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Scott Peterson’s Habeas Appeal

Scott Peterson’s Habeas appeal is a lengthy document, running to 285 pages, so I thought it might be useful to write a short summary. Very briefly, the case is as follows:

Case summary

On December 24, 2002, Scott reported that his wife Laci was missing from their Modesto, California home. Laci was eight months pregnant with a due date of February 10, 2003. The couple had planned to name her baby boy Conner. The story attracted nationwide media interest. Scott told police that he had made a trip to Berkeley Marina that day, and police made an intensive but unsuccessful search of the Bay near that location, suspecting that he may have murdered Laci and disposed of the body there.

On April 13, 2003, Conner’s body was found close to shore just North of Berkeley Marina, and the next day Laci’s body was found in the same area, also close to the shore. The exact date and cause of Laci’s death could not be determined.

Scott was arrested, tried and found guilty of the murder of his wife and unborn son, and sentenced to death on March 16, 2005.

The fundamental question is whether Scott disposed of Laci’s body, or whether some unknown person or persons planted the bodies in order to cause his arrest and trial.

The State alleged that the murder was premeditated, and that Scott bought a boat to dispose of Laci’s body. Police found a concrete anchor Scott had made, and suggested that he had made four similar anchors to weigh Laci’s body down. A single hair, said to have been Laci’s, was found on a pair of pliers from Peterson’s boat. The state suggested that Laci was murdered before Scott left the house on December 24,

In more detail, the state’s theory was that

  • Scott killed Laci in their home between the night of December 23 and the morning of December 24, possibly by suffocation.
  • Scott put the leash on McKenzi and let him loose in the neighborhood so that it would appear that Laci had been abducted while she walked the dog. Scott moved the body to his Modesto warehouse by putting it in a toolbox in the back of his truck.
  • At the warehouse, Scott then attached homemade cement anchors to the body and placed it in the back of his 14-foot Sears-Roebuck boat which he then towed to the Berkeley marina.
  • When Scott got to the marina he launched the boat and, once on the bay, he pushed the body (with the anchors) overboard.
  • Scott committed the crime either for financial reasons or to obtain freedom from Laci and Conner.

It is not disputed that Scott took his boat out on the bay, but the state did not prove Laci’s body was in it. Scott accurately described an island he visited near the marina.

The state suggested that a dog detected Laci’s scent at the marina.

The Habeas Appeal

The appeal makes nineteen claims in all, I will concentrate on those that seem to me to be the strongest points.

  1. One of the jurors lied during voir dire when asked if she had ever been the victim of a crime. In fact, “when the juror was four and one-half months pregnant in November of 2000, she and her unborn baby were threatened, assaulted and stalked by her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend”.
  2. An expert called by the prosecution testified that Conner, Laci’s unborn child, died on Dec 23 or Dec 24, 2002, using a formula devised by by Dr. Phillipe Jeanty. However, the defense alleges that the estimate was not done correctly, and the correct calculation would indicate that Conner did not die until January 3, 2003, undermining the State’s case.
  3. An expert  on canine scent detection, Dr. Myers, has concluded that the claim that a dog detected Laci Peterson’s scent at the Berkeley Marina on December 28, 2002, is completely unreliable, and would have appeared completely unreliable to any expert adequately trained in the field of canine scent detection.
  4. The defense claims that a state expert wrongly testified that the bodies must have been placed in the bay near Brooks Island, where Scott went fishing.
  5. The defense has discovered evidence that the Petersons’ gate was open between 10:35 and 10:50 a.m. on Dec 24, 2002. This is very significant, because 15 to 30 minutes earlier a witness had put the family dog Mckenzi back into the yard and closed the gate. The only reasonable conclusion is that Laci took the dog for a walk around 10:30am, meaning that Scott is innocent.
  6. In addition, there were three eyewitnesses who saw Laci walking Mckenzi.  Diane Campos saw a “very pregnant” woman walking a dog  that looked like a golden retriever with a white marking down the front of his chest around 10:45am. Two days later, Campos saw a poster of Laci Peterson, and stated she was sure it was the same person, and reported the sighting to the police. Frank Aguilar reported seeing a pregnant woman walking a Labrador Retriever some time between 9:30am and 11:00am. Aguilar was sure the woman he saw was Laci Peterson. Finally, William Mitchell also saw Laci and Mckenzi on December 24, 2002.
  7. Finally, a corrections office heard Adam Tenbrink telling his brother that Steven Todd admitted that Laci had seen him breaking into the Medina’s home,  some time after 10:35am on Dec 24.

Of course this quick summary is no substitute for reading the full appeal, and I would urge anyone interested in the case to do just that. It is available here.





Scott Peterson – Edward W. Edwards – IKLP Code Cracked

Summary: Edward Wayne Edwards, who later confessed to being a serial killer, constructed both the Zodiac code and the IKLP code.

The IKLP ( “I Killed Laci Peterson” ) Short Code is


Source :, Page 4 (Copy:The_IKLP_Investigation) See also IKLP posts updated 09-25-08
which is linked from

When will the games end?

Many of you may have been following the discussion on OPORD Analytical’s forum, based on the claims by its owner, Mr. Chris Farmer, to have cracked the IKLP code. For those of you who haven’t been, this is a brief background.

IKLP Code & Rhymes

From March 22, 2005 through August 6, 2006, a poster using the handle “I Killed Laci Peterson” posted 544 messages on the Fratpack forum. As is often the case, the handle was shortened to the acronym IKLP when addressed by other members. The 544 messages mostly consisted of rhymes about the Laci Peterson case, presented as “clues” to the identity of the murderer, and taunts and jabs directed at specific members of Fratpack.

IKLP outrightly claimed to be Laci’s abductor and murderer, not only by the handle but in the content of many of the rhymes.

So, take 28527-8240-791-94-7 and drop the 0 and every other digit ( the same as for the decoding of the Zodiac Short Code , which decodes to “I’M EDWARD E” ) and you have :

8 2 8 4 9 9 7

Take the letters of EDWARD E, remove duplicates : EDWAR

Assign the used digits from the short code, descending order
9 – E ( “e” is similar to mirror image of “9” )
8 – D ( “8” can be made with two D’s – see Zodiac code )
7 – W ( W can be made from two 7s )
4 – A ( “A” when tilted to the right becomes “4” )
2 – R ( “R” is slightly similar to “2” )

Apply cipher to string 8 2 8 4 9 9 7 => D R D A E E W

Unscramble ( Anagram ) D R D A E E W => E D W A R D  E.

Going the other way

To look at it the other way, suppose Edwards wants to sign himself “Edward E” using numbers, in a memorable way.

He needs digits for these letters “EDWAR”.
He thinks 987654321 – how shall I assign, to be memorable?
E = e reversed is 9.
D = 8 ( he used this before)
W = 7 7 ( if you rotate the sevens )
A = 4 ( if you tip the A over )
R = 2 ( not that similar, but slightly )

So he takes these codes and gets 9874289
Now change the order 8284997
Finally, mix in arbitrary alternate digits (2,5,7,2,7,1,4) and a “0” ( the same Steganography as used in the Zodiac short code  ) and you get ( note : this is the even digits, then zero, then the odd digits ).

28527-8240-791-94-7 : that is the code he used.


You might quite reasonably ask : how arbitrary is this decoding?

It might seem reasonable to be sceptical, until you realise Edwards used a similar scheme in his Zodiac short code. To some extent the coding is “mnenomic”, associations that could be remembered, mirroring, putting two symbols together, etc.

The conclusion: IKLP was Edward Wayne Edwards, and likely he was involved in Laci’s abduction and murder.

See also Notes on Edward Wayne Edwards and Killer of Laci Peterson identified?

Also published as a Facebook Note at Scott Peterson is Innocent

Notes on Edward Wayne Edwards

October 1972 

Prison interviews, Part 1: 

Part 2 : 

More | More | More

John Cameron talks about Edwards July 2014:

Some notes I made while listening to

A Zodiac cryptogram decodes to Edward Edwards name. “I’M EDWARD E”

In most cases, someone else was convicted of Edwards’ crime.

He was FBI informant from 1950, on his own murders.

His family moved, he would make friends with the police, using an assumed identity. He used “Wayne” as his first name when assuming an alias.

He used police uniforms, and sent setup letters.

Some setups executed, some still serving.

Jon Benet Ramsey is tied in by signature on letter. Victory SBTC.

The MO is kill on Christian holidays. Letters suggested look for a satanist.

In 2000s he was blogger. On murder sites.

1st killing 1946, Chicago. Young girl, lured to basement, dismembered. Taunted press. 13 years old. Started aged 11.

He put up websites on early killings. Black Dahlia. Put up 2002.

John Anthony Cameron has been working on it for 5 years.

Ideas from Satanism, carried out.

Deb Laveson The number of cases he didn’t put into the book, George, is an amazing number, not because Edwards didn’t do them, but because they never got the sensational news stories like Laci did and so researching them was much more difficult. It took him awhile to figure out how to get the media attention, but once he did, he did it EVERY TIME.

John had no idea where it was going to go, magnitude.

Died aged 77, natural causes, in 2011.

Sent him Candy in prison ( diabetic, may have contributed to death? )

Count in 1996 – 500 people murdered.

Deb Laveson “Highly unlikely. Edwards probably used the candy for favors in the prison hospital.”

Psychology is contempt for “system”.

After Edwards died, John thought he would just write a book.

Big years 1946 – 1996. Announced 500 people murdered.

BlackDahlia website has details of codes ( confirmed earlier racking ).

Started to make timeline of killings. Took 3 years. Still finding more murders.

Zodiac killer was always false leads, haha, smarter than you.

Edwards sent John Walsh letters, revealed in 2006.

Edwards would go to towns and create terror.

“Scorpion” letters.

Zodiac sign written in lipstick. bathtub murder, 2010. Last setup. False confession, setup plead guilty, due to death penalty.

Commonality – biggest, tied to book, “Metamorphis of a killer”, published 1972. Establishes where he was.

He was in every major city in the US.

He was informing FBI.

Sent letters to press or victim’s family.

Comments originally posted at

See also Killer of Laci Peterson identified? and Scott Peterson – Edward W. Edwards – IKLP Code Cracked ?

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Killer of Laci Peterson identified?

There is a very interesting development in the Scott Peterson case, a credible person ( retired cold case detective John A. Cameron) believes he has identified the killer.

Briefly, Cameron claims Laci Peterson was murdered by Edward Wayne Edwards (June 14, 1933 – April 7, 2011) , a known serial killer.

The claim is that Edwards was a psychopath killer, who not only killed, but planted bodies and used letters to confuse and taunt the police. Part of the claim is that Edwards was the “Zodiac Killer“.

Cameron has written a book and website about Edwards.

A link to Scott Peterson is a mysterious document sent to the judge and defense in May 2004, which references the Zodiac Killer. [Edit: 24 March, 2015] This document is actually not very relevant, more relevant are BB posts by “IKLP”, including a Short and Long code, typical of Edwards. See here and here. See Scott Peterson – Edward W. Edwards – IKLP Code Cracked ? ! [End Edit]

Cameron says Edwards also killed Chandra Levy.

It’s early days, but I find Cameron’s claims to be credible.

See here for discussion.

Other unsolved cases attributed to Edwards:

See also Notes on Edward Wayne Edwards

Discussion on unscrambling the short code.