Jodi tells Travis she is moving back to Yreka

[ March 1, 2008 ]

JA The beginning of March 2008, it was on a Saturday because we were driving.. we were carpool.. we were driving together to a tax seminar…. a tax seminar being held for PPL associates in Tempe…. um… and we were on the Freeway and we began to argue about …. I was moving back to California. .. and it was something I had told him I was considering…. uh maybe a few days or a week prior…. but I didn’t really get into it. So I told him I was for sure going to move, probably right after convention. And, he made a few comments and we argued and the argument escalated and he reached…. well he reached his right hand over to hit me.

KN – In the car while driving?

Jodi – Yes. ….. ummmm…….. I don’t know if he just meant to smack me or what but it was like a backhand….


KN What happened next?

Jodi- I was crying pretty hysterically and I called my mom from the call on my phone. And I asked her if she would please lend me some money so I could move back.

(more filler)

KN so when you asked your mother for money to move back to Yreka, what happens?

Jodi – we turned around on one of the exits because I was crying and he was angry and we decided it would be best to not attend the tax seminar. People there knew us and he was probably just as interested as I was about not letting it be known that we had the kind of drama that we did in our relationship. So he turned the car around and drove me back to my house …. um… the phone conversation with my mom had ended ……… and……….he pulled up to my house… and we had talked the rest of the way a little more calmly. He was apologizing. And he asked if I would come over to his house so he could make it better…. it wasn’t discussed but the implication was make-up sex or something to that effect. So, I leaned in to give him a kiss on his cheek and he leaned in to give me a kiss on the lips. Which I thought was very affectionate because at this point he really was not kissing me on the lips at all. And he walked me to my door, he told me that he loved me, so I went… I changed out of the business clothes I was wearing into more casual clothes and I cleaned myself up a little bit because I had been crying and then I swung by Starbucks to get him a cookies and cream frappucino and I think I got a strawberry and I drove to his house and we hung out.

KN so he hit you in the face

JA no, he didn’t hit me in the face. He might have been aiming for my face but I turned my head and it was more like my jaw/ neck area. Like this area (touching an area hid by her hair). We kind of argued about that too.

Jodi’s journal entry Sunday 2nd March

“Anyway, the next morning, Saturday, he picked me up so we could go to the tax seminar, but ended up not going…..He bought some breakfast at Fili B’s which I was grateful for. Anyways, ON THE WAY HOME BACK HOME I TOLD HIM OF MY PLANS TO MOVE BACK TO YREKA.”


The date of the incident was Saturday 1st March 2008.

Jodi’s journal entry indicates she told Travis on the way back, but as usual this is consistent with hiding the abuse. In fact the reason they never went to the seminar is because of the argument and fight. The fact they didn’t attend the seminar is telling.

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