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and cases of Wrongful Conviction

Debra Milke

Released on bail after 23 years on death row in Arizona. Finally exonerated 17 March 2015


Elements of Criminal Law

Free Jessica Burlew

Jessica Burlew is being charged as an adult for the accidental death of a sexual predator.


In the pursuit of justice, due process and fairness ought to be valued

Justice For Brad Cooper

Discussion of the unfair investigation and trial of Brad Cooper - Raleigh, NC

Forensic Science in North Carolina

NC Indigent Defense Services Blog

Wrongful Convictions Blog

addressing wrongful conviction and actual innocence issues around the globe

Dare to Think

Be Informed.

Spotlight on law

The Jodi Arias Murder Trial (The other side of the story)

Lawyers on Strike

Because the System is Broken

Waterfront Whisky

Whisky round the world viewed from Cape Town


for the latest South African news

Elizabeth Ann Schilling

The Simple Truth in a Changing Society



Autopsy Law

Mandatory Autopsy Law


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