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Jeremy Bamber Long Version

On August 7th, 1985 around 7.45 am armed police entered White House Farmhouse after breaking down the kitchen door and found Nevill Bamber, his wife June, their adopted daughter Sheila and her twin children all shot dead.

It was apparently a case of murder-suicide, Sheila had apparently shot the others and then herself. All the doors and windows on the ground floor were secure, bolted and locked from the inside.

Sheila had been diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia, and had also been using illegal drugs such as cannabis and cocaine, so it was not hard to believe that she had shot her entire family and herself. The Bamber’s adopted son Jeremy told police that he had loaded the hunting rifle the previous evening to shoot some rabbits, but had not fired any rounds. He had unloaded the gun, but left it in the kitchen.

However, a month later on September 7th, Jeremy’s ex-girlfriend Julie Mugford gave a statement to police claiming that Jeremy had confessed on the day of the murders to hiring a hitman to murder his family. This however turned out to be untrue, the hitman turned out to have a solid alibi, and other details in Julies’s statement were obviously fabricated from false theories and rumours that were circulating. It is clear that Julie changed her story just after Jeremy told her he did not want to see her any more in a fit of jealousy.

At trial, the prosecution case rested mainly on a silencer that was found by relatives in downstairs cupboard. Blood found in the silencer was alleged to be human and compatible only with Sheila, implying that the silencer had been on the gun when Sheila was shot.

However in March 2000, DNA tests showed DNA in the moderator was not compatible with Sheila’s DNA, undermining the prosecution case.

The Criminal Case Review Commission concluded that “if the evidence about the blood in the sound moderator could not be viewed as having the significance attached to it at trial, then the rest of the evidence would not be sufficient to maintain a conviction” and referred the case to the Supreme Court.

However the Supreme Court rejected the appeal, concluding that the DNA results could be simply due to contamination, and did not invalidate the earlier blood type results.

Apart from the blood in the silencer, the rest of the prosecution case was very weak and made little sense. Jeremy’s car had been parked outside his home all night, and no tracks were detected on muddy tracks he could have used to travel to and from the farmhouse in the middle of the night from his home four miles away. Travelling by road would entail passing many houses, and a substantial risk of being seen.

In addition, Jeremy had called police to tell them Nevill had called, saying Sheila had gone crazy and had got the gun. He had tried to call back, but the line was engaged. It was clear that if Nevill had called Jeremy, then surely Sheila was responsible. But conversely if Sheila had not shot herself, it was clear that Jeremy had to have murdered his family ( or possibly hired someone as Julie claimed ). By calling police, he effectively framed himself, if there was solid evidence that Sheila had not shot herself.

It was also difficult to see how anyone could have staged Sheila’s suicide. The gun was positioned under her chin, and there was no sign of a struggle. Why would she have meekly sat still, given her mother was lying shot dead a few feet away near the entrance to the master bedroom? She had also been shot twice, making it even more unlikely she would have sat still while her suicide was staged.

There is even evidence that Sheila was alive long after 3 am, implying that she must have shot herself. There was no livor mortis visible seven and a half hours later.

Following the 2002 appeal, a withheld report was found showing that the blood in the silencer could in fact be animal blood. This possibility was never known to the jury, and is a much more plausible source for the blood found in the silencer.

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FBI misconduct

Points for Dianne Feinstein

Two witnesses have come forward, with information about a serial killer known to the FBI, Edward Wayne Edwards.

Based on their information, J. Edgar Hoover allowed Edwards out of Federal Prison to terrorise innocent people, carry out assassinations, and frame innocent people.

The FBI are refusing FOIA requests for information on Edwards ( who died on death row in 2011 ), even though information about Edwards is highly relevant to people still in prison, and even on death row in California. See

One witness is Margot Burns. Edwards confessed multiple murders to her.
She met Edwards in 1971, and John Gotti at a time when Gotti was meant to be in Federal Prison.
Instead, Gotti was able to carry out an operation against the “Brown Berets”.

The other witness is Margene Morrison. She was terrorised by Edwards, who told her how J. Edgar Hoover was impressed by Edwards.

Please can you take the appropriate action. This would appear to be a legitimate subject for investigation by Congress, as it concerns unconstitutional ongoing activity by the FBI.

New evidence connecting numerous wrongful convictions to serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards

Wrongly Convicted Group Website

The case of Elizabeth Short ( the “Black Dahlia” ) murdered in January 1947 turns out to be a key piece in a complex puzzle of evidence connecting serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards to multiple wrongful convictions. This was first documented in a book by John Cameron “IT’S ME, Edward Wayne Edwards, the Serial Killer You Never Heard Of”. This article seeks to give an overview of these cases, and to explain further evidence discovered since Cameron’s book was published, which adds significant confirmation, especially a new witness who encountered Edwards in the first few months of 1971.


Josephine Ross, Frances Brown and Suzanne Degnan
( William Heirens convicted )

On June 5, 1945, 43-year-old Josephine Ross was found dead in her apartment at 4108 North Kenmore Avenue, Chicago. She had been repeatedly stabbed, and her head was wrapped in a dress. She was presumed to have surprised…

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Who killed Teresa Halbach?

Wrongly Convicted Group Website

This is an update of evidence that Edward Wayne Edwards, the serial killer, was involved in, and likely killed, Teresa Halbach ( leading to the wrongful conviction of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey ). The earlier evidence linking Edwards to the murder was in the form of two anonymous messages ( anonymous taunting messages are part of Edwards’ MO, see for example Laci Peterson remains planted or Chris Coleman or the Zodiac Killer or Elizabeth Short ), see here.

The new evidence is messages contained in at least 150 messages left by “I Killed Laci Peterson” on the “Fratpack forum” ( which may well have been run by Edwards and/or his associates ), from October 11, 2005 to at least November 10, 2005.

[ Teresa Halbach disappeared on October 31, 2005 ]

Selected messages, with possible interpretations in brackets [ … ]

95. Tue Oct 11, 2005 6:05…

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Pitch to Huffington Post

Margot Burns ( first name changed ) contacted me in August, stating that she encountered serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards in 1971. He was introduced to her by John Gotti ( she did not know who Edwards or Gotti were until 2015 ). She was terrorised by Edwards, Gotti and other mafia members from January to April 1971. She was 18, pregnant, but unmarried, living in a tiny apartment converted from a garage at 1020B S River Road in West Sacramento.

In mid-December 1970, a woman calling herself Lucy moved into the apartment converted from the other half of the garage. The next day Margot met Lucy. That week-end Margot went to Lucy’s apartment for potato gravy and biscuits, and met an Italian-American man who identified himself as John, who later introduced her to Edwards.

Around 1st January 1971, Margot went again to Lucy’s apartment, and believes she was drugged.

“I was taken to the whorehouse after I was drugged. That was to be where I would be staying, locked away, until I gave birth. I was only taken back to the apartment because I told the madam who my brother was. She told John she liked me, I was a “good girl”, and was “a keeper”. She told him he should take me home. It was then that I became his “cover girl”. I was later told that other pregnant women were kept there until they gave birth. Then the babies were sold to an attorney in San Francisco. It was John who told me how the babies were gotten and sold.”

In March, Edwards prepared and sent the Pines card. Margot had to help him prepare it. The card was to be hand-delivered to the post office on March 22, 1971. [ This is the same day the “Zodiac Killer leads” article was published in the Akron Beacon journal, in which Edwards anonymously claimed another prisoner at Deer Lodge could be the Zodiac killer. ]

Edwards explained to her how the card ( and other Zodiac killer cards ) encoded his identity.

Many years later, Edwards visited her again, confessing in detail to how he had directed two men to plan the remains of Laci Peterson where they were found on the shore of San Francisco Bay in April 2003.

Margot: “He told me about parking the car and walking by the tree, going past the puddle, and taking the walk down to where he could direct how the body was positioned. The raft floated between the two rocks and the body was lifted to the flat rock.”

Edwards named one of the men who he directed as Jean Paul, resident of the Albany Bulb, near where the remains of Peterson were found.

Edwards also confessed in detail to the murders of murders of Elizabeth Short in 1947, Stephanie Bryan in 1955 and Paul Lee Stine on 11 October, 1969.

Margot also insisted that Edwards was not born June 14, 1933 as he claimed in his autobiography, but earlier. NCIC records show that Edwards was likely born May 30, 1928.

Edwards also told Margot that Jean Paul was paid for his help with “Ice Ice Baby”, i.e. Crystal Meth. ( Margot was known as “Baby” ), a reference to the popular song.

When I told Margot about a line in the penultimate page of a website apparently made by Edwards:

“Eddie Rabbit was running and the FBI was not going to chase him.”

Margot said “turned her every which way but loose. Ed said those words to me about Laci.”, “Every Which Way but Loose” being the 1978 Clint Eastwood film, opened by a song written by Eddie Rabbit with the same title. Edwards Ed apparently adopted the name “Rabbit”, apparently to confuse anyone who investigated. Robert “Rabbit” Barringer, was named as a suspect by film make Chris Howard in an investigation he did in 2004.

I have interviewed Margot extensively in the months October to August 2019, by Facebook messenger, checking many details of her account against other sources, some of which are personal and remain unpublished. I have also information from Margene Morrison, who has stated that Edwards terrorised her also, at the direction of J. Edgar Hoover.

I have also sent this information also to Vallejo Police and Scott Peterson’s attorneys.

Who Killed Laci Peterson?

Wrongly Convicted Group Website

Many people have been re-examining the case of Scott Peterson and coming to the conclusion that he did not murder his wife Laci Peterson in December 2002.

This blog post addresses the question : “If Scott did not murder Laci, who did?”.

There is no way to be certain, but nevertheless, there are reasons to suspect the involvement of serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards. The main evidence in support of this theory are anonymous messages, and evidence which suggests Edwards was the Zodiac Killer.

The first anonymous message, shown below, was sent to the Modesto Bee on May 4, 2003. ( Note that the bodies of Conner and Laci were discovered on April 13 and 14, Scott was arrested on April 18, Easter Day was Sunday 20 April ).EdwardsLetterAMessageFromGod

This appears to be a confession that the writer framed Scott Peterson.

Then, from March 22, 2005 through August 6…

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Jurors, proof and the death penalty

The problem seems to be that many jurors just do not have a proper conception and understanding of proof, and appeal courts show extreme deference to the judgement of jurors. So somebody can be convicted of murder based entirely on speculation rather than proof.

One sign is a trial of extreme length. That happens when there is no proof and it’s all guesswork what really happened, or worse it’s clear a person is innocent but they are still found guilty.

There is also evidence that jurors who are in favour of the death penalty are precisely those jurors who will convict when evidence of guilt is lacking, so the death penalty compounds the problem.

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What on earth happened to poor Tommy Robinson? 10 Things You Should Know.

The Secret Barrister

It can now be reported that Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, convicted fraudster, sometime-football hooligan and self-reinvented free speech advocate, was on Friday 25 May 2018 imprisoned for 13 months for contempt of court after livestreaming a broadcast, including footage of participants in a criminal trial, outside Leeds Crown Court.

Some people will have seen reference to this on social media; others may have had the plight of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – to use his real name – drawn to their attention by the hordes of protestors storming London over the May bank holiday weekend. But there has not, until today, been mainstream coverage of the case due to a reporting restriction – what is known as a “postponement order” – that forbade publication of these facts until after the conclusion of the trial (and subsequent related trial) upon which he was purporting to “report”.


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The Guilt of Scott Peterson: When You’re 50% Sure You Were 100% Right

For the past couple months, I’ve had a feeling of guilt over presuming someone else’s guilt.

This started 15 years ago back when I was the new morning guy at KHOP in Modesto, California. You probably don’t know much about Modesto. If the small city’s name does ring a bell, there’s a 99% chance it’s because you remember the story of the horrendous murder of Laci Peterson. The only thing you could possibly otherwise know it for is it was the setting for the movie American Graffiti. But you’re probably not old enough to remember that movie. I’m not. And I’m old.

My time in Modesto was too long. The people were nice. Really nice. Generous, kind, down to earth hard working people. But the city itself was brutally dull. I have two prominent memories of life in Modesto. A nearly constant breathtaking sour odor of cow manure on the…

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