Email to Vallejo PD

Zodiac killer investigation
Sent 18/09/2019 13:54


I have been talking (by Facebook messaging) to a woman who says she witnessed Edward Wayne Edwards ( the convicted serial killer ) preparing the Zodiac killer “Pines” card in March 1971.

I believe you have an open investigation into the Zodiac killer case.

This woman was pregnant, age 18 and unmarried at the time.

She was coerced into helping Edwards prepare the card, and it’s possible her DNA would be on the card.

If the card could be tested, and her DNA was found, it would corroborate what she is telling me.

Her story is complex and detailed, we have exchanged hundreds of messages, and I find her credible.

You may be aware of other circumstantial evidence linking the Zodiac killer to Edward Wayne Edwards, I have a copy of John Cameron’s book on Edwards, and am the author of this website:

Please let me know if you would like to know more.

My preferred method of communication is Facebook, whether by PM message or a video call, but email is also ok.

My Facebook account is

Kind regards,
George Barwood


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