Anonymous tales of domestic violence

From women survivors who support Jodi Arias.

Supporter 1

I’m sitting here thinking about the day that my kiddos father made my nose bleed. I was always proud because he hit me with all his full force and usually knocked me on my ass, but this time I had good footing and he just knocked my head back.

What is bothering me at the moment is that the next day when I had to do the DV walk of shame, it was me that told him what to tell everyone happened, which was, “Oh Gosh, I got so drunk I fell up the stairs!!”

It was my blood that was on the walls and on the floor and covered the bed. Yet all I could think of when I was in the shower while he washed the blood off me was what I was going to tell everyone I knew the next day and he had better not fucking stray from my recount.

Supporter 2

I testified against my ex in a dv case against me, but only at grand jury. He took a plea. It was an enhanced sentence because it was his third dv against me. I didn’t have to testify in those because he took counseling and working in the community as pleas.

I left for good the day he was hauled away on the big one. I had left before but believed him and kept thinking counseling may work when he said he would change.

He went on to get more charges against the next woman and went away again, got out and went back for a very long time on a 3 felonies and your out law for a violent charge where he harmed the third woman’s new boyfriend.

Most days, I feel like a survivor but once in a while I feel shame about ever making those choices to be with him/go back in the first place. This occurred over a decade ago.

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