Jodi Arias – Sempre Libera

Sempre Libera ( Always Free ) from La Traviata ( The Strayed Woman )


Free and aimless I frolic, from joy to joy, flowing along the surface of life’s path as I please.
As the day is born, or as the day dies, happily I turn to the new delights that make my spirit soar – Violetta
Love is a heartbeat throughout the universe, mysterious, altering, the torment and delight of my heart – Alfredo
Oh! Oh! Love! Madness! Euphoria – Violetta

Sempre libera degg´io, folleggiare di gioia in gioia, vo´che scorra il viver mio, pei sentieri del piacer.
Nasca il giorno, o il giorno muoia, sempre lieta ne´ ritrovi, a diletti sempre nuovi dee volare il mio pensier. – Violetta
Amor è palpito dell´universo intero, misterioso, altero, croce e delizia al cor. – Alfredo
Oh! Oh! Amore! Follie! Gioir! – Violetta


Domestic violence

Connection to Jodi

Connection to Debra

Connection to Diane

  • Diane Downs has been wrongly in prison since 1984, with very few supporters. Please support Diane.

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Please also support all the wrongly convicted listed here.

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