Jodi Arias Old Trial Index

Note: this page likely has many dead links, etc. Included because it may still have things not detailed elsewhere.

This page is simply to keep track of the trial. Links to the testimony, and brief details of what was covered.

It’s far from complete, the trial is very long, and I have not had the time to view and write up everything. Add +7 to get minute entry trial days.

Index: Day 51 52 55

Day 1 ( January 2nd, 2013 )


Prosecution Opening Statements.

Defense Opening Statements.

Marie Hall.

Sterling Williams (patrol officer).

Day 2 ( Jan 3 )

Esteban Flores (lead case agent)

Recording of telephone call between Arias and Flores 10 Jun ’08 At this point Jodi was denying she had been near the scene.

Heather Conner (crime scene/latent print examiner)

Day 3 ( Jan 8 )

Heather Conner (crime scene/latent print examiner)

Dr Kevin Horn (Medical Examiner)

Elizabeth Northcutt (forensic firearms examiner)

The bullet

Horn Cross Examination The wounds on the back

Day 4 ( Jan 9 )

Ryan Burns (Jodi’s date she went to see June 5)

Maureen Smith (latent print examiner)

Kevin Biggs (latent print examiner)

Heather Conner (crime scene/latent print examiner)

Latent print, exhibit 239 Clothes examined for bleach,

Esteban Flores (lead case agent)

Day 5 ( Jan 10 )

Nathan Mendes (fmr. detective with Siskiyou CSO)

Various receipts ( Recovered from a box in Jodi’s bedroom at her grandmother’s home, after a search warrant was issued )

Lisa Perry (forensic scientist, biology/DNA unit)

Esteban Flores (lead case agent)

Jodi Legg (forensic scientist, biology/DNA unit)

Blood spatter

Day 6 ( Jan 14 )


Kevin Friedman who investigated a burglary at Jodi’s grandparents’ home on May 28, 2008. (Note: no videos of this seem to be available, but there are news reports ).

Michael Melendez (Mesa PD, PC/camera forensics) who recovered the deleted photos from the digital camera found in the washing machine.

AnchorJW: This is the laptop that was in the den?

Melendez: Yes (…)

Testimony re virus

Melendez: Yuh, I don’t know what that stands for ?self? usually a product id would be the id number of the operating system.

JW: So if it says “VIRUS ALERT” there does that mean there was a virus going on?

Melendez: It could be that that’s just what is written in there. I don’t know.

JW: Ok.

JW: Did you do any further investigation about it?

Melendez: I did not see any signs of viruses on the computer, no.

JW: Ok

JW: But if you didn’t investigate any further as to what that “Product Id Virus Alert”

Melendez: By looking at the computer and checking for viruses, which I did, I did not see anything.

It is a virus : see

Note that checking programs may not find it ( “i have latest mcafee,but still hav problem” in the link above ).

Esteban Flores (the Jodi interviews)

Day 7 ( Jan 15 )

Joey Citizen (Verizon employee) Testimony

Larry Gladysh (Mesa PD)

Esteban Flores (the Jodi interviews continued)

Day 8 ( Jan 16 )


Mike Galliatti (police officer who pulled Arias over because her number plate was upside down)

Raphael Colombo (rental car franchisee) Testimony

Esteban Flores#

Disk drive shipped off to Texas

Day 9 ( Jan 17 )

Esteban Flores

Jeff Strohm (Sprint employee)

Leslie Udy (friend of Jodi & PPL distributor)

State rests their case

Evidentiary hearing Abe Abdelhadi etc.

Discussion w/attorneys – request for release of charges & Rule 20

Martinez argument for felony murder

Day 10 ( Jan 29 )

Gus Searcy

Darryl Brewer (Jodi’s ex)

Chris Hughes (continuation of yesterday’s evidentiary testimony)

Abe Abdelhadi (continuation of yesterday’s evidentiary testimony) Testimony

Gus Searcy. Testimony ends when Gus pleads the 5th. Private discussion.Testimony

AARCO gas receipt

Day 11 ( Jan 30 )


Lisa Daidone (autopsy)

Desiree Freeman (LDS [Latter Day Saints] friend)

Disgusting stunt by Martinez

Daniel Freeman (LDS friend)

Day 12 ( Jan 31 )


Daniel Freeman (LDS friend)

Lonnie Dworkin (computer forensic examiner)

Internet access from 4:08am for about 20 minutes (including accessing webproxy )

Re the proxy, see ( 23 minutes 45 seconds in )

Received broken external drive on 26 Oct 2012. Testimony

Day 13 ( Feb 4 )

Lonne Dworkin

Bryan Neumeister (audio/video forensic examiner)

Introduction of evidence, including Jodi with Dog. Around 46:30.

JW: “The state’s duty is to seek justice and not a conviction”.

Jodi Arias (testimony starts)

“She was caught skipping school when she was 17. Her parents grounded her for 3 months until she turned 18 (no phone, tv, social functions etc). In testimony, she states that she couldn’t possibly fathom being grounded for 3 months, so she dropped out of school and moved in with her boyfriend. Something I found interesting is that she was nearly 18 but only a junior in high school when she quit. It seems she must have previously been held back a year, because at that age she should have been a senior. The boyfriend she moved in with was Bobby Juarez. Bobby and Jodi had dreams of moving to San Francisco to search for Vampires.”

Day 14 ( Feb 5 )


Day 15 ( Feb 6 )


Day 16 ( Feb 11 )

He wished her to wear boy spiderman underwear, the reason being that he liked imagining she was a young boy during sex

Incident March 2007, where he was angry and grabbed her wrist, because he saw her talking (in a crowd) to a man

Late October 2007, during an argument, she gets up to leave his bedroom, and he pushes her to the ground

22nd January 2008 : he slams her on the floor, kicks her in the ribs, kicks her hand, breaking her finger

Day 17 ( Feb 12 )

Sex tape

Choking incident April 2008

Questions about sex tape (very graphic)

Travis hits her in the car, when she tells him she is leaving. She asks her mother for money to leave She is broke (and suicidal).

Travis sold her his car – financial problems Creating a financial dependency.

Day 18 ( Feb 13 )

Jury out while issue with Miss Hughes contact with Martinez discussed.

Email she sent to him in May 2008 She writes : “I love you and will always be here for you as your friend and confidant.” ( and other phrases with similar intent ).

She explains in her testimony that he took offence, and it led to another fight : Testimony

Moving back to grandparents

Day 19 ( Feb 19 )

Corroboration of spiderman undies Text message, and other sex details – schoolgirl outfit, shaved.

Argument March 19 2008 ( text messages )

She doesn’t get up in the middle of the night to read one of his emails He sends her abuse, calls her a sociopath, she apologises. Then it gets worse.

Burglary of grandparents house May 28 2008

Car hire, colour of her hair

Borrows gas cans

Trip to Travis house.

Leaving Pasadena Fills gas cans. Starbucks. Skaters hanging around car, laugh as they run off.

She stopped for gas twice. Arrives about 4am. ( New link )

Arrival at house.

Arrival, lead up to to fight on June 4 2008.

Arrives around 4am. Parks in same spot as always, centre spot in driveway. Uses side entrance Luggage : suit case (carry-on), backpack, purse, laptop. Travis came out to get her luggage.

Travis was in the office, on laptop, music video/youtube, with Napoleon, his dog. He looked cute watching dumb videos. Back to her. When they woke up, he tied her up with smooth, decorative rope, green and gold.

On the bed, long rope wound up, unrolled, cut rope in bathroom with knife from block in kitchen. Knife would have been left in bathroom or on night-stand. Behind back headboard. Nooses not tight. Not unbearable, his wish. Naked.He was wearing temple garments, takes them off. He gives her oral sex. She asks him to stop, he hasn’t shaved. He stops. Ditched the rope idea. Slips out of rope. Tosses rope on carpet.

Regular sex, after taking photos. Her hair is in braids, because he likes it, says it’s hot.

Trouble with computer – has a virus

Looking at CDs, not working, she is on floor with Napoleon. Images are gray squares ( she says CD is scratched ). Popped CD out, tried other one. Getting mad.

Same thing happens. Tone changed, demeanour changed, body language changed. Signs of anger. She is apprehensive. He flings CD at the wall and rolls off the desk, onto her head and then the carpet.

More anger from Travis. She is worried, trip had gone well. She had done something stupid. Napoleon left room ( as normal when Travis is getting mad ).

She stood up, to rub his back. Let him know she still has pictures. But drive is not working on her computer. She was going to apologise. He spun her around, pressed her against desk.

He looks pissed off. She is scared. He grabs both her arms, spins her around. Grabs right arm, twists it behind her back. She didn’t feel pain. She cannot walk away.

He is leaning whole body against her, he is heavy. She doesn’t tell him to stop, because that could make him more pissed off. If she goes along wioth what he did he settles down faster.

That or grovelling. He would get less angry quicker. He pressed his groin against her butt. She is bent over. Both are wearing clothes. He does some thrusts, then pulls her pants down. She can feel he has an erection.

She did want to have sex, better than him being mad. She didn’t want it to escalate to screaming or physical fight. She doesn’t object. They have sex. He ejaculates on her lower back.

She is relieved his. Thought they had avoided catastrophe (another fight). Anything to avoid a fight. He says go clean yourself up, she feels a little bit used. She goes to downstairs bathroom, cleans herself up. Still hanging out.

She goes back in office. They decide to go upstairs.Was she angry when he bent her over desk? No. She wants to end on a positive note. They decide to go upstairs and take pictures. He had worked out to go to Cancum, lost 40lbs, lost fat. He wanted photos of his sculpted body. She was never scheduled to go to Cancun. She thought he was taking friend’s baby sitter to settle debt (?). He wore body bug on upper arm, almost all the time. She wanted to do something that would make him happy.She suggested it. Her camera was packed, so use his camera.

Day 20 ( Feb 20 )

Day of the fight (June 4 2008), aftermath.

After she drops the camera ( there is an excursion to a previous incident July 2007 where he caught her when she was running away after an argument )

The killing

Rinsed hands

She knew her life was over but..

Why she didn’t admit to everything

She blames herself

Day 21 ( Feb 21 )

Start of cross-examination.

It’s rather tedious. For example, Martinez makes a great song-and-dance because an instance of Alexanders abuse is not recorded in her journal.

But the answer is obvious – Travis reads her journal, and if he saw that, he would go mad.

Apparently Jodi was shaking on this day while testifying, but it’s not obvious to me.

The day when Arias accidentally saw Alexander masturbating over a picture of a young boy.

Frustrating to watch, because essentially nothing happens. Arias just sticks to her account (and shows how this is consistent with the timing of the many text messages), Martinez keeps making mistakes and being corrected by her, and it goes nowhere, it just fizzles out with nothing new being established. Except for the obvious point that they don’t discuss something so sensitive in text messages.

You can see the text messages exchanged that day. Jodi says she has a headache at one point.

Day 22 ( Feb 25 )


You can’t subpoena God!

Day 23 (Feb 26 )

Jodi tells Martinez he goes in circles : it’s true!

Says Travis had control

Day 24 (Feb 27)

Cross exam re time she felt like prostitute

48 hours Couldn’t keep my lies straight

Who she lied to

Jodi is not sure if sex when she was asleep was consensual “I didn’t object!”

Day 25 (Feb 28)


Around 40 minutes, questions about inadvertent photographs.

Around 2 hours 26 minutes, questions about moving the camera.

Martinez follow-up

When did she pack up. Not precisely sure. Did it alone. Possible he helped her.

License plate.

Looking at CDs. Took a while. Lying on floor with Napoleon. Two CDs.

Crime scene

Arias very distressed when questioned about knife fight


Unsealing of Jan 22 hearing. Hearing

Day 26 ( Mar 4 )

Start of Jody Arias redirect.

Why she chose to testify

Diary May 15 2008

Her finger on sister’s shoulder Court room recreation with Willmott

Prior injury to finger putting away Margherita glass on June 1 Casa Ramos, metal shelf. Took photo using her phone. Actually May 31st.

Martinez objects on grounds it shows injuries to right hand ( relevance ), overruled. She sent it to her friends (light hearted). Photo is shown. Right index finger.

Other cuts to her fingers from cleaning up glass. (hmm?) Also on right hand. Doesn’t remember injuries to left hand. Other injuries were covered.

No medical attention for finger. Splint. Alexander was very tender, it meant a lot. She made another when she got home.

Exhibit 484 Thank you for being such an amazing friend. He saw potential in her, he made her feel beautiful inside. Frequent, intense, swept of her feet.

A rock, a light, an inspiration. Sincerely. Motivational speaker. He had a gift. He counselled her on many subjects.

He lent her money to move. He let her store her paintings at his house. Pick up tab at dinner. Tons of little things like that.

She loved him. Difference between love when dating, and after April 2008.

Memorial note Phone call May 2008 Nice experience in bath. Vaginal intercourse was “a mistake”

June 29 2007 was break-up. Sexual relationship carried on. Single, free to make own decisions. She assumed he would tell her if he was dating someone else.

She tells him she wants to know if he is dating. He checked her if she asserted herself. He would snap back verbally. After a while she felt intimidated by it.

Part 2

Part 3

Pages ripped out of diary Law of attraction.

Torn out diary pages ( She has thoughts of suicide )

Jodi reads from a torn out diary page

Jodi reads her thoughts of suicide The date of the diary entry is Sunday 26th August 2007.

The incident referenced is when she saw Travis kissing another woman through a window. Referred to in Jodi’s diary Jan 24

Day 27 ( Mar 5 )

Conclusion of redirect

Living with boyfriend. Something was wrong. Talked about woman. Long conversations. Not appropriate. Prior interest. Password. Cheating,

Cancun trip did not upset her Testimony

Day 28 ( Mar 6 )

Juror’s questions. Testimony.

Day 29 ( Mar 7 )

Day 29 part 1 Questions ( First set if up to 26 minutes )

Realisation, understands better with passage of time. Spiritual leaders helped. Church individuals. Mostly mormon. One baptist lady.

Fog begins when he screams. Physical pain is crystallised. Journal helps here remember. Reviewed journals.

Memory issues. Did room-mates heat altercations. Dan Freeman heard one time. In the car, she was locked out, there was witness.

Was she ever physical to Travis. Yes, when he was choking her. Was being choked stressful?! Why do you recall it. Banging head on carpet.

Why was she afraid. She thought it was not ok to use self-defence. She had done something wrong.

What happened to gas can. Back to grandmother’s house.

Shaking started Nov 2007, still continues, not so bad now.

Raised your voice? Yes, probably a million times.

KY. It facilitates activities, less painful.

Why not scream? She did scream, not thinking of someone helping her. Cannot scream when hands around windpipe. Was screaming June 4.

Why would you let him tie you up. Travis was gentle then. Loose rope.

Concerned Travis would read journal. Nothing negative after October. Against law of attraction. He made her throw it out. She felt bad she had said something negative.

Why was it ok to write about how he made her happy and sad. Was mild way to write about it.

After grabbing gun, did she cock it, etc. She wouldn’t know, She just pointed it.

Never fired a gun, relatively familiar.

How far away was Travis when gun went off. Doesn’t remember. Distance : a few feet.

Extra ammunition. Never saw any.

Why didn’t she move to the side. Everything was fast, no time to think. It happened.

She doesn’t know how things ended up.

Camera didn’t roll far.

Was Travis sitting down when dropped camera. Yes.

How did anger escalate after Travis was shot.

Was he chasing her. Doesn’t know.

Why three transactions?

Professional help (20:35)

Enjoy sex? Forced?

Why did you wait so long to tell the truth? Sent letters. Time went by.

How many times did you try to kill yourself? Took apart razor. Ideation.

Would you tell truth if not arrested? Don’t know.

Worst fears – everyone find out? Was attempt to present a better image. Present a good image of Travis.

Shave old-fashioned way. Straight razor. A Bic razor.

Filling a third gas can on March 5. Hypothetical.

Why didn’t you run out of house instead of grabbing gun.

When gun went off… later why didn’t you call 911.

Additional questions about 47:30n

Why hypothesise about filling a third gas can?

You did not have professional help, but you talked to psychiatrist? Was a psychologist, evaluation, not counselling.

Waited two years. Are you no longer ashamed. More difficult to hold it in.

Renting GPS system? Believe it was offered. But it costs more.

In a story, all fours… ? Screaming and yelling. Cannot recall him being on all fours.

How could you think of grabbing the gun? No forethought.

How can you say you don’t have memory issues? Has good memory, June 4 is anomaly.

DId Martinez cause you to shake? How many times? Opening statements. Almost every day. FIrst day of cross most intense.

Why should we believe you now? Lies were tied to protecting Travis’ reputation, because she was ashamed.

What happened to suicide note to grandmother?

How could you kiss another man? State of mind not right. She carried on. She attempted to appear normal. She felt safe.

Were you in the fog when you were kissing Ryan?

You came away unscathed? ( notes injuries )

End questions.

Nurmi Followup starts: 55:30

Day 29 part 2

Nurmi follow-up

Pushing incident

How Alexander got the gun

Nurmi: You were asked about the gun, when you learned of the gun. You said that you became aware of that in 2007 when you were working as his housekeeper, correct?

Arias: Correct.

Nurmi: What was your understanding of how Mr Alexander had acquired that gun?

Arias: My understanding of how he got the gun is that it.. [ she tails off, swallows, thinks ]

Arias: My understanding is that [pause] his father used to ..

Objection (hearsay) sustained.

Deleting photos – familiar with operation. Yes. Saved on memory card. But it stays on the card when deleted.

Shaving question. Old fashioned way. Just a razor in general.

Gun coming into hand. Where was it. Up in corner. Doesn’t recall it being in holster.

Clean-up efforts. No recollection.

Familiarity with guns. No formal training. Darryl had gun. Showed her where safety was. How to cock it.

Where did the camera go when she dropped it. One mat.

Disposal of knife.

Different – he kept on coming. Was fear different. Mortal fear, she thought she was going to die. Why? Choking incident. Grabbing at her.

Shaking. Was shaking on first day of trial. Whole body. Teeth clenched. Sit on hands. Attempted to hide shaking in courtroom.

She didn’t know about Mimi hall going to Cancun until after June 4

Day 29 part 3 ( Martinez follow-up starts 19 minuteds in )

What was she ashamed of

Martinez followup Questions about Tesoro gas receipts

Martinez going round in circles Something to do with how Jodi hurt her finger working in a restaurant and asked for a band-aid.

Day 30 ( Mar 13 )

Cross exam on time for the killing

A few more juror questions.

Day 31 ( Mar 14 )

Psychologist Richard Samuels. Jennifer Willmott examining.

The brain

The brain, hippocampus, fight or flight acute stress

PTSD diagnosis

Intense Denial

PTSD scales

Research into PTSD frequency

PTSD in perpertrators of crime

Day 32 ( Mar 15 )

Testimony re consistency of what Arias told him after she came out of denial.

He describes how he got fined for bartering after a complaint in a custody case, where the rules on bartering were changed and he didn’t know that.

Subsequently vindicated by a large panel ( 13-0 ),.

Experience with sexual abuse. Victims of child sexual abuse, rape victims. 660 evaluations. Sex offender treatment.

Jodi’s journals

Rose coloured glasses, accentuates positive. Spoke about when Alexander broke her finger Jan 2008. Shows partial journal entry for Jan 24 2008.

She had very low self-esteem. Improved over time.

Develop rapport. Overcome denial. It was an evaluation, not therapy.

Sometimes it is so horrific you have to detach. It can be difficult for a soldier to talk about what happened. It could be detrimental to hammer. Testifying is stressful.

Detachment is a defence mechanism. De-realisation. Distance herself from horror by creating alternative reality. The stress must have been incredible.

Alternative reality contrary to what happened Tremors and shaking – observed. Shaking began 2007 when Alexander got angry. She gets anxious when a man is yelling at her.

Stage fright.

Day 33 ( Mar 16 )


Samuels explains how he can tell if someone is lying when story is told several time.

If the telling is identical, it’s probably a lie. If small variations, different details left out, it’s probably true.

He has notes on the multiple occasions where Jodi told her story after she came out of denial.

Day 34 ( Mar 17 )


( Only a short day due to someone (Arias?) vomiting in court-room, ending proceedings for the day ).

Day 35 March 21

Jurors questions

Part 1

Part 2

Day 36 March 25

Dr Richard Samuels – state follow up continues

Dr Richard Samuels – defence follow ups

Dr Richard Samuels – additional jurors questions + defense/state follow ups

Alyce LaViolette testifies

Day 37 March 26

Alyce LaViolette – testimony continues

Day 38 March 28

Hearing re defence request to seal the billing records they submitted, which have been requested by the media (HLN/Turner). ( Not televised, heard by another judge )

Testimony 1

Testimony 2

Jodi Arias Murder Trial Day 38. Misconduct hearing. Jean Casarez takes stand.

Day 39 April 2

Alyce LaViolette – testimony continues

Alexander is manipulative, deceptive

Day 40 April 3

Alyce LaViolette – testimony continues

Day 41 April 4

Conclusion of LaViolette testimony

JW: In everything, the text messages, everything that you have reviewed in this case, and from Mr Alexander’s own words, do you ever hear about any pattern where Jodi was being physically abusive or aggresive with Mr Alexander?

AL: No, I did not.

JW: Did you ever see patterns of verbal abuse from Jodi to Mr Alexander?

AL: No, I did not.

JW: Did you ever see patterns of psychological abuse or controlling behaviour by Jodi to Mr Alexander?

AL: No, I did not.

JW: And did you ever see any evidence at all of jealousy from Jodi to Mr Alexander?

AL: No, I didn’t.

JW: I have nothing further judge, thank you.

Cross-exam ( Snow White! )

Day 42 April 8


AnchorDay 43 April 9


AnchorDay 44 April 10 2103



Redirect ( H/T )

JW: “Much of the questions you were asked from the prosecutor wanted you to take out one specific statement, one specific act, and making an assesment on that single statement. Is that useful to you?”

AL: “I can’t do that, because any of us could have a bad day, any of us could have a time where we said something that wasn’t very kind to someone we loved, you really have to look more at the bigger picture.”

JW: “Let’s talk about stalking. You were asked a lot about stalking, right?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “Can you explain what stalking is in a clinical sense?”

AL: “Stalking is a pattern of behavior that causes fear in someone else. It can be a short pattern, that causes not only fear, but a reasonable person would see this as problematic, and you read about stalking, stalking is not my area of expertise, but I have worked with people who have been stalked, and there are many ways to stalk people, you can use GPS, you can use computers, you can use “following people”, you can use a term called “gas lighting” in their home, people who move things around in someone’s home and leave their home, in one case that I worked on a man put a fake bomb in front of his girlfriends house. What I think that is important about stalking is that it frightens people, and the people who are stalked that I know, have gone to the police, they get protective orders, some people have moved their home, there is a lot of active behavior, but not a behavior to connect with their stalker.”

JW: “You were asked questions about instant messages between Mr. Alexander and Regan Housely, do you remember that?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “And I think we heard several times today about Mr. Alexander claiming he was extremely afraid. During this same conversation was he also joking with her?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “And do you know that from the words that were contained in this instant message?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “And some of the characters that people write to say that they are joking?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “And this is all in the same conversation that he is supposedly talking about being extremely afraid?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “And during the time he is having this conversation with Mrs. Housely about being afraid of being stalked, did you look at other instant messages that were going on that same day?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “And this day was May 19, 2008, correct?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “And after complaining about being stalked by Ms. Arias, isn’t he also instant messaging with Miss Arias that same day?”

AL: “Yes he is”

JW: “And isn’t he instant messaging with Ms. Arias several times that day?”

AL: “I don’t remember how many times, I would have to be refreshed.”

JW: “Okay”

JW: “This is exhibit 619 with instant messages between Mr. Alexander and Ms. Arias. Can you see May on the top?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “And can you see there are different times of these instant messages between the two?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “So in other words, are they having conversations with each other on the same day he is saying she is stalking him?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “Is that the behavior of someone who is being extremely afraid, does it support that verbage at all?”

AL: “It doesn’t seem to support that verbage at all.”

JW: “What about, on this very same day, is he also having instant messaging with another woman?”

AL: “A woman by the name of Nicole, I believe”

JW: “Yes, so on the nineteenth as far as the written evidence, the evidence you have in front of you, he is talking to three different women?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “You asked questions about this supposed stalking behavior on the, but you were also asked about this behavior starting months before?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “So let’s look at the months before to see if Mr. Alexander’s behavior in any way supports the verbage, okay?”

AL: “All right”

JW: “So we talked about, I think you mentioned January 1 2008. Does Mr. Alexander send a text message that day?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “Does he say that he loves her?

JM: “Objection, hearsay” (overruled)

JW: “So when he tells her that he loves her, Mr. Alexander is making the initial contact, is that right?”

AL: “Correct”

JW: “And then Ms. Arias reponds to him in a nice manner?”

AL: “She says she loves him too”

JW: “Is that in any way behavior that supports him being afraid of her?”

AL: “Not that I can figure out”

JW: “Are you also aware of the fact that he took her to have his ´soup high´”?

AL: “Yes”

JW: “And he also took her on a trip with him, in September 2007, do you remember that?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “And did they take another trip together in November in 2007 to New Mexico?”

AL: “Yes they did”

JW: “Is that behavior suggestive he is somehow afraid of her?”

AL: “No, that does not suggest he was afraid of her”

JW: “Throughout the written items that you have regarding instant messages, … Let’s forget about the journals we have from Ms. Arias, Okay?”

AL: “All right”

JW: “Just these conversations we have between Mr. Alexander and Ms. Arias. Is there a constant line of communication between them, that you know of, from the time the text messages start, from December of 2007 to June 2008?”

AL: “Yes there is”

JW: “And is that consistent with what Ms. Arias told you?”

AL: “It’s consistent with what she told me”

JW: “The fact that we know that just 9 days prior to May so on May 10, 2008, did you listen to a phone sex-tape recorded on May 10?”

AL: “Yes I did”

JW: “And that tape is between Mr. Alexander and Ms. Arias, right?”

AL “Correct”

JW: “In fact you were asked questions about how sometimes the spoken word can be better than just the written word, right?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “Do you remember that line of questioning?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “Well in this sense, the spoken word, even if it is only one item of spoken words, you can listen to Mr. Alexander’s voice, right?”

AL: “Yes I can”

JW: “And during this sex-tape that he makes with her 9 days before saying he is afraid of her … does he sound afraid at all?”

JM: “Objection this sex-tape ´he´ makes with her.” (sustained)

JW: “Did you listen to it and hear Mr. Alexanders voice. Were you able to hear his words, and the things that he said?”

AL: “Yes I was”

JW: “Were you able to hear his tone of voice?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “And were you certainly able to hear the content of what he was saying?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “And in any of this, in this tape that you listened to, does it ever sound like he is afraid?”

AL: “No”

JW: “Does he ever say anything to Jodi on the tape like ´I don’t want you to be near me´?”

AL: “No”

JW: “Does he ever say anything to her about ´stay away from me´?”

AL: “No”

JW: “Does he ever say to her ´You are stalking me, get out of my life´?”

AL: “No”

JW: “In fact do they have a conversation about the fact that she is going to Utah?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “And do you remember that the time they are talking about her going to Utah, that Mr. Alexander immediately said ´well, what are you going up there for?´?”

AL: “Yes he did”

JW: “And specifically, did she ever tell him about Ryan Burns, on this particular tape?”

AL: “No”

JW: “Did she talk about just going to see friends?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “Cause that is not taunting him, right, she is not telling him anything about other men or potential other men in her life?”

AL: “None in this tape, no”

JW: “Do you remember reviewing text messages between Mr. Alexander and Ms. Arias, that at one point Mr. in these text messages, Mr. Alexander is saying, ´come on in, let yourself in´?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “And that it is obvious from those messages that he is inviting her to just come in to his house?”

AL: “Yes, to have some guacamole”

JW: “Is that the typical behavior of someone being afraid of being stalked by that person?”

AL: “No”

JW: “Do you remember viewing text messages prior to May 19th. that Mr. Alexander send specifically to Ms. Arias, that she was the prettiest girl he knew?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “And that he talked about her looks on the outside, but her looks on the inside as well?”

AL: “Yes he was comparing her to other women in the ´Club´ that he was at”

JW: “And was it a very flattering email?”

AL: “Yes it was”

JW: “But it wasn’t sexual at all?”

AL “No it wasn’t”

JW: “So was it just a flattering email on her personality itself?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “Is that typical of someone who was afraid of her would have done?”

AL: “No”

JW: “What about, when Ms. Arias comes to his house, on June and they fall asleep together, do you remember that information?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: They fall asleep together, and then they wake up and he takes pictures of her, right?”

JW: “The fact that he would fall asleep, and allow someone who he is supposedly afraid of, sleep next to him, is that typical of someone that is afraid of someone sleeping next to them?”

AL: “No”

AL: “Well. If you are talking specifically about Mr. Alexander’s fear, because if you are talking Ms. Arias, she is also sleeping next to him. Now what I would say about that is that, for the most part people being abused aren’t afraid all of the time, they tend to get scared when they see an indication that the other person is getting upset, either by tone of voice, or by their look, their behavior, but they are not always afraid, so I wanted to clarify that.”

JW: “And does this go to some of what you were asked on cross about the difference between stalking behavior versus domestic violence relationship?”

AL: “Yes, and if the stalking behavior is continued it is normally after the relationship has ended.”

JW: “You were asked questions about their relationship ending in June 29th. 2007, do you remember that?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “After they broke up, the next day, was there contact that day?”

AL: “I do not recall”

JW: “Okay, within a week of that, was there contact between the two?”

AL: “Yes”

JW: “And was there continuing contact after that?”

AL: “Yes there was”

Day 45 April 11th, 2013

Jury questions

1. Journal entries. Any earlier. No. 2006 – 2008.

2. Would they have helped?

3. Any interviews involving Travis’ friends family

4. What did she learn about Travis.

Book, blogs, motivational speaker, good.

Knew scriptures. From an incredibly abusive background.

Made fun of. Subjected to verbal, emotional, physical abuse, neglect.

Attracted to women. Able to appeal. Friendships with the Hughes.

Concerned about the way he treated women.

About his anger. The way he talked to Jodi.

5. Could Jodi have lied.

She was very protective. Didn’t see herself as battered.

She was never described as lying by previous boyfriends.

People lie when they are afraid.

6. Could she have exaggerated.

She tended to minimise.

7. Friends and family may have embellished.

I guess, except they didn’t go overboard.

Escalation process. Even handed.

8. What did you discover about Travis re other women

He pushed sexual limits. See where it weould go.

Push PPL on them. He would get credits.

He was good with women. He also irritated them.

Faster than they wanted. He played them.

He was well versed in his faith, he used that.

Emails from Dec 07 to June 08.

9. Is it common for women to ‘snap’

Usually women, when they snap, it is self-defence.

Objection from Martinez.

Yes or No.

Not possible?

10. Survivor / victim.

It is very possible, for someone to lash back.

Violent resistance. Sometimes victim hits back.

Yelling back. Explosion – yelling. Not common with weapon.

11. Calling mother angry

As a teenager – angry teenager. Calling her sister stupid.

Kicking her mother. Not good, not great. Anger with her mother.

Not an abuser though. Not as an adult.

12. Why abusive in one relationship not another

Depends on level of intamacy.

Most relationships were not long term.

Takes time for it to develop.

Lisa Andrews : she talked about feeling disrespected.

They broke up three times.

Other relationships were by internet.

Aggression is when people have more time together.

13. Victims kill their partners, no other way out

One case where that was true.

Martinez : Objection : lack of foundation.

13. Conceivable woman would kill partner to get away


14. Victims and perpetrators

Doesn’t happen. Male partner gets more violent.

15. Is it possible with Jodi and Travis

No. She always tries to calm. No evidence of that.

No physical intimidation from Jodi.

Mr Alexander is escalating, getting agggresive.

Ms Arias trying to slow the process down.

In prior two relationships, no evidence of violence.

16. If she kicked her mother, could she be a perpetrator

Relationship between two peers.

17. Could she be exaggerating abusive events

Anything is possible.

Kind of escalation seen. Difficult to believe that.


Kind of names and put-downs. Time they go on.

Not high conflict. Abhorrent.

19. Not have whole story

Murder case. Expert witness doesn’t have access to other side.

Gather all you can. Goal is to get as much information as she can.

She doesn’t want to be biased.

20. Is it possible Jodi could have been a perpetrator?

No evidence of that.

21. Psychological abuse towards Travis

No. Previous relationships do nto show that. No way.

Not absuive, or jealous. Remained friends. Positive feelings.

22. Travis’ actions defensive.

Tirades are beyond defensive. Tearing somebodies character apart.

23. Can two children facing same situation end up different.

Not just what is dealt to you. Age 0-6 is important.

If you are neglected, it needs intervention in intimate relationships.

You don’t learn what you don’t see.

24. Differences in stories

Have to go on what she has. Complete a story as she could get.

25. Starts with low self-esteem, doesn’t verbalise.

If you are not abusive, you don’t act abusively.

26. How quickly can abuse escalate.

Usually no abuse to start. It varies.

Once it starts, it tends to be ongoing.

27. Deanna, relationship.

She went on mission for 2 years. He didn’t want her to go.

They wrote letters. He still cared about her.

Continued relationship. Hard for her to find a partner she deserved.

She loaned him money. They still had a friendly relationship.

28. Based on what Jodi told you. How do you know she is truthful.

Not based on what Jodi told her. Everything she read.

She doesn’t know everything she told her was true.

She was frightened. It doesn’t make her a liar.

29. Did you ever see any proof that Travis physically abused Jodi.

Broken finger.

30. Isn’t it possible that Jodi didn’t write incidents because they didn’t happen.

31. Would Jodi be put in agggresive group.

Not applicable to teenagers.

32. Any patients killed their partner.


33. Jodi abused Travis

No evidence of that. No history. Nothing in exchanges.

34. Love – hate relationship.

Abusive relationship.

35. Love – hate relationships – high conflict.

Don’t solve problems well. Friendship erodes. They don’t like each other.

Balance of power. Back and forth. Different to abusive relationship.

36. Beyond neutralising threat.

When afraid for lives, would not know when to stop.

When you look at people trained in combat.

When they get in combat, they can go over the top.

Difficult to know when to stop, when they are safe.

Five different visits.

37. Argument in car

38. How confident she did not lie

No reason to believe she lied. It’s possible.

But she came in to look at issues of DV.

Compelling evidence for domestic violence.

39. Connection

The most significant factor is childhood in abusive relationships.

Mr. Alexander’s childhood is incredibly abusive. No food.

Ate mouldy bread. When exposed to gthat kind of violence, learn about survival.

Chronic combat readiness. Sees threat everywhere. Hyper-vigilant.

There is a direct link. Especailly if no intervention.

40. Did not fight back.

A lot of people don’t fight back.

41. Controlling => physically abusive.


42. Ex-girlfriends physical abuse


42. Temper: Running joke.

Didn’t sound like it.

43. Why didn’t she stop talking to him

44. Interview face-to-face anyone else?


45. House break-in – aware


46. Known fact he was looking for someone to marry

Yes. The conversations didn’t seem like that.

47. One person has more power

You don’t have to be abusive.

48. Other women. Abuse.

Lisa Andrews – putting down, not respecting. It would suck if she was a teacher.

Another woman (Nicole) complained Mr Alexander told her no one would ever date her.

These are not long relationships.

49. Matt knew there was verbal abuse. Suspected physical abuse.

50. Survivor. Define.

Used to use victim. More positive to use survivor.

51. Could survivor be a perpetrator

Violent resistance.

52. Nothing indicating she was jealous.

53. Could a female abuse a man to the point of killing him


54. Couldn’t a perpetartor be a she

55. How any times did she meet Jodi

56. Photos

Basing that on what she told her.

57. Not getting medical attention

They can lie.

58. Name calling – character assassination

No. Does not have to be in presence of other people. Most is not.

59. How do you validate

By using collaborative data.

60. Ordered to empty mailbox.


61. Frequent communication

Voice mail full – he could be irritated. It’s a matter of how far you go.

What is the pattern. So far over the top.

62. Travis’ text about him fearing Jodi.

After break

1. Many years of experience dealing with abusive men.

Most abusive?

2. View is skewed?a

3. Stalking


4. Travis angry in journal


5. Speak negatively in journals about women


6. Hidden messages


7. High IQ. Outsmart psychological tests?

No. She wasn’t successful.

8. Old friend – high school – manipulative, play victim

Elementary school

Anything is possible.

Day 46 April 12th

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Shooting in closet clarified

Ms Wong to testify Monday 11am

Day 47 April 15th

Morning sesssion

Miss Wong testifies re jurors

Evidentiary session regarding enlergament of reflection from TA eye.

Jurors advised that as per the TA eye picture on the big screen, both parties had agreed that Jodi was not holding a knife or gun in her hand when the photograph was taken on June 4th 2008

Day 48 April 16th

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Defence rests it’s case.


Janeen DeMarte – Clinical Psychologist (state rebuttal witness) direct testimony

Janeen DeMarte – cross examination

Day 49 April 17th

Part 1

Part 2

Janeen DeMarte – cross examination continues

(No afternoon session)

Day 50 April 18th

Part 1

Part 2

Difficult controlling anger. DSM. No recurrent physical fights, just she kicked her mum once.

Internal anger – yes. From her family members.

Her mother made a kind neutral comment, her information.

But her mother would hit her. Inapprorpiate intense anger data point.

Frequent displays of temper. Peopel would describe her as being irritable, upset.

Other people described her as being caring, loving, nice…

Email from Arias to Alexander, Feb 14. Ex. 623,.On screen.

She is sorry. At a loss for words. Sometimes she wants to vent. On very rare occasions she does.

Her heart filled with compassion. She didn’t go through it with prosecutor.

6:08She is crying, then she thought of him, she stopped crying. They are kind words to him.

6:55 Happy Valentines Day, Baby. Once we learn the lessons, she talks positively.

8:20 Didn’t clarify if what she says is true. She used this as a data point.

9:20 She conducted MMCI.

Part 3 20 minutes

Email Mrs Hughes He adores her, don’t get more honest than Jodi.


2:15 May 26

Times when he was upset. Called her names, Character assassination. They were harsh names, yes. Not ok.

Pattern stuff. Psychological stuff – damaging.

5:51 Freaking whore – is mean, cuts her down…. Solid form of evil – not kind words, yes, mean

6:50 Different dates. Rare definition.

10:30 Worthless. Three-holed wonder. Abusive.

Text message May 26

14:15 Doesn’t want to mislead anybody

14:46 Asked about Alexander being afraid. Put words in context – yes. He is not alive. Look at other data points that would integrate

16:30 sidebar

Noon recess

Part 4

Janeen DeMarte – cross examination concludes

Aware ten restaurants was over 8 years. More than one at a time? She didn’t get that.

Suicide ideation – after June 4th. After the traumatic event.

DSM says this is not correct

Pattern must be before traumatic event. Restates question.

Diagnosing BPD

When there is trauma, must make sure pattern is before trauma. Ok

Boyfriends. She was single for 14 months before she started dating Darrel.

But witness didn’t understand that. 12 hours was not enough.

She didn’t go back to clarify. She got it wrong.

Strong attachment.

She moved to Mesa

But she moved away April 2008, to another state

In her journal she talked about moving on

Didn’t know about LDS link-up

Calling names

Starting Jan 2007 with Skank ( just kidding )

Hughes email

No doubt he called her names like whore, slut

Does that mean it’s true?

Abusive? Yes.

Not a pattern of verbal abuse

Not a DV expert


She is implying, if you don’t have a license, you cannot be an expert.

Is she an expert? She is stupid.

Magical license


Jan 24 diary entry

Nothing noteworthy to report

Data point : yes

Same day, she cannot marry Travis, head problems.



36:55 minutes : redirect

Janeen DeMarte – redirect

Part 5 Juror questions

AnchorDay 51 April 23 2013

Part 1


Part 2

Part 3

AnchorDay 52 April 24 2013

Part 1

Trial schedule – gap till May 1, witness scheduling

Brown – Helio phone images

Pictures taken June 3rd (?) 2008

636-638 admitted

Walmart receipt is later

Photo of Jodi shown, with time.

Other pictures shown.

Taken by Helio phone.

No other questions.


637 shown. How does he know they are taken with Helio?

Digital cameras embed data into jpeg. Depends on maker.

Can store make, model, serial #. Inside photograph.

2:12pm Time stamp is UTC. Needs interpretung for where camera was.

What point of origin. Phone knows where it is. Translates time.

Encase report. No further. No jury questions.

Flores still under oath.

Measurements involving shower. March 5th this year!

Original search was 3 days. 2 floors. Attic searched? Yes.

Holster? No. Gun case, no? Spare bullets? No. Cleaning kit? No.

Exhibits 639-642. Flores looks at them.

Closet area. Closet shown. Taken March 5th.

Bottom 3 shelves different position. Repositioned.

How are shelves fixed. Free-floating on pins.

Each shelf has 4 pins. Nurmi looking carefully. Approach.

Jodi’s mum looks happy. Talking to blonde next to her.

639-642 admitted.

Empty shelves. Recondigured. Top of shelf 7′ high. 84″. Ceiling 1ft more.

643 admitted (over objection?) 644 admitted (over objection?)

Activity on laptop. Harder, faster, stronger. Song from european group, electronica. Video.

Doesn’t depict nude women.


Video – people dancing around. What did he see. DJ playing music, boxes on heads.

Description matches what Arias said? He doesn’t recall.

How tall is Miss Arias? 5′ 5″, 5′ 6″.

7′ to top of shelf. 8′ to ceiling.

Attempted to put shelves in same spot. Several shelves. Moved three.

All moveable. He didn’t measure other things.

Only measured from bottom to top. No need (Nurmi gets sharp).

Arias has high IQ. Shelves are lower all the way down.

Top of back unit. Same height. She didn’t say the gun was on lower shelf.

Rods with shirts. No shelves on that side.

He doesn’t remember other shelves. She didn’t say it was on lower shelves.

In your work on this case you interviewed the Hughes?

Travis addicted to Jodi? Objection, approach.

Jodi’s grandmum?? Looks tired.

Nurmi asks again. Objection again, approach.

Long sidebar, Sustained.

48 hours. Something provoked Arias? Objection, foundation, scope.


Part 2

Flores cross end

Some sarcasm about investigation.

React to weight. Repeats question. Railings/dividers.

Did he do any assessment about weight react.

No, I did not.

Thank you detective.


Martinez: Why did you concentrate in the corner area? (paraphrased)

Flores: That’s the area where the defendant said she retrieved the gun so I concentrated my measurements in that area.

Close of rebuttal


Jury Questions

Nurmi follow up

Day 53 April 25 2013

Part 1 Horn testimony ( juror questions?? )

Part 2 (Juror 8 dismissed)

Day 54 May 2 2013

Surrebuttal + Super-Surrebutal day

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 Geffner testimony on frontal lobe, bullet

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6 Geffner Cross

Part 7 Horn (see Horn Final ) + Dr Jill Hayes

AnchorDay 55 May 3 2013

Martinez closing argument

Part 2

Part 3

Day 56 May 4 2013

Part 1 – Defence closing argument Jodi smiles when Kirk says he doesn’t like her 9 days out of 10

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 (Rebuttal and Juror Selection)

Jodi Arias Penalty Phase – Day 2 – Motion for Mistrial

Day 65 May 21 2013

Jodi Arias Allocution

Trial Index


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