Jodi And Joe

On the occasion that Joe Arpaio is facing a contempt of court hearing, I thought I would recap the incident in April 2014.

First the Fox10News Story:

Convicted killer Jodi Arias says she got hepatitis C from a needle used to give her a shot at Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s jail.

Arias also says that he leaked private information to news anchor Nancy Grace.

Now she’s filed a restraining order against both Arpaio and Grace.

According to TMZ, Jodi Arias claims she got hepatitis C from a needle used in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s jail, a needle that was used to give her a tuberculosis shot.

The sheriff says she’s just trying to get attention as she waits behind bars to learn her punishment.

“I know that she wants publicity and the only way she can get publicity is to go after this controversial sheriff, and she’s won because I am talking to you,” said Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

She also says that Arpaio intercepted sexual letters sent between her and Travis Alexanders cousin. Arias accuses Arpaio of leaking those letters to news anchor Nancy Grace, who allegedly used the information on TV, claiming Jodi and the cousin were going to get married.

“The only real connection I had with her when I sent my detectives to New York to catch a guy who was gonna kill her and brought the guy back here, and he’s in my jail. Well, me personally I’m not gonna be near the letters, we have a system to look at the letters when we go out she probably used a legal reason no I don’t know about letters,” said Arpaio.

Arias continued with accusations that she was denied medical care after her left silicone breast implant leaked. She claims the leak lead to a fungal growth and that the Sheriff keeps cameras in her cell.

“We don’t have cameras in her cell, come on,” he said.

Arias filed for restraining orders against the sheriff and Nancy Grace so they cannot invade her privacy as she heads into the penalty phase of her case.

This was triggered by a story in TMZ

I Got Hep C in Jail
Now I’m Going After the Sheriff & Nancy Grace
4/19/2014 1:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jodi Arias got more than a murder conviction in Arizona … she got Hepatitis C … and she blames it on Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who she also claims is in a conspiracy with none other than Nancy Grace.

Jodi — who was convicted last year of murdering her ex-BF Travis Alexander, is awaiting the death penalty phase of the case.

Jodi claims in new legal docs — obtained by TMZ — while she was in the custody of Sheriff Joe … she was given a Tuberculosis shot with an infected needle, which gave her Hep C.

She also claims her left silicone breast implant leaked and caused a fungal growth. Jodi alleges she was denied medical care.

Jodi also claims Joe has put cameras in her cell and forces her to say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning or else she won’t get fed.

Now Nancy Grace … Jodi alleges Joe intercepted sexual letters between her and Travis’ cousin and leaked them to Nancy, who then blabbed about them on TV. Nancy claimed the 2 were getting hitched.

Jodi — who filed the papers without the benefit of a lawyer — wants a restraining order against Nancy and Joe … prohibiting them from allegedly violating her privacy and hurting her ability to get a fair shake in the death penalty phase.

Of course the documents were not filed by Jodi, and were obvious fakes. The defense take on all this, from a motion filed 1 Oct 2014:

On or about April 19, 2014. media reports began to surface that Ms. Arias had filed a motion in federal court seeking civil damages and a restraining order against Sheriff Arpaio and civil damages against TV commentator Nancy Grace. The contents of the motion, in sum, are that Ms. Arias, the purported author of this motion, was seeking these remedies because of comments that Ms. Grace had made about her and against Sheriff Arpaio because she had a leaky breast implant that was not being treated and because she had contracted Hepatitis C while at the jail. The information contained in the motion is utterly false and the motion itself was an obvious forgery. The motion supposedly written by Ms. Arias was typewritten and Ms. Arias does not have access to a typewriter.

The signature on this typewritten motion does not match Ms. Arias’ signature, a signature that she has authored many times while incarcerated at the Estrella Jail. Finally, the motion denoted Ms. Arias’ address to be at the 4th Avenue Jail when Ms. Arias resides in the Estrella Jail. Thus, with a mere cursory review of this motion and a minimal knowledge of the Maricopa County Jail System. one could easily discern that Ms. Arias did not file the motion at issue. Despite these facts. Sheriff Joe Arpaio gave an on-camera interview with ABC 15 News, a station whose primary broadcast area is Maricopa County during which he claimed that Ms. Arias was filing said motion merely to seek publicity. Thus, the viewership of both ABC 15 and those who have visited their web page have the opportunity to see Sheriff Arpaio make these erroneous allegations against Ms. Arias. See Exhibit F.

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