Jury Pools And The Guilt-Minded

Lawyers on Strike

Here in Rochester we recently had an interesting and high profile murder case that ended in a hung jury.  The Defendant’s name is Charlie Tan and you can read the basic allegations here.

We’re not going to get into that as much as the dynamics of the jury, that deliberated for a week before the judge pulled the plug and declared a mistrial.  To a trial attorney those dynamics are both fascinating and instructive.

According to one local news reporter:

jurors said they began with 9-3 in favor of acquitting Charles Tan and ended 8-4 in favor of guilty.

So.  Three people who were guilt minded managed to convince another five to change their minds over 50 hours of heated deliberations and a solid week cooped up in a jury room.  And they were upset that the judge pulled the plug because I’m sure they felt they could convince…

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