Email to Scott Peterson lawyers

To: Cc:

To Cliff Gardner, Fred Renfroe

Cliff, Fred

I have been asked to send this email by a woman who has contacted me, REDACTED ( Margot ).

She met a serial killer in 1971, Edward Wayne Edwards, who later confessed to her in detail that he directed two men to plant the remains of Laci Peterson where they were found on April 13, 2003. He told her exactly how Laci’s remains were positioned, clearly intent on making his confession credible. He also named one of the men, and gave Margot many other secrets, including confessions to other murders.

There is extraordinary corroboration for what she has told me, in the form of other sources, such as

A  letter Edwards sent to the Modesto Bee on May 4, 2003 titled “A Message from God”

A long series of internet messages left by Edwards under the name “I Killed Laci Peterson”

A website Edwards made  ( see )

A report written by Chris Howard dated May 1, 2005

It’s a very complex story, which I have published as an interlinked set of web pages and public Facebook posts.

This is one starting point:

I believe her story to be extremely credible, albeit very unusual.

I must stress that Margot has PTSD which makes it stressful to recover her memories of Edwards, and a medical condition which means that such stress is even dangerous. She explained to me: “Just the thought of the act of searching back through my mind to when Ed first appeared will cause my adrenaline to soar to the highest levels. I have Adrenal Insufficiency because of the pituitary tumours and radiation treatments. When your adrenaline goes up your body makes Cortisol to bring it back down. My body can’t make the Cortisol. If I can’t take enough replacement of the Cortisol, in pill form or an injection, to bring the adrenaline back down I will go into crisis and die.”

She is nevertheless willing to be interviewed, and to sign an affidavit to what she has told me.

Please proceed with the utmost caution and care.

I suggest a female investigator with experience in interviewing women with PTSD.

Please take care to ensure her name is not published if at all possible. I have used the name Margot to refer to her throughout.

You can contact her via her Facebook account, which is

[ Redacted ]

I hope that you can do this as soon as possible, in the interests of justice.

If you have any questions, I am very happy to respond by email, telephone or my facebook account which is

My entire interaction with Margo has been over Facebook, mainly by Facebook Messenger, many hundred of messages.

I am also willing to sign an affidavit and testify as required, or to provide you with anything you require.

Yours very sincerely,
George Barwood

[ My address & telephone numbers REDACTED ]

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