Jodi Arias – Bathroom

Index: Photos from camera found in washing machine | Further details 1 | Further Details 2
Note: click image to see high resolution photo.
1.BodyInShower2.jpg 1a.Bath.jpg 2.BathroomToiletBath.jpg 3.128.jpg 4.92.jpg 5.SinksAndLinenCupboard.jpg 6.Bathroom Sink Aspiration Blood.jpg 7.CartridgeCasing.jpg 8.ClosetCorner1.jpg 9.ClosetCorner2.jpg 10.ClosetCorner3.jpg11.ShowerCorner1.jpg 12.EmptyShower.jpg
In 1a. there is no obvious blood visible on the bath, except perhaps near the toilet entrance ( but picture is not very high quality ).
In 2, the pool of blood, and trail leading towards scales.
In 3 and 4 the trail of blood from 2. to sink.
In 5 the flood mark on cardboard box in cupboard (See also 22 which is high quality exhibit). Large pool of blood (also visible in Hallway photos) and 8.
Also in 5 and 26, a pool of blood inside the linen cupboard, indicating the linen cupboard door was open at some point during the fight.
In 6. the trail of blood into the sink. Aspiration in sink. Diluted blood due to water on Alexander’s chest perhaps?
In 7. the cartridge casing, and gray mark (damage to floor,dropped knife? I no longer think is right, tiles are quite tough, perhaps this is just a bit of fluff).
Also the appearance of the blood pool, cf 2. Edge of another small blood pool visible.
In 9 and 10. the blood marks consistent with Travis’ body being dragged towards the shower.
In 12 the dilute blood on the front of the shower base where water appears to have flowed out of the shower onto the floor causing the flood.
Also the plastic cup lying in the bottom of the shower ( mentioned in the Investigation Report ).

13.157.jpg 14.159.jpg 15.162.jpg 16.165.jpg 17.243.jpg
These images appear to be after treatment with some blood detection chemical.
In 13 (Ex.157) (nothing yet)
In 14 (Ex.159) the location shown is not yet clear to me. Probably in the shower.
In 15 (Ex.162) the location shown is not yet clear to me, Probably in the shower. Note the short black hairs. Undried yellow liquid (body liquid from decomposition)?
In 16 (Ex.165) (nothing yet)
In 17 (Ex.243) possible dilute blood trails in front of the shower (from the flood?) Compare with photo 12.

Photos from camera found in washing machine

18a.bathroomceiling.jpg 18b. 62seconds.jpg 18c.62secondsAnnotated.jpg 18d.LastPhoto.jpg

18a. Bathroom ceiling. Top of shower door is visible. Timestamp: 05:31:14pm.
18b. Timestamp 05:32:16pm. 62 seconds after 18a.
Alexander appears to be lying on his back, with neck and right arm showing. Stream of blood visible on neck ( possibly from gunshot wound ).
He appears to be holding his head up, so is not dead. Seems to be a pool of blood under Alexander’s right shoulder (outlined in 18c).
Blue object is in foreground, apparently pants, with double line of dark stitching and light blue stripe running up leg. Seems close (significantly closer than Alexander’s neck ).
There is small gap ( indicated by rough circle in second picture ) below the pants, with Alexander’s back showing through.
Dark area under back is not yet clear to me. Jodi’s foot? Pool of blood? Shadow? Something else?
18d. Timestamp 05:33:32pm. 76 seconds after 18b. See Compare62Last for comparison with 18b. Alexander seems to be closer to wall (resting on it?).

Further details 1

19.BathmatAndBloodPool.jpg 20.ClosetCornerFootprint.jpg 21.HallFromBathroom.jpg 22.SinksAndLinenCupboard.jpg 23.Bath.jpg
In 19 there is no apparent blood trail over the mat or center of bathroom.
In 20 there seems to be some water. Perhaps flood was very slow and never stopped. ( Some people think this is just a trick of the light, I’m not sure ).
In 21 there is a very large blood pool, suggesting this is probably the location Alexander’s throat was cut.
There is also a small blood pool, with a trail away from it, suggesting something was dragged in the direction of tail (Jodi rotating body before moving it?).
It also looks as though the flood extended down the center of the hallway, terminating at the bedroom carpet, causing the relatively faint stains from underneath.
Also note blood trails suggesting rotation of course ( probably Jodi rotating Travis’ body after the fight ).
In 22 there is a blood pool inside the linen cupboard, suggesting the linen cupboard door was open at some point during the fight.
Also, the position of the blood stains in the angle between the open door and the wall suggesting the linen cupboard door was closed at start of fight.
Would be helpful to have photos of each side of linen cupboard door – is there blood on inside/outside of the door?
There does not appear to be blood on the inside at least, although there is no direct view.
23 and 30 show spatter on woodwork by toilet entrance.

Further details 2
24.101.jpg25.102.jpg 26.evidence_-_blood_-_1_0.jpg 27.bathroom_8_-_qp10.jpg 28.bathroom_9_-_qp10.jpg 29.bathroom_10_-_qp10.jpg 30.bathtoiletspatter.jpg

24 (Ex.101) Shows spatter on the toilet, and 25 (Ex. 102) is a closeup.
This is medium velocity spatter, the spots are approx 2.5mm diameter. The “tail” on the spot close to the ruler suggests the blood spot was travelling quite fast from right to left, when it hit.
Given the circumstance, has to be blood from gunshot wound, likely when Alexander is lying with his head near the pool of blood shown in 19, or as he gets up from there.
See and/or

27 shows blood spatter trail.
27, 28 and 29 show blood underneath the transparent scales, suggesting Jodi straightened them up before she left, indicating irrational,habitual behaviour.

31. ClosetCornerFootprint-Outlined.jpg 32.LinenCupboard.jpg

See also


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