the issue, and she was ultimately sentenced to life without the possibility of release.

Judge Cattani:

(1) I disagree, the guilt of Arias was in doubt, and is in doubt. So do supporters who have raised over $90,000 to help Jodi appeal.

(2) Have you studied the evidence in detail? Are you aware that there are many wrongful convictions in death penalty cases, and that Debra Milke was recently freed after more than 20 years on Arizona death row?

(3) Are you aware that despite lengthy cross-examination, there is no proof that the testimony of Jodi Arias, that she killed Alexander in self-defense, was untrue? And that her attorney Jennifer Willmott stated after trial that Jodi told the truth at trial.

(4) Given that there is an outstanding appeal to your court, should you be making such public statements, and are you not displaying a breathtaking level of prejudice? I suggest your limited grasp of the facts in this case is betrayed by your mis-spelling of Miss Arias’ first name, both in the title and the body of the article.

(5) I earnestly hope that Jodi Arias may have a fair appeal heard by an unprejudiced court.

(6) I invite you to study the evidence at the website

George Barwood,
Gloucester, UK

PS: on September 4, 2015, the defense filed a motion : “Ms. Arias asks that the Court of Appeals be disqualified from further consideration of her appeal and that the appeal be transferred to the Arizona Supreme Court.”



15 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Judge Kent Cattani on his remarks about Jodi Arias”

    1. Jodi’s guilt was always in doubt. Where and when did Jodi purchase the ,25 caliber round nose bullets from? A round nose bullet was found at the crime scene. According to Jodi’s grandpa, there were hollow points in the gun the was stolen from his home and speculated about being the one used to first shoot Travis with. If Juan cannot prove that gun that was stolen matched the ballistics of the round found at the crime scene then Juan’s assumption about Jodi premeditating the shooting of Travis is hearsay and lacks any creditable foundation.

  1. I still wonder what trial you watched GB. There is no doubt in my mind from the evidence presented at trial that JA is guilty of the PRE-MEDITATED murder of Travis.

    All of her supporters want to believe she is innocent but the evidence proves otherwise. Her own statement that Travis was alive when she slit his throat from ear-to-ear (the “fog” suddenly lifted?) is the most damning evidence against her that she lied in court about not remembering what happened the day she callously murdered Travis.

    1. What evidence convinced you that this was pre-meditated murder? I say there is no reliable evidence, and moreover there is undisputed evidence that shows no planning. See

      Jodi didn’t lie at trial, it’s simply that she now remembers that Travis was attacking her when she cut his throat, something she didn’t remember before.

      Jennifer Willmot:
      The memories were always there, it’s just that her ability to deal with it, she wasn’t able to handle them, so as a protection she was dissociating from them, she wasn’t remembering them, so all along I can tell you she did not remember anything, everything that she testified to was what she remembered.


      1. I will not waste any more time on you and your delusional cohorts. I could provide detailed evidence from day one to the end of JA’s trials that proves premeditation but, it would make no difference to you; you will discount it with more of your bullshit in order to continue your belief in her innocence.

        Nothing brought into evidence (actually non-evidence) by Nurmi or Willmott is proof of anything. The defense team, along with JA, and their so-called experts, lied through their teeth throughout the entire judicial process. The only things they accomplished were padding their wallets and wasting the Arizona taxpayers’ money.

  2. Dwight, the only “hearsay and lacks any creditable foundation” evidence presented at trial was JA’s claims of abuse and Travis’ interest in little boys. That garbage should never have been brought into the trial since there was absolutely no proof to back up her allegations. The judge was totally remiss in allowing that bs to be used by her defense.

    1. Susan – Jodi testified to that, the defense do not have to prove Jodi’s testimony is true.

      Moreover at the penalty retrial it emerged that a witness caught Travis downloading child pornography several years earlier. So there is evidence to corroborate what Jodi saw ( Travis masturbating over a picture of a child ).

      And of course there was extensive evidence that Travis was abusive. See

      1. As stated before, I don’t know what trial you watched but there were no witnesses to Travis downloading child pornography at any time.

      2. Susan, there was a signed affidavit that Travis downloaded child pornography. You obviously didn’t follow the penalty retrial, The prosecution attempted to rebut this by calling a Mormon Bishop, but his testimony that Jake and not Travis caused porn pop-ups on his computer fell apart when the defense proved Jake was already married at that date, by showing Jake’s marriage certificate.

  3. Pointing to ‘evidence’ provided by a Jodi Is Innocent site on here is ludicrous. Her supporters make up whatever nonsense they want and the others take it for gospel. Sorry, doesn’t work for those of us who watched the entire trial and know the truth.

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