Testimony of Alyce LaViolette on the Hughes Emails

Towards end of Day 38 Part 2 – see Videos

JW: I just want to be clear, I know when you say “he said” or you’re talking about that you’re not quoting from the email, is that right?
JM: Objection (overruled)
AL: I’m actually taking the written word and summarizing.
JW: Alright, so, let’s try this, again, um, the email that we are talking about, the first email, is it important.., I want you to talk about what’s important in there. What types of .. the context of the email, the subject matter of the email, um, what does it tell you with regard to their relationship?
JW: And again, please don’t quote.
AL: I’m not quoting.
AL: The synopsis is that Mr Alexander has written to his friends ..
JM: Objection, beyond the scope of the question, hearsay (rephrase)
JW: What’s the importance of the email?
AL: The importance of the email is that Mr Alexander has um, responded to the Hughes, and the Hughes have basically indicated to Miss Arias ..
JM: Objection (overruled)
AL: And they have basically advised her, Miss Arias, to move on from the relationship.
JM: Rule 703. (overruled, that answer may stand)
AL: I’m sorry, what did you say Miss LaViolette, what did they advise her to do?
AL: They advised her to move on from the relationship that Mr Alexander has been abusive to women..
JM: Objection (sustained) ( I think the answer is too direct, it is a conclusion )
AL: The question with regard to um, whether or not the Hughes thought that Mr Alexander had previously been abusive with women, is that important to you?
AL: Yes it is.
JW: And does that help you form an opinion about the type of relationship that this ended up to be?
AL: Yes it does.
JW: And so, in this email, is there information contained in the email about whether or not Mr Alexander’s closest friends thought that he had issues with women?
AL: Yes there is.
JW: Alright. And what type of behaviours were the issues that Ms Alexander seemed to have, based on what his friends said?
JM: Objection.. (sidebar)
JW: Miss LaViolette, contained in that email string is there an email from Chris and Sky Hughes to Mr Alexander?
AL: Yes.
JW: And in that email is there important information to you about what other people think or see about how Travis is treating Jodi?
AL: Yes
JW: And what is that information that is important to you?
AL: Information about his prior treatment of other women.
JW: Ok
AL: Information about her fear of telling him anything that she has a problem with because he may reject her. That she doesn’t have an opening to tell them.
JW: Ok
AL: Information about his childhood that they think has greatly affected him in relationship to women.
JW: The type of childhood that he had?
AL: Yes.
AL: Information about other specific women that he has been with and the way he has treated them.
AL: In fact, information that said ..
JM: Objection, hearsay
JW: You’re not going to quote, are you?
AL: No, I’m going to paraphrase.
( overruled.)
AL: Information that Sky Hughes gave that said if Mr Alexander wanted to date..
JM: Objection, overruled
AL: That if Mrs Hughes sister wanted to date Mr Alexander that she would forbid it.
JW: And is that based on some of the behaviours that they see Mr Alexander doing with other women as well as with Jodi?
AL: Yes
AL: The details of his refusal to look at his childhood and his responses about him maybe needing counselling and being willing to look at that.
AL: There was reference to a particular woman, and his manipulation of that woman. There was information about Mr Alexander calling Miss Arias a skank and then acting like it was a joke.
AL: There was information about the way he ignored her in public places and would not allow her to put pictures of them up in places where other people could see them.
AL: Just basic ways that he treated her. They felt he mistreated her, that they actually said that they indicated were abusive. That he called “rough around the edges” and they called abusive.
JM: Objection (sidebar)
JW: Based on the information that you read with regard to the behaviours that the Hughes noticed, with regard to Mr Alexander and Miss Arias, do you consider any of this type of behaviour abusive? Or can you make that assessment at this point?
AL: I’m making an assessment based, um, using that information in a context of other information to make an assessment.
JW: Ok. I’m sorry, go ahead.
AL: And it’s significant because these are the two people who he values most in his life apparently at this time and who also very much value him.
JW: Ok. And so, is this information something that is important to you when you are considering with the context of everything going on.
AL: Yes, it is.

See also The Hughes Emails

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