Jodi Arias Appellate Issues

Arias in court MondayI was asked what I see as Jodi’s appeal issues. There are so many, but I think the #1 issue has to be Dr Horn’s claim regarding a typographical error in the autopsy report.

After that, anything that proves Jodi only used two gas cans when she filled up at Pasadena.

Then all kinds of other issues relating to ineffective counsel, trial by media ( which Bill Montgomery and Sherry Stephens have already implicitly agreed ), the conduct of Juan Martinez, the perjury of detective Flores, other issues with Dr Horn’s testimony, issues with the blood expert’s testimony.

This is just a very quick list. I am sure there are many more issues.

See also the motion filed 1st October, 2014 for information on prosecution misconduct.

A very minor, but stupid issue : Incorrect Diagram !

Added January 2015, there WAS porn on the computer. See Judge must dismiss charges in Jodi Arias case.

Beth Karas on the appeal process

Trial Index


3 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Appellate Issues”

  1. And then there’s the issue of the Alexander family “testifying” from the front row whenever they didn’t agree with a defense witness’ testimony (they might as well have been sending notes to the jury), a direct violation of Jodi’s constitutional right to confront her accusers.

  2. Original jury selection, one woman was excused for the only reason that her husband was a pastor. That woman never should have been excused from the pool. Also, a jury of our peers DOES include those people who are against the death penalty so even asking any question to get at a person’s orientation in that regard is selection against a jury of our peers. It would be like asking a person when the were born or what year that they graduated high school in order to determine their age to discriminate against them for a job.

  3. Even under the best of scenarios, family in the court are unable to modify all of their potential reactions to testimony and case presentation when the case is a criminal case involving someones death. A well known attorney was interviwed on 48hrs and said that research has shown that juries expect that and are able to set it aside as a byproduct of criminal trials.Its going to happen, and the alternatives infringe on victims rights that are too much of a compromise in the intrests of true justice. If jury selection is done well, then it won’t play into a decision that is to be based on evidence and not emotion.

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