Jodi Arias Key Tweets – 18 Dec 2014

Willmott pauses on journals and asks Geffner to again discuss his credentials & about being called a “hired gun” by a Tenn. judge Source

Geffner says appellate court judge found no problems with his testimony. Source

Dr. Geffner says in cases in which prosecutors attacked him his credibility as an expert in psychology was always established Source

#jodiarias describes TA visiting her while her roommates were asleep, says:”He brought me a treat. I gave him a treat. It was a fair trade.” Source

Wilmott’s reading from the journal…lots of stuff about arguing with #TravisAlexander and reading the bible Source

“I love the gospel…looooove it.” #JodiArias Source

#jodiarias says in journal: “writing things down helps me process complicated, emotionally wrenching situations.” Source

#JodiArias lives by the Laws of Attraction…whatever that is. Apparently it means not writing down negative things. Source

Now moving on to Nov. 6 2007 journal entry. #JodiArias is talking about not being able to accept TA as her husband. Source

#jodiarias writes in Journal: TA thinks I would say yes in a second, if he popped the questions. She writes that is not true Source

#jodiarias: says something like “a major courting (w/Travis) would have to occur before I could get married and sealed in the Gospel.” Source

#jodiarias says “I’ve got to get out of here,’ but expert says she just couldn’t pull herself away. Source

#JodiArias write she “omitted much” because there was nothing positive to write. Source

“Submerged in negativity” #jodiarias writes in journal about toxic sex/religion relationship Source

Dr. Geffner: it’s like #jodiarias’ heart is arguing with her brain. Source

#jodiarias writes in another journal entry, she has no one to talk to. Source

Dr. Geffner: #jodiarias finds herself isolated; can’t see Travis, her own family is dysfunctional, no friends around. Source

“I feel like a freaking wizard right now! And I owe it all to my loving Father in Heaven.” – #jodiarias Source

#JodiArias is talking about making xmas presents for TA. She is not happy with her gift making. This shows she is in contact with him. Source

Dr. Geffner is pouring over #JodiArias journal pointing out signs of a trauma victim Source

Geffner-#jodiarias’s psychological issues caused physical symptoms like headaches Source

#JodiArias wrote about a “movie headache” but Geffner says this is common in trauma victims who internalize pain & increase w/stress Source

#JodiArias atty Jennifer Wilmott and Geffner go over a wheel diagram while explaining her mood swings Source

Wilmott and Geffner going over journal entry where #JodiArias dropped of #TravisAlexander at grandmother’s house but never met her Source

In entry, #JodiArias writes that she went back to grandmothers home after g’ma went to sleep to cuddle with #TravisAlexander. Source

Geffner says #TravisAlexander had text msg friends #JodiArias wouldn’t leave him alone, but is spending time w/her #JuanMartinez objects Source

Geffner-while secretly have sex w/jodiarias TA is saying in text to friends nasty things about JA Source

#JodiArias journal 12/04/07: “I don’t know where it comes from! I must be sick, I just want to die .. how easily I’m swayed 2darkness” Source

Dr. Geffner says #JodiArias making gift for #TravisAlexander grandmother even though she can’t meet her sets off depression Source

“Cuddling is what I want-sex is what he wants” #jodiarias writes in journal about relationship w/TA Source

#JodiArias writes in journal that she called former boyfriend Matt and he tells her she needs to be medicated Source

Friend Matt told Jodi he thought she should be medicated, but she wanted natural cure for her feelings of loneliness and despair. Source

10 minute recess.. Source

Back from break, back to #jodiarias journal entries: Jodi writes she doesn’t want presents for christmas, she just wants to be happy. Source

“Dealing w/serious depression-sun shining but it’s a dark day” #jodiarias writes in journal “really really want to end my life” Source

“his tires were slashed twice in two days which is prob. why he is in a bad mood” writes #JodiArias. Source

12/8/07 #jodiarias journal entry: JA writes, TA’s tires were slashed, and says she’s going to help him financially anyway she can. Source

We filed our motion to unseal #JodiArias’s testimony immediately. Here it is. Source

“Happy New Years Jodi-I love you” TA texts #jodiarias on N.Y. eve 2008 Source

Willmott shows jury three checks that #JodiArias deposited into #TravisAlexander bank over a span of time. Total about $1,000 Source

Now Dr. Geffner talks about Jodi’s statement she saw Travis masturbating to photo of underage boy on his computer. Source

Geffner says according to #JodiArias, #TravisAlexander cried and admitted to being attracted to children Source

Conversation becomes an argument that leads to abuse. #JodiArias says he “body slammed” her & kicked her. Her finger is broken as a result Source

#TravisAlexander apologize and helps her finger. No medical attention sought, no reports of abuse to anyone, Geffner says #JodiArias Source

#JodiArias returns to journal and writes, “nothing to report.” Source

Willmott gets Geffner to say pattern of diff in journal and events bc trying to stay positive. Several objections from Martinez Source

Geffner says #jodiarias was gradually making a break from TA, especially at the intellectual level, as she found about his infidelities Source

#JodiArias writes in journal that she was “squeezed dry” by #TravisAlexander because she had drained her bank account for him Source

#JodiArias writes that she continues to give TA money for his mortgage. She writes that she is concerned for him bc he is stressed Source

Geffner says this is a point where #JodiArias breaks her rule of writing only positive. But she focuses on TA’s need and health, he says. Source

Geffner talking about a cycle of fighting, money, getting back together, happy, sad, repeat. Source

The progress #JodiArias made has been reversed as she is “sucked back in,” Geffner says. He says the emotions overtook intellect Source

Geffner says TA also asked other women for money and asked for same thing. Martinez objects relevance – sidebar Source

“Really sad cycle they are both in-really unhealthy” Geffner’s description of TA & #jodiarias relationship in early 2008 Source

Jury in recess. Geffner still on stand as Martinez and Willmott continues to ask questions about TA and manipulation Source

Martinez: You used manipulative in describing TA, correct? Geffner: Yes Source

Martinez now questioning Geffner. You’re saying #TravisAlexander can be manipulative without meeting him? Source

Concern from legal counsel that Geffner is diagnosing TA as manipulative. Geffner says manipulation can’t be diagnosed Source

but that he has observed manipulation via interviews with #JodiArias and records/documents of emails, journal and texts Source

[ Lunch break ]

Geffner says there was constant contact between #JodiArias and TA. There was “no real break” he says. Source

Geffner says #JodiArias depression improving toward 2/2006 “if it could stay there we’d be fine but obviously we aren’t.” Source

#JodiArias writes in Feb. 2008 journal that they has closure with sex. “No one has to know about our torrid love affair,” she wrote. Source

At this time, TA had another woman in his life, according to #JodiArias journal. She writes that she is happy for TA and his “fresh” start. Source

The tootsie pop session…#JodiArias calls it closure bc #TravisAlexander likes a girl named Mimi. Source

Next entry, #JodiArias is looking forward to a date with another guy named Sam. Source

#JodiArias met someone else as well in Feb. ’08. Geffner says, there’s a picture of closure based on journals – yet TA gives her a hard time Source

Willmott shows jury email exchange b/w #JodiArias and TA, where she writes that “no matter what happens we will always have our friendship” Source

#JodiArias also writes that she has “unconditional love” for him. He replies saying that her msg “choked him up” & acknowledges good times Source

Geffner says this exchange is the perfect example of positive closure between #JodiArias and TA Source

Timeline is based on journal entries and interivew, transcripts, etc. Source

Geffner brings up next physical abuse, Martinez objects, sidebar Source

#JodiArias is on the timeline 3 times discussing dying her hair to brunette. Source

In March ’08 #JodiArias said that TA backhanded her in the car when she tells him she is moving back to Yreka, CA Source

#JodiArias write that she fell asleep at TA’s house while cleaning, while he was on his third date with his new girlfriend Source

#JodiArias journal entry describing telling him she was moving to Yreka. No mention of a slap, just 3 soft kisses. Describes it like a movie Source

Willmott reads from journal of #JodiArias dying hair back to brunette. Geffner says writing about that and moving back to CA is positive Source

In #jodiarias journal entries from March – she never mentions. Geffner says it’s common to not mention violent incidents Source

In the journal entry she doesn’t mention the backhand from TA but writes they exchanged three “very slow, very passionate” kisses Source

Geffner says #JodiArias is trying to convince herself that leavinng is the best thing for her to do. Source

Geffner: As a psychologist this is where i get concerned because there’s no break. Source

Geffner “I wanted to go in there and say, get out! leave!” Source

#JodiArias writes about a trip to Okla. and says they “bonded more.” Geffner says they shouldn’t be bonding more if they want a break. Source

Geffner says they broke up, then didn’t, then went on trips, then fought, then hung out. #JodiArias Source

Willmott shows texts to jury, #JodiArias texts TA “I’m definitely a brunette now, there’s no going back.” TA writes that he likes the blond Source

#JodiArias says in her journal that TA felt like Mimi was “his one.” Source

“Wow, it’s tough to say no to Travis,” #JodiArias writes in journal. She writes she spent 3 days in a row w him and they had sex. Source

3/27/08: #jodiarias writes, it’s hard for her to say no to TA, she wants him to be happy. Geffner says her focus is TA and his happiness. Source

Geffner: Why are they wanting to hook up again if Travis is with someone? Source

“If you are tired of me, leave me alone,” TA says. “Whatever,” she replies. Source

For those asking, Willmott still reading texts & journals word for word from #JodiArias. Geff translates them for jury in victim language. Source

TA texts #JodiArias and says he never wants to hear from her unless she apologizes to him for stressing him out. Later she apologizes. Source

Journal entry 3/31/08 #JodiArias writes that TA texted her saying that he should have treated her better Source

Wilmott pairs up the journal entries with the text messages for verification. Geffner says he used them to verify info. Source

TA admits to #JodiArias involvement w other women other than his current gf. Correspondence show they didn’t know. TA was still involved with #JodiArias. He was talking bad about her, Geffner says. Martinez objects, overruled. Source

Geffner says a 5th incident of physical abuse occurred in April 1, 2008 according to his review of records & interviews. #JodiArias Source

We’re back and we’re back to body slams. TA apparently chokes her and she passes out on April 1, 2008. #JodiArias Source

TA body slams #JodiArias, gets on top of her and chokes her till she passes out, Geffner says. Source

Geffner says the timing of all these alleged abuse instances increases in frequency #JodiArias Source

Jury seated. Geffner says a the breaking-up period can be the most dangerous in abusive relationships. #jodiarias Source

Geffner says in domestic violence situations, an individual can lash out when someone says they are leaving. #JodiArias Source

4/4/08 email from #JodiArias to TA shown to jury. Subject line: goodbye. “I know I’m making the right decision,” she writes. Source

“Will I miss you? You bet,” she says in email to TA. “We both stretched this out far too long” #JodiArias Source

#jodiarias in journal in April 2008 says goodbye to Travis again but says he is persistent and I keep giving in to him. Source

In another journal entry #jodiarias writes: It’s hard to say goodbye… but I already feel better about this decision. Source

TA texted #JodiArias accusing her of lying and says not to texts him unless she has info. “You have till tomorrow,” he writes Source

“Either fess up or feel the wrath” TA writes to #JodiArias. “After tomorrow it’s going to get really bad for you. It’s time to spit it out.” Source

I believe what I’m reading is TA is angry bc #JodiArias left something he’d given her behind. TA upset that he tried to do something nice. Source

#JodiArias journal entry: “things are clear, a fog has lifted.” Source

#JodiArias writes in journal one week after moving to CA. She writes that the past 8 months was a fog, Willmott reads. Source

In journal entry in April 2008 #jodiarias seems to have put Travis in her rear-view mirror as she describes life back in California. Source

#JodiArias and TA continue to argue in 4/19/08 texts. According to texts, JA began to insult TA and he hung up on her. Source

#jodiarias and TA are arguing in the texts Willmott is reading through dated 4/19/08. Jodi at this time is living in California. Source

Apparently #JodiArias told TA he was long winded & took too long to make his point on stage. Text fight ensues. Source

TA is also angry bc he requested #JodiArias send him “a dozen or so pix out of 500” & JA did something w/her cousin instead of sending pix. Source

April 19, 2008 #jodiarias and TA texting furiously back and forth exchanging heated words. Getting ugly. Source

Geffner says tone of messages is worrisome. He tells jury he interpreted them to be one-sided where TA doesn’t apologize but #JodiArias did Source

TA texts #JodiArias that his night out at a club gave him the conclusion that she is still “the prettiest girl on the planet.” Source

#JodiArias : “It’s nearly immpossible to say no to his persuasion. he’s my kryptonite.” Source

April and May journal entries show that #JodiArias started to date other men and that her art got accepted in a gallery Source

May entry shows that TA is coming to visit #JodiArias in CA and she writes that she is concerned bc TA is so convincing. Red flag – Geffner Source

5/10/08 gchat between TA & #JodiArias – JA is asking TA how to make show up under a search for her Source

Geffner is now looking through google chat messages between #jodiarias and TA. They’re talking about the fights they have. Source

#TravisAlexander says fights start when #JodiArias doesn’t let go of things. Source

Willmott reads from Google chat messages between #JodiArias and TA discussing their fights. She says she starts them but that TA induces Source

TA: I don’t think there’s a sexual equivalent out there…” #JodiArias “yes there is, Adriana Lima.” Source

Travis message to #jodiarias: “I don’t know if I could be satisfied with anyone sexually after you,” then he insults her, says Dr. Geffner. Source

Geffner says this chat is all about blaming the victim and turning the convo sexual. Source

TA turns chat sexual and full of insults and compliments, says Geffner. “Sometimes my wit and sexuality can be a curse.” #JodiArias writes Source

#JodiArias and TA had “phone sex,” says Geffner who reviewed the call. “It’s a recycling of where they were,” he says Source

Willmott asks Geffner if all of this is #JodiArias getting pulled back in. He says yes. Source

#JodiArias writes that she wants to see him but that she is concerned that he will be mean. She says it’s her fault & TA promises to be nice Source

#JodiArias writes in her journal about not being attracted to #TravisAlexander anymore and not wanting to see him in June. Source

18 May 2008 #jodiarias writes in her journal, she’s not attracted to TA anymore, but he’s still a good friend. Source Source

#JodiArias mentions in May ’08 journal entry that TA set up a “don’t ask, don’t tell policy” on sharing details with each other. Source

#JodiArias journals that she doesn’t understand why TA was mad about her logging in to TA’s Facebook bc he gave her the pword awhile ago. Source

5/26/08 – TA calls #jodiarias a “Cheap whore” for flirting w/Danny Jones. “Going on to the next di%^.” JA says it was an Anchorman joke Source

Geffner says TA calls #jodiarias names if he doesn’t get what he wants. Source

More Google chats show TA telling #JodiArias he hates her and that she has caused him more pain than the death of his father, she apologizes Source

TA tells her that she is “the purest form of evil.” And that she is a “rotten lunatic.” Geffner says she kept apologizing Source

TA accuses #jodiarias of hacking his email & deleting an email to Lisa. Slashing tires. TA calls her the B word. Source

Geffner says he cont to insult her. “I loved someone that never existed.” TA says. “You stole my letters & you slashed my tires.” Source

Willmott points out in past journal entry that #JodiArias lent TA money for tires and her stun gun while he did a stake out. Source

Willmott says #JodiArias starts to defend herself. She tells TA: “I may be a liar…I may be evil…But I am not violent.” Source

I’m never writing in a journal again. No one cares & it makes you look like a self consumed jerk. Source

#JodiArias says TA was lonely & it brought tears to her eyes Source

“I thought we agreed we weren’t going 2 discuss this stuff?” #JodiArias asked TA according 2 journal. He “pulls the lonely card,” she writes. Source

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