Jodi Arias – New witness


Facebook picture – Marc McGee

I have learned the witness is Marc McGee.  Marc currently lives in New Zealand. We have heard about a witness the defense has in New Zealand and now we know who it is.

Today I interviewed someone very close to Marc McGee who also has intimate knowledge of what Marc claims about Travis and pornography.  I have been asked to not reveal his name but have his permission to give all the details of our conversation.

Marc and Travis met in the LDS singles ward in Riverside, Ca.  In 2000, McGee told my source that he was at a Family Home Evening activity at Bishop Vernon Parker’s house.  Later in the evening, McGee and Travis were sitting in a car in front of Bishop Parker’s house when Travis allegedly confessed to McGee that he had a problem with internet pornography.  McGee did not mention child pornography at that time.

Since 2000, Marc McGee and my source have spoken a few more times about that conversation and each time Marc’s story was just about internet porn.  It wasn’t until this year, for the first time, that McGee claims Travis told him he was looking at “kiddie porn” on the internet.

McGee doesn’t believe Arias received a fair trial.  He was back in the States for a wedding this year and said he contacted the defense team and was going to Arizona to meet with them.


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