Reasonable doubt

If someone is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, you should not have hundreds or even thousands of people who don’t agree.

2 thoughts on “Reasonable doubt”

  1. In the current many HS cases the words beyond reasonable doubt are not used. The culture of You will be believed is used. The accuser is called the victim. The accused is sat behind a glass case with a police officer. Proper cross examination is not allowed. And Corroboratve evidence is not required. There are many wrongly convicted as a result of this. It is all wrong. These people have families. In my opinion the children and grandchildren of the wrongfully convicted are victims of child abuse. The system has inflicted this abuse on them. These trials are not fair trials. They should have been thrown out by the judge. If there is no corroborative evidence there should not be a trial. I am ashamed of this country. It has a justice system that allows innocent people to be convicted of non existent crimes.

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