Hubert Mayhugh

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Hubert Mayhugh III (age 32) is accused of murdering Keith Vaughn in Evansville Indiana. Also accused are Hubert’s cousin James Levi Mayhugh (age 19) and Levi’s girlfriend Megan Mecum (age 23), all were tried separately. Hubert was found guilty on 26 September 2013 after a three day trial, and sentenced to 60 years in prison on 8th November 2013. Levi plead guilty on 23 October, Megan was found guilty on 21 November 2013, and sentenced to 55 years on 14 December 2013. On 11 March 11 2014, James Levi Mayhugh III was sentenced to 50 years.

Facebook page:

Hubert was staying with his uncle & aunt, Levi’ parents. The detectives did not suspect Hubert when they came to arrest Levi, but then Levi’s mother called the police and alleged that Hubert admitted to stabbing Keith. Hubert was offered 30 years in a plea bargain to testify against Levi & Megan, he declined.The evidence against Hubert consisted of
(1) Statements by Megan
– Megan told police that she gave Levi and Hubert her car and house key to carry out the crime. But she maintained to investigators that she told the pair not to harm Keith. Source: CPA
– Megan had an incentive to lie and minimise her own role ( plea deal – although it was found she lied on oath, so the plea deal was rescinded ).

(2) Statements by Levi’s mother, Rachel Mayhugh.
– Who had an incentive to lie to protect her son.
– Note that Megan initially mis-represented Rachel as NOT being Levi’s mother, indicating an effort to make her seem independent, when she was not.
– Specifically, Rachel stated Hubert called Misty’s phone on or about Sunday March 11th (the day of the murder) and told Rachel that he (Hubert) had stabbed Keith.
– In fact, Hubert never talked to Rachel on Misty’s phone.
– Story changed ( need details from trial transcripts, source Misty )

(3) A statement by Tony Martin that Hubert told him that he was having bad luck with money and thinking about robbing Keith.
– However in Megan’s trial Tony denied that Hubert had said he was thinking about robbing Keith.

(4) DNA found on a hat in Keith’s yard.
– However this hat was worn by many people, and indeed had profiles of many people besides Hubert and James.
– There is no reason to think Hubert’s DNA got on the hat during the course of the crime.

(5) DNA found on a cigarette stub
– However Hubert said he had visited the house on other occasions.
– Misty testified that she knew Hubert and Keith were friends because just about a week before Misty had taken Hubert to Keith’s home and dropped him off.
– On one occasion, Hubert hid a Chevy Tahoe truck that was to be repossessed for non payment in Keith’s yard.
– Misty testified she picked Hubert up on that occasion.
– On both occasions she saw Hubert had entered the house.

(6) Rebuttal evidence that a vehicle could not fit in Keith’s backyard
– Misty says she saw Hubert park his vehicle there. See Tahoe.


How Hubert got implicated

Megan and Levi were scared, so they cooked up a plot, with Rachel’s help ( Rachel being Levi’s mum ).
The idea was to put the major blame on Hubert.
That protects Levi, and he then protects Megan.
And Megan was going to get a plea deal, testifying against Hubert… except she didn’t get it in the end anyway, because she said Rachel was not Levi’s mum.
So Levi’s Dad is the key figure here, because he is a blood relation of Hubert, as well as Levi.



Friday March 9, 2012

Megan Mecum-Vaughn arrested on a drug possession charge. Source: CPA

Saturday March 10, 2012

Keith Vaughn pays $500 to bail Megan out of jail. Shortly afterwards, Megan plans robbery. Source: CPA

Sunday March 11, 2012

3:30am Car leaves gas station ( Shell gas station at Covert and Weinbach avenues), with three accused (James,Megan,Hubert). Source: Misty, Tony Martin testimony.
Tony stated that the car went towards Vann Avenue (Hubert’s home), not to Keith’s home.
Source: Misty

Shortly after, Megan & Levi dropped Hubert off at Vann Avenue
Hubert left his hat & wallet in the truck.
Source: Hubert, via Misty (conversation, 24 November, 2013)

5:59am Camera cords were cut at Keith’s home. Source: Misty

Malinda stated when she got up at 6 am, Hubert was in bed at asleep ( told Police, Misty, Hubert’s lawyer ).
Hubert’s 8 year old daughter also confirmed this.
Some time before 9.00am, Megan, James and Rachel woke Hubert up, and told him they needed an alibi.
Then Malinda returned home, and Hubert and Malinda had an argument about leaving the kids home alone without waking Hubert.
Hubert then went to Star Fauqher’s home.
Source: Misty

At some time on Sunday
A resident in the 2000 block of Margybeth Avenue discovered a bag containing a knife, two cordless phones and surveillance cameras.
Officers used the phones to call 911 and were able to trace the call to the base station inside Keith Vaughn’s home.
Source: CPA


Press report:
Megan was located (by phone,she was at Vann Avenue:Source Misty) and brought to the victim’s home by investigators.
According to an affidavit, Megan told officers she and Keith were having marital problems, and she had stayed with a friend Saturday night.
She identified her friend as Rachel Mayhugh, Levi Mayhugh’s mother, but initially told police the two were not related.
Source: CPA

Details (Misty):
Megan was contacted on the phone by detectives saying she needed to come home, to Vann Avenue.
However Megan instead left and went to the house of her sister, Doris Epley.
Police arrived at Vann Avenue and spoke to Levi only.
After the police left, at about 5pm, Levi called Hubert at Star’s house and asked him to come to back to Vann Avenue to talk to the police.
During this call, Levi told Hubert that he had stabbed Keith. Source: Hubert via Misty.
Levi then went to Star’s house.

At about 6.30pm Rachel called police and alleged that Hubert had admitted to “poking” (stabbing) Keith in the neck.
The claim was that Hubert had called Rachel while she was sitting in Misty’s car.
However Rachel never had access to Misty’s cell phone.
Source: Misty

Keith’s cell phone thrown into river

Also on Sunday, Mariah (Levi’s Sister) threw Keith’s cell phone into the river. Mariah found this cell phone wrapped in a pair of long john under pants in Levis room.
Mariah took Huberts children with her to do it. She also told Crystal about it at a party.
In addition, during Huberts trial, a Detective went to Mariah’s home and she admitted throwing the Keith’s cell phone in the river.
Source: Misty

Monday March 12

1:30am Megan is arrested at Doris Epleys’ house (her sister) in Posey County and brought to Vanderburgh Co.

11:30am (approx.) Star Faquher called James Edward Mayhugh, Levi’s father (Jimmy), who called 911 and said that he believed his son, Levi, was involved.

12:30pm The police went to Star Faquher’s house, and arrested Levi and Hubert.
Source: Misty

Interrogations and depositions


Megan told police that she gave Levi and Hubert her car and house key to carry out the crime. Source: CPA


When interrogated by police (on video), Hubert stated that Megan, Levi and Rachel asked for alibis when they returned home on Sunday morning. ( Source: Megan’s trial, via Crystal, Misty )
Hubert denied killing Keith more than 30 times during his interview with police. Source: CPS


Does not seem to have made statements


Rachel told police that that Hubert admitted to a her (Rachel) that he “poked” Keith in the neck after Keith attempted to stab Levi during a confrontation inside Keith’s home during the robbery attempt. Source: CPA


Tony Martin

From a news report: ( )
In addition, an acquaintance of Hubert Mayhugh testified that he saw the three co-defendants together at Shell gas station at Covert and Weinbach avenues, and that Hubert Mayhugh told him that he was having bad luck with money and thinking about robbing Vaughn. The man, Tony Martin, testified that Hubert Mayhugh told him that Mecum had been telling them that Vaughn had $30,000 or $40,000 in cash at his house.
However, at Megan Mecum’s trial, Tony stated that he never said Hubert was going to rob Keith Vaughn, instead Tony stated that he said Megan was asking Hubert & Levi to rob Keith.

Rachel Mayhugh

Rachel is James Levi Mayhugh’s mother.
Rachel testified that saying the only people that lived in her home was Rachel & Levi (Levi’s parents ) Hubert & his family.
Rachel stated Megan came over to her home frequently.
At Megan’s trial, she testified in favour of Levi (who plead guilty), and Megan (who was found guilty), stating that she believed them to be innocent.
Rachel also alleged that Hubert and Megan had a relationship, which is doubtful ( need to ask Hubert about this ).
It appears Rachel was trying to defend her son (Levi) and Megan.

Star Fauqher

Star Fauqher (Levi’s ex) testified that she lived at Rachel’s home as well.
Star was also a witness at Huberts trial saying, and stated that Hubert stabbed Keith.
Her testimony at Megan’s trial changed.


2032 Kathleen Avenue

Victims house. Body discovered here.

1100 block, Vann Avenue

House of Rachel Mayhugh.



Keith A. Vaughn

Victim, Age 42 on date of murder. Referred to as Keith.

Megan R. Mecum-Vaughn

Accused, Age 21 on date of murder.
Wife of victim (separated), girlfriend of James Levi Mayhugh

James Levi Mayhugh

Accused, Age 17 on date of murder. Referred to as Levi.

Hubert Mayhugh III

Accused, Age 31 on date of murder. Referred to as Hubert.


James Edward Mayhugh

Father of Levi. Referred to as Jimmy.

Rachel Mayhugh

Mother of Levi

Mariah Mayhugh

Sister of Levi

Hubert Cook Mayhugh

Father of Hubert, brother of James Edward Mayhugh, Jimmy. So Hubert is cousin of Levi.

Malinda Price

Hubert’s girlfriend of 11 years. Three children with Hubert.

Clara Basham

Megan’s mother, Age 44. Friends with Keith for more than 20 years. Source: CP1

Doris Epley

Megan’s sister.

Other people

Jeff Adams

Jeff is serving a prison sentence in Branchville correctional facility for manufacturing meth.
At Megan’s trial

  • Jeff’s fingerprints were found on the vehicle that was driven to the victims house,
  • Jeff’s DNA was found on a cigarette butt at the house.

Other relations

Siblings of Hubert Mayhugh III

( Ages as of Nov 22, 2013 )
Misty Brown-Hazelwood ( neé Mayhugh ) Age ??
Crystal Mayhugh, Age 31
William Mayhugh, Age 28
Ashley Mayhugh, Age 22


Candice Guntel : sister of Misty’s mother, so Misty’s Aunt.


Steven Bohleber

Hubert’s public defender at trial Source: CPS

Matt Mcgovern

Public defender for appeal


CPA First report

CPO ( Opening statements, Hubert’s trial )

CPJ ( Jury gets case )

CPS ( Hubert sentenced )

TSMG ( Megan found guilty, all charges )

Details on the claim by a woman police officer (lead detective Spalding) that the Chevrolet Tahoe could not have been parked in the victims yard.

2032 Kathleen Avenue

Victims house. Body discovered here. Not sure of model yet, Misty says old, maybe 1995.

ToDo: look at the geometry of the yard, how wide the vehicle was, document how it was parked.

Hubert reversed it in. Source: Misty.

Huberts’s lawyer did not know in advance that Spalding would testify that the Tahoe could not be parked in the yard. After testimony on the Wednesday of the trial, he (Bolheber) drove over to the house took pictures and used that in his closing arguments.

Note on Spalding, Misty says:

When Hubert’s lawyer (Bolheber) was on his way out to get me (Misty, to testify) my sister (Crystal) heard her (Spalding) say:

“This is his sister, she’s a smart ass bitch, interrogate her well the whole damn family was smart asses.”

(Misty) had never had one conversation with her.


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