Jodi Arias – Intimidation

This page documents the intimidation of anyone who supported Jodi Arias in any way.

Counsel intimidation

“You don’t have to return my call, but I’m just telling you: If Jodi, if you get her off of the death penalty, we will find you, we know where you’re at, we will kill you. I told Alyce the same thing, and we’re tired, and we’re sick and tired of you defending this person, and we will get you.

From a news report relating to sealed proceedings on 19th April 2013

Witness intimidation

The Republic reported that LaViolette, who testified that Arias was a victim of domestic abuse, was hounded by phone, email and over the Internet after her testimony. More than 1,000 people posted negative reviews of her books on, and others called up organizations with which she had scheduled speaking engagements, trying to urge that she not be allowed to speak because of her association with the Arias defense. A spokeswoman for the Long Beach Police Department, however, said that it is taking seriously the threats made against LaViolette, who maintains an office there. Nancy Pratt of the Long Beach Police Department said that the case has been turned over to that department’s violent crimes unit and is being investigated as witness intimidation, even though LaViolette testified in another state. Under Arizona law, it is a felony to influence or intimidate a witness in a trial. Neither Willmott nor LaViolette would comment on the threats.On Wednesday, Willmott will call a psychologist named Robert Geffner to the stand. But even before Stephens had ruled that Geffner could testify, warnings were already swirling on social media. Tweets posted Tuesday denounced Geffner as evil and said that his career will “tank” if he testifies; blogs and Facebook sites are already commenting negatively about his potential testimony.

From Jodi Arias’ allocution.

This is Patti. She was my best friend for years. She was here last week to testify on my behalf, as you heard Mr. Nurmi tell you in opening statements, but she didn’t return today because she and her 9 year old daughter were threatened and harassed if she came back to the state.

Note: see here for clarification on the extent of the threat.

Supporter intimidation

i admit i don’t like jaun martinez and he really makes me sick to my stomach, but ultimately he is doing his job to the best of his ability, just as every other employed person dealing with this case, and the families and supporters should not be badgered in any way, but yet. i have been told that my family should be killed because i support jodi. its nuts

From A post on the supporters website, April 25, 2013, July 19, 2013

A supporter who was intimidated by threats to contact the youth sports league he coaches in, and the parents of the children he coaches.

A supporter was banned from Facebook due to cyber-bullying.

See also Jodi Who for another example of the irrational bullying Jodi supporters face.

Journalist intimidation

“My colleague, Mark Curtis at 12 News, got death threats after he and I announced we would be interviewing Jodi Arias together.” Michael Kiefer, 5th June 2013 See also Interview with Michael Kiefer.

Juror intimidation

Jury foreman’s son comments. “Today I read hate mail my dad had gotten. Some person had sent him a threatening message complete with his email address, full name, and phone number (which at the very least means that this guy should retake Hate Mail 101). I also read some comments on an article online about my dad. Surreal. They say my dad was fooled by the defendant, that he was taken with her, that he hated the prosecutor. But what was most interesting to me is how many people say my dad is a media whore.”

Charity intimidation

Although I have not yet documented this, I have heard reports that the charity “Locks of Love”, to which Jodi donated her hair three times while in jail, was subject to a campaign of harassment.

See which coincidentally was published May 17.

See also

Trial Index


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