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CSC trial for Hawks man continues
July 17, 2014, Jordan Travis – News Staff Writer , Alpena News

ROGERS CITY – Jurors heard more testimony Wednesday in the trial of a Hawks man accused of sex acts against a young girl.

First of all I want to say that the writer of this article is totally biased in favor of Prosecuting Attorney Richard Steiger. I and many other people of this community read an article in the Alpena Paper that said Richard Steiger was crushing up his prescription Narcotic pain killers and snorting them up his nose. This article soon disappeared from the news and was replaced by one that said he use to crush up his pills and put them in a glass of water. Travis had also violated the HIPA laws by reporting medical information about people in his articles with out their permission. When his editor was confronted by Storm he lied and said it was not included in any articles.

Jeremiah Allen Dewey, 36, is charged with four counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. Dewey rejects the charges, and on Wednesday 12 people testified in 53rd Circuit Court with Judge Scott Pavlich presiding. That includes a detective who investigated a recent molestation allegation, Dewey’s father and a number of medical and child welfare professionals.

Child Protective Services employee Pam Idema previously testified that Dewey was investigated in 2005 after an anonymous caller accused him of molesting the girl. After CPS and the Michigan State Police looked into the matter, both departments closed their investigations due to lack of evidence. MSP Trooper Mike Jermeay said he’d been involved, and told the girl’s mother the matter would be closed unless new information came to light.

The Anonymous caller did not claim Jeremiah was the molester. No one was identified that is why Nathan and I were questioned by MSP and Pam. Jeremiah was never question by anyone. This was because Brittney told everyone involved in this investigation that she was not being sexually touched by anyone.

In 2013, the girl told a number of people that Dewey had touched her inappropriately in March of that year. That included Dr. Kelly Baskind, who testified the girl told her during an appointment that Dewey had molested her, both recently and earlier when she was five. The girl described to her the recent incident, and said she was afraid of Dewey and feared he’d molest her younger sister. The girl had lived in Washington with her aunt for several years, and she told Baskind that it was because of what Dewey allegedly did when she was five.

Brittney told three people. She texted her grand mother in Utah, and her ex-boyfriend Melik in Virginia people who could not do any thing to help her. She did not tell anyone locally not even her mother until the next day so that no proof of the molestation could be found or not. Her family moved back to Washington State in 2005. Crystal and John Brittney considered her mother and father. That is were she wanted to live. Until she got caught drink alcohol, smoking marijuana, and having sex. This is all contained in the Sheriff incident report.

Baskind reported the allegation, as law requires, and Presque Isle County Sheriff Department Det. Steven Porter investigated, he said. He recently retired, but in 2013 he found information that led in part to the charges Dewey currently faces.

Porter was told this information by Brittney on the first day of his investigation and it states this in his incident report.

While Porter was investigating, Don Dewey, Jeremiah’s father, told him that Jeremiah had been investigated in 2005 and the investigation was closed. Porter obtained a copy of that investigation and wanted to learn why the girl had been diagnosed with genital herpes. The girl’s mother had been briefly married to a man during a break in her relationship with Dewey, and she’d told Porter the man might have given the girl genital herpes. However, the man provided test results showing he doesn’t carry that type of the virus.

Porter obtained the investigation by getting it from his son who is a Michigan State Police officer. Storm was married to a abusive, convicted felon before Jeremiah. This man use to abuse Brittney mentally, physically, and possibly sexually as per a letter from a witness to this abuse Laura Matthews of Washington State. This man does have herpes and Porter knew that.

After obtaining a warrant for Jeremiah Dewey’s blood for testing, Porter learned that Dewey did carry that type of the virus, Porter said. The girl told Porter about Dewey’s alleged acts in 2013 and 2005.

Every one involved in this case has herpes. Brittney had two tests in 2005. One showing she did not have it, and one showing she did have it. No paper work was ever shown or produced that showed Jeremiah has herpes.

“She made the comment that it felt like almost every day,” he said.

She did not make this remark in 2005. She claimed that no one was sexually touching her to the MSP, CPS, and the Doctor.

Porter never saw blood test results done at birth for the girl or her brother, but did see the results of later tests for their mother, he said.

He had also seen a medical report from 1998.  He and the Prosecuting said that this report said that Brittney did not have herpes in 1998. We got a copy of this report from the same source that the Prosecuting Attorney got theirs from. This Medical Record says that in 1998 Brittney was never tested for STD’s. That is why the Prosecuting Attorney did not want the medical records used in these trials they would have shown that they lied about them.

The girl had texted her biological grandmother, who testified Wednesday as well. She told Presque Isle County Prosecutor Richard Steiger and the court that her medications may impact her memory. However, she did recall getting a message on social media from the girl saying she wanted to move out west because Dewey had done something to her. The grandmother asked her what had happened, and the girl told her about the March 2013 incident.

Jan did not believe this lie that Brittney was telling but she was not allowed to say that in court. Brittney has told many lies and Jan wanted to expose this but she was not allowed.

Later, the grandmother testified she’d talked to the girl in 2005 after hearing about the police and CPS investigation. The girl had told her that everyone was mad at her for lying, and that she’d said something about Dewey that wasn’t true. The grandmother said she never told this to anyone at the time.

Department of Human Services employee Danielle Myers testified that in 2013 the girl had told her about Dewey’s alleged actions in 2005. The girl said she’d taken back her accusation as a child because she was confused about what was actually happening to her.

This girl never took back any confession. This was testified to by MSP Mike Jermaey, CPS Pam Idema, and PA Rick Demarr. Brittney was coached by Danielle Myers all through her ever changing Story.

Danielle Myers committed Perjury many times. Danielle Myers testified that we interfered with the removal of the kids on March 28, 2013. In the Sheriff’s incident report it states that removal went without incident. Myers testified that Storm and Jeremiah had visited the kids at school in violation of court orders.

No proof only Danielle Myers word. Jeremiah and Storm were working on this day. Danielle Myers testified that Eagle Village wanted to keep Joshua in their jail longer. Joshua’s counselor from Eagle Village testified that Danielle Myers wanted to keep Joshua longer in their jail.

Myers also testified about concerns over the girl’s younger sister, and things the younger girl said accusing Dewey of inappropriate touching. Stacy Bonnard, the younger girl’s foster mother for a time, said the girl behaved strangely.

Khloe’s teacher from St. Johns Lutheran School claims the kids are taught modesty to cover up their privates in front of strangers and males. This accusing Jeremiah was after she had been in foster care for over six months and just spent the weekend with her older sister Brittney. Brittney was also attempting to get Joshua to say Jeremiah had also sexually molested him this appears in one of the reports from Eagle Village.

Bonnard had also taken the younger girl for medical care because of a rash on her genitals, she said. Julie Lafave, the family nurse practitioner who cared for her, said the three-year-old acted strangely for someone her age about having her genitals examined. She prescribed medicine for the rash, and the girl told Bonnard that Dewey had put medicine on her all the time.

Julie testified she did not see any evidence of sexual abuse on Khloe. Khloe get rashes when ever she eats to many fruits or vegetables that contain acids like tomatoes or oranges.

In response to questions from Patrick Crowley, Jeremiah Dewey’s attorney, Lafave said she saw no indication Dewey had improperly put medicine on the younger girl.

Bonnard reported this to Myers, who talked to the younger girl for a bit, Myers said. The young girl told her about the medicine, and repeated the statement about Dewey.

Stacy Bonnard has wanted to adopt Khloe from day one. That is why she got rid of Joshua by making up a story about him hitting her and her son.

Although not trained for forensic interviews, Myers has been trained to question children enough to refer them to Child Protective Services if need be, she said.

Myers was a criminal justice major in college. She is a wannabe cop, and thinks that she can do the job. She has no Honor or integrity so I guess she will fit right in.

Crowley pointed out that Porter nor anyone else who testified Wednesday had investigated in 2004, 2005 or 2006. Tim Strauss, who performed psychological evaluations of both girls, said the younger one never disclosed any sexual abuse to him.

Tim Strauss also testified on May 7, 2014. In his testimony he talked about the Modified Allegation Rule outside pressure. Does Brittney have any big secondary gain to make these allegations up. She’s not saying that she wants Jeremiah out of the house. She wasn’t saying I want to break them up or I hate him. She doesn’t want to move out somewhere else. Too bad this Expert witness for the Prosecution did not see the Sheriff’s Incident report where Brittney does state She hates Jeremiah, He should have never been in their lives, He took her place in the life of her mother, and her face posting dated March 9, 2013 twelve days before this incident that Brittney told she was moving back to Washington State and that she all ready purchased the tickets.

Other professionals testified both girls had told them about the sexual abuse, including one currently providing therapy to both of them.

The leading expert in this field of Study was not allowed to interview Brittney. Dr. Kamala London of Ohio has testified in these types of cases all over the United States and other countries. She was not allowed access to all of the documentation. She was only allowed to testifies to generalities providing more of an advantage to the Prosecution. Medical Professional Rebecca Litzner from Thunder Bay Community Health Services, who also worked for Community Mental Health, Foster care Supervisor, and family therapist at Family & Children Services has 14 years of experience in this field. She testified on May 7, 2014. Rebecca was also denied access to Brittney. The only people who could talk to Brittney were people who were paid and controlled by DHS.

Dewey’s trial continues today.

Jordan Travis can be reached via email at jtravis@thealpenanews.com or by phone at 358-5688. Follow Jordan on Twitter @jt_alpenanews. Read his blog, A Snowball’s Chance, at http://www.thealpenanews.com.

This case was completely controlled by a prejudiced and biased Judge and Prosecuting Attorney who had to convict Jeremiah at all costs. They had to justify their illegal removal of these kids. They did not nor would not allow this case to be heard outside of their control. This Judge heard and made rulings in Family/Probate, District, and Circuit Courts.


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