Deanna Reid

Direct : Starts at 56 minutes.


1998 met Travis, mutual friends. Friends at first, dating in 2000. Left for Costa Rica for a year and a half, June 2008.  Dating for a couple of months prior. Returned November 2001.  Serving mission for LDS. They wrote letters to each other. They did not see each other. Towards end of mission, problems. Travis wanted to start dating other people.  Travis Wrote a letter, Summer 2001. Deanna would not have known if Travis dating other people. Returned in Nov 2001 to Riverside. Several weeks after return, they talked as friends. They began dating again, 2002 to 2004. Beginning 2002. Exclusive relationship.


They had arguments. He did not strike her. Physical violence : no, never. Travis moved to Mesa first. Deanna’s job moved to Phoenix. Deanna moved a few months later, in April 2004. Still bf/gf. Deanna had own apartment. Broke up end of 2005. Occasional disagreements. Scream, curse, laid hands, no. Deanna broke it off. Wanted marriage. Travis was not ready for marriage. Deanna told Travis. They cried. Travis did not raise his voice. Deanna continued to talk to Travis on telephone. In May 2008 Deanna moved back to Riverside. She is special needs assistant. Travis would leave impression he was a virgin. Deanna gave Travis computer as xmas gift. Deanna has Napoleon ( Travis’ dog ) Continued to talk to Travis, text, email.

Cross-exam : Starts at 11 minutes in. Redirect at 56 minutes 15 seconds.

Huffpost Report

Reid, a teacher and active member of the Mormon Church, testified that she began dating Alexander in 2000 — years before Alexander and Arias met. Soon afterward, Reid said she went on a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints mission to Costa Rica and the two split up, but reconciled in 2002. Reid said they dated exclusively from 2002 to 2005, when Reid broke up with Alexander because she was interested in marriage and he was not yet ready. She said they remained friends after the split.

Nurmi pressed Reid about intimate details of her relationship with Alexander, forcing her to admit she had sex with him several times. She said both later confessed their indiscretions to church bishops.

“That was our private business,” Reid said when Nurmi asked if she had discussed the sexual relationship with other people.



Met Travis 1998.  2 years friendship (Church activities). Then dating,  then boyfriend Spring 2000.  Preceded mission by a couple of months. Dating exclusively.  Expectations – not right away.  Eventually start to think about future (marriage).  Just before she left for mission. June 2000 leaves for Costa Rica. Talked about expectations. A plan : no. Marriage was brought up, Deanna was not sure if it would happen. No proposal of marriage from Travis. Travis did not discourage Deanna from going on mission. Gone about a year and a half. Mode of communication : write letters (only).  Allowed to telephone family twice a year. Travis wrote a letter, wanting to see other women. Deanna did not expect him to wait. Letter from was a big deal.  How long into mission? Travis’ letter was a few months prior to returning home. Deanna was sad when she got letter. She was in love with Travis.  She was busy, focussed on work in Costa Rica, that helped her deal with issues. She came back in 2001. Living in riverside, same as Travis. Saw him 2 weeks after returning.  How come it took so long? Deanna didn’t know if he was dating someone else. Travis was dating Linda “Ballard?”. She didn’t know her before. Didn’t know if it was serious. Saw Travis as friends. Began dating again in 2002. Travis told Deanna he had broken up with Linda. 2002 to 2004 – exclusive relationship with Travis. It ended becase Deanna wanted to get married.

27:20 ( short sidebar )

Break-up not a shock. Never engaged. They talked about it. Travis never said he wanted marriage. Deanna realised how much time had gone by. Travis was “not ready” (to get married). That was enough for Deanna to break up. Maintained relationship after break-up. Two weeks of no contact after break-up.

After move to Arizona, they had a sexual relationship, inconsistent with church teachings. They didn’t tell people. They went to the Bishops individually in 2005. They both lost temple recommend.


Law of chastity

Would forbid oral sex, anal intercourse, vaginal. One time thing, or several occasions. More than one time. Several times. Sexual relationship was for about a year. Travis knew Deanna was going to Bishop. They both knew. They discussed going to the bishops. Still together. They did not break law of chastity after seeing Bishops.

Shows exhibit 562, email ?to Chris Hughes from Travis?

Deanna reads email ( Travis says unforgiveable what he did to Deanna )


Has not read it prior to today. Deanna explains email.

Shows 395.001 ( Maid’s outfit ) – He did not ask her to wear anything like that.

Refers to 391 ( ultimate slut in bed, etc. ) Ejaculate on face – no. Call you whore,slut,THW, no. Tie to tree. no. The way you moan is like a 12 year old girl having her first orgasm? No. Did he talk about “Cork the pot”.

Travis family backgrond.
Deanna knows it was rought, drug addict parents. Doesn’t know what the drugs were. Good memories and bad memories of mother.
Stories of neglect. Poor living conditions.
What about his father? Drug addict as well. Was father neglectful? Yes. Physically abusive? No.  Mother physically abusive? No.
Deanna met Travis’ mother. ( Father was already dead )

Move back to riverside. Teaching. Bachelor degree in liberal arts. In CA. Did he say teaching goal was stupid? No. Travis was supportive.
Lisa Andrews
She knew Travis dated, was serious, might be marriage. Didn’t know Travis told Lisa teaching stupid. Different relationship.


Didn’t know about Jodi having sex with Travis. Travis did not come back and ask for sex after final break up. Travis was a gentleman after break up. Lots of don’t knows. Deanna did not know about Jodi and Travis’ sex life. Travis was not abusive.


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