Richard Glossip – what really happened

In the early morning hours of January 7, 1997, Barry Van Treese was beaten to death in room 102 at the Best Budget Inn in Oklahoma City. The murder weapon was an aluminum baseball bat. During the struggle, the window in room 102 was broken out.

When interviewed by police, Justin Sneed, who admitted to killing Van Treese, after several changes of story, and after suggestions by the police, alleged that Richard Glossip hired him to murder Van Treese “So he could run the hotel without him being the boss“.

According to Sneed “Barry never said anything; he just jumped out of bed“.

However there is a big problem with this:

John Prittie was staying in room 103, a room that shared a wall with room 102, where Van Treese was murdered. At trial, Mr. Prittie testified that he “heard an argument…some muffled arguing or some type of discussion going on.” It was “somewhat” loud. He testified that there was “…more than one person” involved and that there were “….male and female voices that I thought I heard too.”

Mr. Prittie then testified that, after he heard the voices, he heard “objects hitting the ground,” “metallic sounds,” and “possibly glass breaking.” He said he then noticed that things got quiet, only to begin again with “more of the arguing, more of the same.” According to Mr. Prittie, the noise stopped shortly thereafter.


  1. Sneed lied, there was an argument.
  2. What can the argument have been about? It doesn’t make sense if this was murder for hire.
  3. The evidence indicates an argument or a burglary gone wrong not a planned murder.

In addition, a large amount of cash was found in the trunk of Van Treese’s car, stained with blue dye.

This was apparently money stolen from a drug dealer, who wanted it back.

The obvious truth : Sneed had been persuaded to steal the car keys so the drug dealer could take his money back.


  1.  When Eight is Enough How many “true” stories does it take to execute an innocent man? Transcript summary and commentary written by Mr. Glossip’s Innocence Legal Defense Team.
  2. What Richard’s first lawyer, Wayne Fournerat is saying.

Discussion here.

5 thoughts on “Richard Glossip – what really happened”

  1. Thank you for posting this. It is real funny how the police “lost” the Best Budget Inn’s Guest Registry in the first trial yet found it for public defenders in the second trial. Very interesting!

    1. I think Everhart had illegal activity to hide, namely the theft of money from Bobby Glossip, Richard’s brother. I doubt Everhart planned to kill Van Treese. If fact I doubt anyone planned to murder Van Treese, the evidence does not indicate a planned murder, more an argument or robbery that turned into murder.

      1. Ricky Paige’s fingerprints were found on the temperature control knob in the room Barry Van Treese was killed in. News Report by Liliana Segura (Intercept) wrong. Air conditioner in Room 102 not turned on. Heater turned on! And it was turned on high! The reason: To throw off time of death making it appear Barry Van Treese was killed later that morning. It worked too. Dr Choi (medical examiner) changed time of death a full hour from first trial to second trial.

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