Edward Blankenship

On March 7, 2002, Edward Blankenship was wrongly convicted of First Degree murder of Cheryl Baker.

On the evening October 24th, 2000, long time friends Edward Blankenship and Gordon Baker Jr. (son of Cheryl) met up and spent the day working at Gordon’s trailer home in Manistique Michigan.

Also at the trailer was Jennifer Johnson and other friends.

Early in the evening, Edward and Gordon went into town to get beer and met Cheryl Baker at a bar, where they started drinking. There was a fight, further drinking, and Gordon was given LSD by his mother.

When they left the bar, Gordon went to his father’s house, and Edward and Cheryl went to Gordon’s trailer home. When they arrived at the trailer Cheryl had an argument with Jennifer Johnson, who she hit.  Jennifer then left looking for Gordon.

Edward went into the back bedroom to lay down and at some point Cheryl came in the room and attempted to have sex with Edward.  At some point they had a small scuffle resulting in Edward being hit with a small board and or pushing Cheryl away from him.

When Edward attempted to go outside and leave, Gordon and Jennifer appeared, and there was a fight between Gordon and Cheryl in which Cheryl was seriously injured.

Later Edward made a false confession. Both Edward and Gordon had taken LSD.


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  1. They are doing just that. There’s a petition you can sign. Google “Edward Blankenship” and you’ll find it. It has about 270 signatures and the goal is 300. Help free a man who has served more then enough time for something he didn’t do!!

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