FBI misconduct

Points for Dianne Feinstein

Two witnesses have come forward, with information about a serial killer known to the FBI, Edward Wayne Edwards.

Based on their information, J. Edgar Hoover allowed Edwards out of Federal Prison to terrorise innocent people, carry out assassinations, and frame innocent people.

The FBI are refusing FOIA requests for information on Edwards ( who died on death row in 2011 ), even though information about Edwards is highly relevant to people still in prison, and even on death row in California. See https://ededwardsserialkiller.wordpress.com/fbi/

One witness is Margot Burns. Edwards confessed multiple murders to her.
See https://ededwardsserialkiller.wordpress.com/pines-card-witness/
She met Edwards in 1971, and John Gotti at a time when Gotti was meant to be in Federal Prison.
Instead, Gotti was able to carry out an operation against the “Brown Berets”.

The other witness is Margene Morrison. She was terrorised by Edwards, who told her how J. Edgar Hoover was impressed by Edwards.
See https://ededwardsserialkiller.wordpress.com/margene/

Please can you take the appropriate action. This would appear to be a legitimate subject for investigation by Congress, as it concerns unconstitutional ongoing activity by the FBI.

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