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Margot Burns ( first name changed ) contacted me in August, stating that she encountered serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards in 1971. He was introduced to her by John Gotti ( she did not know who Edwards or Gotti were until 2015 ). She was terrorised by Edwards, Gotti and other mafia members from January to April 1971. She was 18, pregnant, but unmarried, living in a tiny apartment converted from a garage at 1020B S River Road in West Sacramento.

In mid-December 1970, a woman calling herself Lucy moved into the apartment converted from the other half of the garage. The next day Margot met Lucy. That week-end Margot went to Lucy’s apartment for potato gravy and biscuits, and met an Italian-American man who identified himself as John, who later introduced her to Edwards.

Around 1st January 1971, Margot went again to Lucy’s apartment, and believes she was drugged.

“I was taken to the whorehouse after I was drugged. That was to be where I would be staying, locked away, until I gave birth. I was only taken back to the apartment because I told the madam who my brother was. She told John she liked me, I was a “good girl”, and was “a keeper”. She told him he should take me home. It was then that I became his “cover girl”. I was later told that other pregnant women were kept there until they gave birth. Then the babies were sold to an attorney in San Francisco. It was John who told me how the babies were gotten and sold.”

In March, Edwards prepared and sent the Pines card. Margot had to help him prepare it. The card was to be hand-delivered to the post office on March 22, 1971. [ This is the same day the “Zodiac Killer leads” article was published in the Akron Beacon journal, in which Edwards anonymously claimed another prisoner at Deer Lodge could be the Zodiac killer. ]

Edwards explained to her how the card ( and other Zodiac killer cards ) encoded his identity.

Many years later, Edwards visited her again, confessing in detail to how he had directed two men to plan the remains of Laci Peterson where they were found on the shore of San Francisco Bay in April 2003.

Margot: “He told me about parking the car and walking by the tree, going past the puddle, and taking the walk down to where he could direct how the body was positioned. The raft floated between the two rocks and the body was lifted to the flat rock.”

Edwards named one of the men who he directed as Jean Paul, resident of the Albany Bulb, near where the remains of Peterson were found.

Edwards also confessed in detail to the murders of murders of Elizabeth Short in 1947, Stephanie Bryan in 1955 and Paul Lee Stine on 11 October, 1969.

Margot also insisted that Edwards was not born June 14, 1933 as he claimed in his autobiography, but earlier. NCIC records show that Edwards was likely born May 30, 1928.

Edwards also told Margot that Jean Paul was paid for his help with “Ice Ice Baby”, i.e. Crystal Meth. ( Margot was known as “Baby” ), a reference to the popular song.

When I told Margot about a line in the penultimate page of a website apparently made by Edwards:

“Eddie Rabbit was running and the FBI was not going to chase him.”

Margot said “turned her every which way but loose. Ed said those words to me about Laci.”, “Every Which Way but Loose” being the 1978 Clint Eastwood film, opened by a song written by Eddie Rabbit with the same title. Edwards Ed apparently adopted the name “Rabbit”, apparently to confuse anyone who investigated. Robert “Rabbit” Barringer, was named as a suspect by film make Chris Howard in an investigation he did in 2004.

I have interviewed Margot extensively in the months October to August 2019, by Facebook messenger, checking many details of her account against other sources, some of which are personal and remain unpublished. I have also information from Margene Morrison, who has stated that Edwards terrorised her also, at the direction of J. Edgar Hoover.

I have also sent this information also to Vallejo Police and Scott Peterson’s attorneys.

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