Jodi – 22 Jan 2008

11:33 am Jodi – “How long?”
***Jodi testified this “how long” meant How long would it be before he could talk about the alleged pedophile incident. So nothing to do with the alleged abuse. I
11:50 am Travis – did you use my phone this morning without asking?
11:52 am Jodi – I only used it after I asked you in the office. Why?
12:03:19 pm Jodi – Why?
12:03:42 pm Travis – nothing
12:20:11 pm Jodi – Did you make that deposit?
12:20:00 pm Travis – yes
~ 12:21 pm Jodi – thank you, I’ll make it up to you soon -(Jodi testified that this was one of the small loans he would make her)
3:20 Jodi – I need a ride. Can you pick me up at 4 pm
3:36 Pm Jodi – I am going to need a ride. I’m off at 4pm. Text me.
4:04 pm Jodi scratch that. There keeping me until 5 pm. Can you pick me up then? The lunch offer from my vmail still stands
4:08 pm Travis – sure
4:37 pm Jodi – Yea I am almost off. Are you eating? If so, just go sit at the counter.

Same day: incident where Travis kicks Jodi, damaging her finger.

KN So what happened when you went over to check on Travis on the 22nd of January.

JA What happened when I went over there? (sigh) I went over there to see how he was doing, we were talking in his bedroom and he told me he needed to borrow …. I think it was $200 …. um.. but I didn’t have it, I had just lent him 699$ …. and….. like a few days prior…. and um…. I had just enough money to pay for the gas on my trip and maybe some food and get back…….. um…. all my credit cards were shot at that point from my house…. so I didn’t have anything else to draw from except my checking……………..I told him.. I guess I kind of.. I didn’t really snap at him because …..he had reacted very badly in the past when I snapped at him so but I did say ………………… I say “i just lent you $700 dollars…” OH he called me selfish because I told him I didn’t have it and I was going to California, and then if I couldn’t lend him $200 maybe I shouldn’t go to California maybe I should stay and pick up more shifts because that is not a lot of money, and if I don’t have it, then that’s a problem….. a reflection on my own personal finances…. so.. um… I thought “how can you call me selfish I just lent you $700 and when I said that he got angry and he… he crossed the room and he started shaking me and said “I’m fucking sick of you” and he was screaming at me really loud and some of his spit got in my face …. I mean he wasn’t spitting on me but as he was talking … and he body slammed me on the floor at the foot of his bed …………..

KN What did he do after he slammed you on the floor at the foot of his bed?

JA Well, it startled me, it didn’t hurt, but it startled me.. so I kind of let out an unexpected sound… I guess it can be best described as a yelp.. sort of.. can’t really explain it…it just was unexpected so it startled me and the sound came out. And he must have misinterpreted it because he said “Don’t act like that hurts”, he called me a bitch and kicked me in the ribs. And…. . that hurt for real…. But he went to kick me again and I put my hand out…. and….. to block his foot and it… clipped my hand…and hit my finger.

KN it hit your finger?

JA yes, my left hand.

KN so he kicks you in the ribs, he goes to kick you in the ribs again, and you try to stop him with your hand and he kicks you finger, right?

JA Yes.. on the second kick.

KN what happened after that second kick?

JA I screamed really loud I think I yelled out my finger or my hand or something to that effect

KN and what happened after you yelled that out?

JA he stormed out of the room and left. He went downstairs.

KN and what did you do?

JA um… I rolled over and sat up and stood up and was holding my wrist……. my finger WAS STARTING TO SWELL UP…… I couldn’t hear Travis .. I didn’t know what was going on I just…. he left very angry I was … in the room the bedroom door was open … I kind of peeked around the bedroom door on the landing and looked down the stairs..couldn’t see anything.. and then the doorbell rang.. and so I ..was listening at the top of the stairs to see who it was….. um… I don’t know who it was but whoever it was he said to wait so the front door shut and I heard him walking back on the tile….. and then I leaned my head back in and I could hear him climbing the stairs.. and my anxiety shot through the roof …. I didn’t know what kind of mood he was in or how he was going to act or… what he was intending to do and he came in and…um.. he seemed visibly more calm… and he could see I was holding my wrist and he wanted to see my hand……

KN was he yelling at you? was he assaultive after he came back to the room?


KN what was his demeanor like?

JA HE was calmer but when he first asked to see my hand I pulled back a little just as a reaction and then he said let me see it but he said it in a snappy stern way so …. I ..didnt want to provoke him anymore so I just let him look at my hand

KN and you say your hand, was there a particular part of your hand that was injured?

JA um ..yes the ring finger on my left hand

KN which finger?

JA the ring finger

KN Did you seek medical attention for this finger?

JA no I didn’t

KN Why not?

JA I didn’t have medical insurance for one. And I was worried that maybe the police would get involved.. if I went down there or if I …. I mean I guess I could have made up a story but Travis made a splint for my his house.. and I stayed with that. We put ice on it .. and um.. he had like…two little three little popsicle sticks that he broke so that they were the length of my finger and he tied it onto my finger.

KN Why didn’t you call the police?

JA I would never of called the police on Travis

KN why not?

JA I couldn’t imagine doing something like that… it would have felt like treachery… I wouldn’t had betrayed him like…… I was loyal to him.

KN you mentioned the word loyality, what did you have to be loyal to?

JA. well I looked at him for someone who had his own issues he was struggling with …and….. I didn’t see him as a bad person … I just saw him as a person who was conflicted and had issues just like everyone had issues… he just had different issues and……..I wanted him toooo…… get help… that was one of the conditions we made the day before…… of course he didn’t want me to say anything and I promised him I wouldn’t say anything as long as you get help he said he would…. and so… um……. I just couldn’t imagine doing anything to betray him.

KN the splint he put on your finger… let me ask you this was the finger broken?

JA I believe it was broken

KN Is that injury still visible on you today?

JA I think so its crooked

KN Hold up your hand for us so we could see

(JA holds up her crooked finger)

KN What does your finger remind you of?

JA It reminds me of the incident – I try not to think about it

KN Why not?

JA because it’s unpleasent
KN are you scared when you think about that day

JA I try to not go to far in my mind about it because it’s not very pleasent. it’s a very negative experience and I wish I would have handled it differently

KN what do you mean?

JA sometimes I regret not having made a record of these things and sometimes I regret not getting medical help because it would have healed correctly — it feels arthritic as compared to any of my other joints

KN it’s correct you didn’t want Travis to get in trouble, right?

JA I didn’t want him to get in trouble and I definitely didn’t want anyone to know that happened between us.

KN were you embarrassed that he beat you up?

JA I was more like ashamed…. I just felt… I guess embarassment is an accurate word… it was stronger than embarassment. I just didn’t want people to know we had this kind of drama in our relationship .. this level of problems and I also felt like… I used to judge women that would get into situation like that … that is was partially if not equally their fault because they kept staying there so I went home and I was digusted with myself…… I felt like … great.. now I am one of those people… I was thinking that I got into this situation and here I am just staying and…that I had become that thing that I used to judge.


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