David Camm – Information


Dates of the case, with links to associated news reports or court documents as appropriate.28 September 2000 – The murder. Kim, Jill and Bradley Camm found shot at the family home.
1 October 2000 – David Camm arrested.
2 October 2000 – Camm charged.

14 January 2002 – Opening arguments in first trial.
17 March 2002 – Camm found guilty.
11 April 2002 – Camm sentenced to 195 years.

10 August 2004 – Indiana Court of appeals reverses Camm judgement. Document
?? November 2004 – Henderson refiles charges against Camm.

26 January 2005 – Camm released on bond ( source : Petition of mandamus ).
14 February 2005 – DNA on sweatshirt identifies Charles Boney.
17 February 2005 – Boney found, has first police interview ( 8 hours ), released next morning.
25 February 2005 – Boney gives interview to wave3.com. Report
4 March 2005 Boney interviewed again, written statement.
5 March 2005 Boney arrested.
7 March 2005 Boney interview in jail. Changes story again, admits presence at crime.
9 March 2005 Charges against Camm dropped, but new charges filed. Camm detained again.
28 May 2005 Indiana Supreme court moves trial to Warrick county.
14 September 2005 Police search lake for gun – nothing found. Report

10 January 2006 – Opening arguments in Boney trial. Report
17 January 2006 – Opening arguments in Camm second trial. Report
26 January 2006 – Boney found guilty.
23 February 2006 – Boney sentenced to 225 years.
3 March 2006 – Camm found guilty a second time.

12 October 2007 – Defence files Camm’s appeal. Report
19 October 2007 (date of scan) – State files response to Boney appeal. Report Document

29 June 2008 – Indiana Court of appeals affirms Boney judgement. Document
26 June 2009 – Indiana Court of appeals reverses Camm judgement. Document
30 November 2009 – Attorney general’s request for a rehearing of Camm’s appeal denied. Report

9 January 2010 – Liell withdraws as Camm’s primary lawyer. Report
8 June 2010 – Supreme Court asked to appoint special judge in Camm case. Report

15 November 2011 – Indiana Court of appeals rules Henderson to be replaced by special prosecutor. Document

23 February 2012 – Stan Levco appointed as special prosecutor. Report
4 June 2012 – third trial scheduled for 5 August 2013. Report
10 July 2012 – hearing re bond. Report
1 August 2012 – Camm denied bond. Report Youtube report
12 October 2012 – Floyd County Council to consult the state Board of Accounts re $27,000 spent defending prosecutor Keith Henderson against an ethics complaint. Report
26 October 2012 – third trial to be held in Boone county. Report

23 January 2013 – motions filed re witnesses. Report
11 March 2013 – pre-trial hearing due.
19 April 2013 – Lawyers accuse each other of delays Sparring lawyers say trial might not start Aug. 5

12 August 2013 – third trial due.

24 October, 2013 – David Camm found Not Guilty on all three charges.


Probable cause, 1st October 2000


Serial Killing 101
Panthose Passion 1
Foot Teasers 1
Panty Frenzy 2
High Rise
Foot Teasers 2
Foot Teasers 2
Against The Ropes

Boney autobiography


David Camm

David Ray Camm, accused, born March 23, 1964
Married to Kim Camm, children : Jill Camm and Brad Camm ( all murdered victims).
Julie Blankenbaker, David Camm’s sister.
Donald Camm, David Camm’s father ( not well enough to attend trial, as is David’s mother ).
Debbie Ter Vree, David’s Aunt, ( Witness, Sept. 25, 2013 )

Richard Kammen and Stacey Uliana : defense lawyers.
Steve Romines: a veteran Louisville defense lawyer who has followed the trial closely Mid Point


Charles (Darnell) Boney.
Barbara Boney : Boney’s mother ( Boney’s father died in violent domestic circumstance, according to his diary, however this seems to be another lie )
Jennifer: Boney’s sister.
Has one “biological” child.

Darci Boney : Boney’s first wife
Amber Boney : Boney’s second wife
Mala Singh : Boney’s girl friend at time of murders

Patrick Renn : represented Charles Boney ( and thought David should not have re-trial ).

Renn family

Frank and Janice Renn : parents of Kim Camm ( Interview , Mid Point )
Nick Stein : is representing Frank and Janice Renn in civil actions. Has also represented Charles Boney in the past ( see Boney’s diary )


Stan O. Faith : prosecutor at 1st trial. Has also represented Charles Boney, as long ago as ~1992.
Keith Henderson : prosecutor at 2nd trial.
Stan Levco : special prosecutor.


Sean Clemons

Alibi witnesses

Jeff Lockhart ( David Camm’s cousin )
Scott Schrank ( sat out the game after the one David Camm sat out )
Philip Lockhart ( David Camm’s younger cousin )
Jeff Dickey
Mark Werncke
Tony Ferguson
Martin Dickey ( younger brother of Jeff Dickey )
Jeremy Little
Eric Minzenberger ( related to David Camm through marriage )
Sam Lockhart : David Camm’s Uncle
Tom Jolly

Times in bold are derived from phone records, or alarm system, so very probably quite accurate.

6:19 pm David Camm makes call from home ( see wikipedia, originally prosecution alleged this call was 7:19pm, later corrected )

6:59 pm Jeff Lockhart unlocked the gym and then disengaged the alarm system. ( Source )
7:00 pm David Camm at Georgetown Community Church gym when other basket ball players arrive around this time ( Alibi )

7:05 pm – 7:10 pm Kim Camm and kids leave parking lot, Hazelwood Junior High School ( source )
7:25 pm – 7:35 pm Estimated time Kim Camm would arrive home

7:40pm “At approximately 7:40PM, Carol Broadus, another neighbor to the east of the Camm residence and who was walking her dog, heard the sound of a woman screaming. Mrs. Broadus told the police that it sounded as though the woman was in distress.” ( source )

7:50 pm Kim Camm phone makes 13 second call, exact time is 7:50:33PM ( source ) Note: incoming, went to voicemail. From Ann Allen

9:20 pm Gym is locked up ( gym clock is 2 minutes fast )

9:29 pm David calls police to report discovery of the bodies of his wife and children ( source )

Basketball game times ( See Alibi – assumes each game takes around 20 minutes, inter-game break 10 minutes, starting at 7:15pm )
Game start times, assuming 30 minutes per game, including breaks.
7:15pm 1st game starts
7:45pm 2nd game starts
8:15pm 3rd game starts ( Game David sits out, seen by Tom Jolly )
8:35pm 3rd game ends
8:40pm 4th game starts ( assume slightly shorter break)
8:55pm end of last 5-on-5 game ( assume slightly shorter game )

Note: drive from gym to home is reported as 4-5 minutes ( source , see also 48 hours – trip)

Tom Jolly
8:15pm Time Tom Jolly says he got to gym and observed David sitting out a game

Mala Mattingley ( source )
6pm Boney left with backpack
10pm Boney job was to start
12pm (or later) Boney returned

Charles Boney ( source )
7pm “Boney said he had gone to the Camm residence about 7 p.m”
7pm David Camm asked him to return to house at this time with 2nd gun
Note: previously he said 5 – 5:30, see Good closing arguments

Medical examiner
8pm estimated time of death ( wikipedia )

Probable cause ( Oct 1 2000 )
The time of death was thought to be soon after 9:15pm


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